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RSSGSS - Chapter 147 - Popular Zero Wing

Jin Hai City, Lan Hua Tower:

Due to World Dominators's attacks and Shadow's disbandment, Lan Hua Group had no choice but to declare bankruptcy to repay the many debts it owed.

Originally, more than ten thousand people would occupy Lan Hua Tower every day. Now, though, the building had become empty. Aside from Lan Hailong, who was staring off into space in the top-floor conference room, and a few of Shadow's executives tidying up their belongings downstairs, nobody else was in the building.

"That Luo Tiancheng and Zhou Yuhu are bastards through and through. I can't believe they would abscond with the Guild's Epic items and join a third-rate Guild," a robust man grumbled as he glared at Luo Tiancheng and Zhou Yuhu, who were swiftly packing their things over on the other side of the office floor. "In contrast, we, the ones fighting on the frontline, ended up getting nothing at all."

After glancing at Luo Tiancheng and Zhou Yuhu, Rampant Blade said, "There's no point grumbling about this. They've helped out that third-rate Guild a lot in the past. Although they've now joined that third-rate Guild, they were only given a position in middle management. There's no way they'd be allowed to join the Guild's upper management, either. So, the most they'll be doing from now on will be guiding newbies."

"How are you so calm about this, Boss Blade? You probably drew the worst lot out of everyone," the robust man said, sighing. "With your strength, you could've long since joined a first-rate Guild. Yet, because of World Dominators's purge, not only did your account fall back to Level 100, but you've even lost most of your equipment. You'd probably need a miracle to catch up to the Miniature Ancient World's frontline players at this rate…"

As a Refinement Realm expert, Rampant Blade already had the necessary combat standards to become a core member in a first-rate Guild. However, because of his severe loss in level and equipment, even if he managed to get into a first-rate Guild, he'd have a hard time catching up with the current level of even first-rate experts.

"Do you have any plans after this, Stone?" Rampant Blade asked.

"Me?" The robust man who Rampant Blade addressed as Stone shook his head. "You know as well as I do what kind of combat standard I have. The best I can do is reach the Trial Tower's seventh floor. Coupled with my age, I'd be fortunate if I can get a team leader position even if I join a third-rate Guild."

In the current God's Domain, the various Guilds placed more importance on recruiting newcomers with great potential than veteran experts with good strength. Even if there was no longer a need to worry that he might be a spy for Shadow, there was no way he could ever become a core member even if he joined a third-rate Guild. At best, he could become an ordinary internal member.

"Are you interested in joining Zero Wing with me?" Rampant Blade asked, smiling.

"Join Zero Wing?" Stone froze when he heard Rampant Blade's words. Then, looking at Rampant Blade incredulously, he asked, "Can I really join Zero Wing?"

The current Zero Wing was a famous Guild that many players wished to join in the Miniature Ancient World.

Not only did Zero Wing possess a Guild Residence in Abyssal Star City, but it even had the strength to get World Dominators to eradicate Shadow to appease it.

Most importantly, Zero Wing's Guild Leader was Black Flame, a rumored Tier 6 God-ranked expert. Meanwhile, any power with a Tier 6 God-ranked expert in its ranks would instantly be regarded as a top-tier first-rate power in God's Domain.

Based on what he heard, on the first day World Dominators removed its kill order on Zero Wing and began attacking Shadow, over 100,000 players had swarmed the Candlelight Hotel and applied to join Zero Wing.

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On the second day of World Dominators's purge of Shadow, first-rate experts and above had thoroughly surrounded Zero Wing's Residence in Abyssal Star City. The situation had gotten so bad that the street outside Zero Wing's Residence and three other neighboring streets were crowded with players. In the end, Zero Wing had to mobilize the city's NPC guards just to let Zero Wing's members walk out of the Residence…

The situation had only calmed down a little after Zero Wing announced one of its main recruitment conditions.

The condition was simple. Those under 20 years of age could join Zero Wing so long as they could reach the Trial Tower's seventh floor. As for those above 20, they'd have to reach the Half-step Refinement Realm standard at the very least, with Refinement Realm experts receiving priority considerations.

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This condition had instantly disqualified over 90% of the players applying to join Zero Wing. It was no exaggeration to say that this entry requirement was even more stringent than the various superpowers.

However, even with this harsh condition, there was still a long line of players waiting outside Zero Wing's Residence and the Candlelight Hotel.

"Blackie sent me an invitation hoping that I could join Zero Wing. He also hopes that I can bring some of Shadow's main force members over," Rampant Blade said, nodding. "How about it? Interested?"

"Yes! I'm interested! Of course I'm interested!" Stone hurriedly nodded, his face full of excitement. "It seems I'll get to continue fighting alongside you in the future as well, Boss Blade!"

For a veteran Guild player like him, he'd have a lot of concerns when joining a new Guild. So, it'd be much more assuring to have an old acquaintance as his superior. Not to mention, this was an invitation to join Zero Wing. This was an opportunity that countless experts sought to obtain.

"Okay. Help me invite the other main force members as well, but make sure to leave out those close to Lan Hailong. Those who joined Zero Wing initially are all people with a grudge against Lan Hailong. I don't want to cause a scene after joining Zero Wing," Rampant Blade said, nodding.

"Don't worry, Boss Blade. I know what to do," Stone said, laughing.

Immediately afterward, Stone began going around the office, visiting Shadow's main force members one after another. Apart from Lan Hailong's close confidants, he had invited almost everyone in Shadow's main force to join Zero Wing. Meanwhile, everyone who received the invitation to join Zero Wing couldn't help but grow ecstatic.

"Dammit! That despicable Zero Wing!" Luo Tiancheng's eyes were full of envy when he saw Stone approaching the other people in the office and inviting them to join Zero Wing. "We only sided with Lan Hailong because we didn't have a choice! Shi Feng is just being petty!"

Meanwhile, Zhou Yuhu was also envious of this situation. At the same time, he also secretly cursed Zero Wing to have a bad future.

However, irregardless of what Luo Tiancheng and Zhou Yuhu felt about the situation, Rampant Blade and several dozen members of Shadow's main force left Lan Hua Tower with smiles on their faces. Then, they promptly made their way to Zero Wing's temporary office located inside the God's Domain Alliance's building.

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
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