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RSSGSS - Chapter 144 - Shadow's End

There were over a dozen people inside the solemn and majestic conference room. Every one of these people had reached Level 104, and they were all equipped with Hall of Fame-level Epic Equipment Sets and Epic Weapons or Magic Weapons that rivaled Fragmented Legendary Weapons.

If Mysterious Moon's Zhuo Yalin were present in this room, she would definitely be given a fright.

This was because every one of the players in this conference room was a Domain Realm expert with Basic Attributes at the Tier 4 standard. Only Crimson Seal with his Mana Equipment Set could stand a chance against these players in a one-on-one situation. Every other Mysterious Moon member in the Miniature Ancient World would be no match.

"That Asura Mercenary Alliance is simply looking down on us. So what if they put a bounty on us? I'm curious to see who, other than the Five Great Super Guilds, would dare to go against us!" a rowdy woman wearing silver plate armor said through the helmet covering her face. "Those first-rate Guilds can only prance around before us since all of us are Tier 3 right now. Once we reach Level 120, whether it is those first-rate Guilds or that Asura Mercenary Alliance, I want to see just which one of them will dare continue acting so boldly."

"What you say is true, but we simply can't play to our strengths right now," a white-haired old man sitting beside the rowdy woman said, shaking his head. "We might be able to do something if we are only going up against Asura, but many superpowers are also secretly eyeing us. With the conditions Asura has put out, those superpowers will definitely join forces against us."

"Those superpowers are indeed a trouble." The rowdy woman stopped acting out of anger after hearing the old man's words. Evidently, she, too, was concerned about the various superpowers working together to target World Dominators. "That damnable Asura Mercenary Alliance! How shameless must it be to use its city's privileges to tempt those superpowers?!"

The Abyssal Star Primordial City was simply too tempting of an opportunity to give up.

On the one hand, the city was situated next to the Boundary Mountain Range, so it was incredibly advantageous for players seeking to reach Level 120 quickly and enter the Boundary Mountain Range. On the other hand, the city's purification effect was astounding, and it was at least several times faster than the NPC Cities in the Miniature Ancient World. With such a purification speed, players could save plenty of rest time.

Most importantly, Abyssal Star City was bound to become one of the vital transit points for players seeking to trade between the two God's Domains in the future. After all, many precious resources in God's Domain couldn't be stored in players' bag space. Players would need to transport these precious resources bit by bit. Hence, they needed to have transit warehouses along their trade routes. Meanwhile, Abyssal Star City, which was located next to the Boundary Mountain Range, could be said to be the most suitable transit point.

"According to my sources, even the Five Great Super Guilds are interested in Abyssal Star City. Once their players start to reach Level 120 and get promoted to Tier 4, they will most likely begin taking action against the city," an elegant woman dressed in a black mage robe said, smiling. "If we want to deal with zero Wing, all we need to do is endure until Level 120. At that time, Asura's bounty will automatically lose effect."

Many nodded in agreement with the elegant woman's words.

There was no power in God's Domain that wouldn't be tempted by Abyssal Star City. Naturally, the Five Great Super Guilds were no exception. There might not be anyone capable of taking down Abyssal Star City right now, but once Tier 4 experts started appearing, the Five Great Super Guilds could absolutely capture the city.

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"Level 120?" However, the white-haired old man shook his head when he heard the elegant woman's words. He scoffed at the woman's suggestion to fight a war of attrition with Zero Wing. "Even experts like us will need at least a month to reach that level. Can you all honestly accept the losses we will suffer during this one month?"

The people who previously agreed with the elegant woman fell silent.

It might be fine if they were simply going up against the various first-rate Guilds. After all, even the weakest core member in World Dominators was a Refinement Realm expert. It'd be difficult for first-rate Guilds to target experts of such caliber.

As for World Dominators's non-core members, it didn't matter how many of them died. Such a loss would be inconsequential to World Dominators.

In God's Domain, experts beneath Tier 4 were utterly worthless. Any random Tier 4 expert could single-handedly eradicate a force of several thousand Tier 3 experts. The only purpose such experts had was to serve as cannon fodder and carry out menial tasks such as exploration and information gathering.

However, if the various superpowers' experts took action, World Dominators's core experts would undoubtedly suffer severe casualties. This, in turn, would put World Dominators at a severe disadvantage when it expanded its development into the Boundary Mountain Range.

"Alright, that's enough talking. Everyone, cast your votes!" the gray-haired, middle-aged man said after seeing everyone failing to come to a unanimous conclusion. "Do we continue targeting Zero Wing? Or do we withdraw the kill order and seek reconciliation? Each person only gets one vote."

After the gray-haired, middle-aged man spoke up, the people gathered stopped their discussions and voiced their stances.

"I vote to continue!" the rowdy woman said definitively.

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"My suggestion is for us to withdraw our kill order on Zero Wing temporarily. We will have plenty of time to target Zero Wing in the future," the white-haired old man stated.

After everyone present expressed their stances, the gray-haired, middle-aged man tallied up the votes.

"There are fifteen of us here. Six have chosen to continue targeting Zero Wing, and nine have chosen to seek reconciliation. The final verdict is to withdraw our kill order on Zero Wing and seek a way to get Zero Wing to withdraw its bounty on us," the middle-aged man calmly stated. "Moving on to the next topic, how will we get Zero Wing to withdraw its bounty on us?"

"That's simple. Wasn't Zero Wing trying to get revenge on Shadow before?" the white-haired old man stated. "We can simply offer up Shadow. We can even help Zero Wing and erase Shadow from God's Domain."

"That is indeed a good idea," the elegant woman said, nodding. "Shadow is nothing but an incompetent bungler. If it weren't for Shadow, we would have never had to wage war against Zero Wing. Even if we are to deal with Zero Wing in the future, we absolutely cannot let Shadow remain. We might as well use this opportunity to get rid of it."

"Let's vote on it, then. Do we assist Zero Wing in disposing of Shadow?" the middle-aged man asked nonchalantly.

"I concur!"

"I second it!"


All fifteen people voted in favor of the motion.

Afterward, the middle-aged man announced, "All fifteen votes are in favor. The final verdict is to dispose of Shadow!"

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SS Chapter 30:
Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
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