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RSSGSS - Chapter 143 - Bounty VS Bounty!

The introduction of this new rule caused everyone inside Asura's headquarters to grow silent.

The kill order World Dominators placed on Zero Wing previously had shocked the entire God's Domain to a great extent. However, the Asura Mercenary Alliance's action of using Abyssal Star City's privileges to exchange for World Dominators's life utterly dumbfounded everyone.

Abyssal Star City had already become a holy land for the entire Miniature Ancient World. The privileges Asura offered for its Silver and Gold members were things that even the various superpowers would want.

Although the various superpowers had thought of occupying Abyssal Star City by force, none of them dared to make a move, especially not after seeing several hundred Tier 4 NPC guards in the city. Even the imperial capitals on the main continent did not have a force of several hundred Tier 4 NPCs guarding them!

It might be true that the various superpowers had trump cards that allowed them to grant Tier 4 strength to Tier 3 players. However, Tier 4 strength was just that and nothing more.

The average NPC was significantly stronger than the average player of the same tier. In front of a Tier 4 NPC, a group of players with Tier 4 strength would last no more than a few moves.

Hence, even if the various superpowers were tempted by the idea of securing Abyssal Star City for themselves, they could only keep their thoughts in their minds. At the very least, before Tier 4 players appeared, the various superpowers would have no choice but to put their foolish ambitions to rest.

With occupying Abyssal Star City not being an option, the only other way the various powers could benefit from Abyssal Star City's effects right now was by following the rules set by the city's ruling power. Only by doing so could they enter the Boundary Mountain Range at the quickest of speeds.

Meanwhile, there was probably no power in God's Domain that could resist the temptation of entering the Boundary Mountain Range ahead of others.

It should be known that the ones tempted this time were God's Domain's various powers, not the various powers' experts. The two were entirely different concepts.

If a power was tempted to move, every expert under it would also move. It wouldn't just be a few individual experts making a move.

Hence, Asura's bounty wasn't one a bounty offered to the individual player. Instead, it was an offer to the various superpowers. In other words, Asura was trying to get the various powers of God's Domain to go against World Dominators!

"Holy cow! Isn't Zero Wing a little too amazing?! It can actually influence Asura to such an extent?"

"World Dominators will probably start cursing once it finds out about this bounty."

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"I really don't understand what World Dominators was thinking. Did it have to take things so far against Zero Wing just to avenge a measly second-rate Guild? Just look at what kind of trouble it has gotten into now."

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"Honestly, I'm starting to pity World Dominators a little. Zero Wing wasn't even trying to target World Dominators initially. Yet, now, World Dominators will face the threat of destruction just because it tried to stick up for a second-rate Guild. If I were in the shoes of World Dominators's core executives, I'd probably have the urge to crush that second-rate Guild with my own hands."

The various superpowers' executives inside Asura's headquarters couldn't help but laugh when they realized the implications of Asura's new rule.

Many superpowers wished to take World Dominators's place. However, as World Dominators's foundations were simply too strong, most superpowers only dared to watch from the sidelines. None of them dared to try and get a cut of World Dominators's pie.

Of course, it would've been entirely possible for the various superpowers to eradicate World Dominators if they simply worked together. The only reason they hadn't done so thus far was because they didn't have enough of a reason to do so. After all, even if they worked together and succeeded in getting rid of World Dominators, they would have to suffer immense losses in the process, which would, in turn, leave them vulnerable to others.

However, things were different now. The Asura Mercenary Alliance's bait was tempting enough for the various superpowers to secretly band together and remove World Dominators from the Miniature Ancient World. Not only could they gain access to Abyssal Star City's privileges by doing so, but they could also reduce the number of competitors by one. They'd be killing two birds with one stone, so why would they turn down such an opportunity?

This Asura Mercenary Alliance must be crazy! Why are they going so far for a measly Guild like Zero Wing?!

When Lan Hailong saw the registration rules displayed in the lobby of Asura's headquarters, he couldn't help but be dumbfounded.

Originally, Lan Hailong had felt joyous when he first came to Abyssal Star City. It was especially true after he saw the registration rules for the Asura Mercenary Alliance. The mercenary alliance's benefits allowed him to see another opportunity for Shadow to compete in the Miniature Ancient World.

However, he never thought that this dream would turn into a nightmare.

Once news of Asura's bounty got out, it'd be a miracle if World Dominators didn't personally destroy Shadow.

Previously, World Dominators had only decided to take action against Zero Wing because it thought that Zero Wing was a small and insignificant Guild. In doing so, it could also set an example for the various powers and increase the loyalty of its affiliated Guilds.

However, it was now revealed that Zero Wing had an existence like the Asura Mercenary Alliance backing it. After this revelation, so long as World Dominators wasn't stupid, it definitely would not continue targeting Zero Wing. Otherwise, what awaited it would be a nightmare.

Meanwhile, the best way to appease Zero Wing would undoubtedly be to destroy Shadow and thoroughly erase it from God's Domain. If World Dominators did that, there was no way Zero Wing could have the Asura Mercenary Alliance continue putting a bounty on a Super Guild like World Dominators.

Everything happened just like Lan Hailong expected.

Less than ten minutes after the Asura Mercenary Alliance introduced its bounty, World Dominators's executives in the Miniature Ancient World had gathered for a meeting.

Looking at the dozen or so people gathered in the conference room, a gray-haired middle-aged man indifferently said, "I'm sure everyone is already aware of the cause and effect of this matter. The Asura Mercenary Alliance's bounty on us is already in effect, so state whatever opinions you have!"

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
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