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GHML - Chapter 35.2: Uwu, I Don’t Want He Jiang’s Assets Anymore (2)

Without changing his expression, He Jiang consoled Shang Jing, “They already exhausted all their smoke bombs and didn’t have the capacity to do so.”

The smoke bomb would block off enemy’s vision and prevent someone from taking the chance to deliver the final blow to Shang Jing.

“Is that so?” Shang Jing had no doubt in his mind. After all, He Jiang has always been good at keeping track of what was in his teammates backpack.

He handed the phone back to He Jiang with dissatisfaction. Despite the legendary set up, he had only lasted 9 minutes in the match.

At this moment, he felt like a hungry kid who had his whole roasted chicken taken away from him, especially when he only got to taste a part of the wing after resisting the offer for half a day.

There was absolutely no fucks given to whether he was full or not.

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It would not have been an issue if he managed to resist his urge and left the chicken alone in the first place. But now that he has had a taste, the thirst in him was insatiable.

How frustrating. If my hands weren’t shivering, I would have definitely won the round with my teammates.

If only I can turn back time.

Nonchalantly, He Jiang suggested, “If we get first place during the rapport game later, I’ll assemble an even more formidable set up for you.”

Shang Jing’s eyes brightened up. “Really? Didn’t you say it was difficult?”

He Jiang: “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Shang Jing who had intended to react passively in the game: “Deal.”

In the live broadcast.

“I have a joke. The retired legendary e-games master player, Soda, could only fend for himself.”

“Report! Soda has 5 more smoke bombs in his backpack!”

“Fam, I can finally understand why Shang Jing calls He Jiang a douchebag.”

“HAHAHAHAHA. He can’t escape from He Jiang.”

“The mystery has finally revealed itself. No wonder He Jiang told his teammates at the start of the match to not help him if he falls. He was setting a trap for his wife to fall into.”

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“How should I let my son know the truth? How frustrating. I’ll stay online.”

“Can you bring me along to your next match? With last season’s MVP in the match, I can do without any payment. I can also guarantee I’ll not help your wife if he falls.”

“He Jiang has figured PUBG out through and through.”

Shortly after the match ended, the director called out to everyone, filming was about to start.

He Jiang and Shang Jing were always the couple

There were a mix of easy and difficult questions raised by the production team. The easy ones were themed around fruits and flowers and the players were tasked to think about words related to the theme that has one character more than the previous word.

For example, the first question was watermelon, the second would be carnation and the third would be bouncing castle.

[Translator’s notes: The players are supposed to think of a word that has one character more than the word offered by the previous player. Watermelon (西瓜) is made up of two chinese characters, carnation (康乃馨) is made up of three chinese characters and bouncing castle (充气城堡) is made up of four chinese characters.]

Within three minutes, the first two couples were done with their turns. One couple successfully answered five questions and the other answered three questions.

When it was He Jiang and Shang Jing’s turn, Shang Jing took on the role to act out and describe the word He. He could use any language but was forbidden to mention the actual word itself.

And He Jiang was tasked to guess the word.

He was worried that if he was the one describing, he would unknowingly mention something Shang Jing had already forgotten and waste their time.

The third question featured a common household item and was easy to guess.

The fourth question was a confession, ‘I love you alot’.

Shang Jing blushed the moment he saw the question. “Four words used during confessions.”

He Jiang: “I like you alot.”

Shang Jing watched the timer anxiously. There was not much time left. Giving up his inhibitions, he shouted, “No, you just said it to me yesterday!”

He Jiang smiled. “I love you alot.”

“To think they are still so sweet in their daily interactions!”

“That’s it, that’s it. I’m sure the emotions conveyed in that statement were 100% true. It’s sweeter than any confession he had made in any movie he’s acted in!”

“Any sisters out there making a compilation of He Jiang’s sweet talk? I would love to review them every night before bed.”

“Sister, why torture yourself like that? The one He Jiang is flirting with is his wife.”

“You don’t understand. Without Shang Jing, I believe I would never have heard my idol say something so touching. Uwu.”

Shang Jing was already suspecting the questions to be secretly manipulated by He Jiang. Seeing the next question, he chuckled. “A five word idiom describing how you said you love me but there’s no follow up action.”

An empty talk (空口说白话).

Without any form of struggle, He Jiang skipped it. “I can’t solve that. Skip.”

The next question still featured five characters.

“Hmph.” Shang Jing described, “Your acting on the variety show is impeccable. Others ______ when compared to you?”

Pale in comparison (小巫见大巫).

He Jiang laughed. “I can’t figure that out either. Shang… Jing, do you not want to PUBG with me anymore?”

Shang Jing: “I want to!”

“The film emperor’s acting: I can’t figure this out.”

“He Jiang paused when he called Shang Jing’s name. I’m willing to bet he wanted to call him Shang Xiaojing but since there’s the word ‘Xiao’ in the answer, he evaded it.”

“I’m also willing to bet he knew the answer to the previous question.”

“What a relief, Shang Jing did not forgive him over a single match of PUBG.”

“The sarcasm is so cute!”

“The sweet squabble between a young couple, I can watch a hundred episodes of this!”

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Written by Xiao Wen Dan. Translated by Kasire.