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ITDO - Chapter 240 - Traces of the Goddess of Magic

“This is a short sword product of form Selar, forged by the northland dwarves. You can see the dwarven enchantment on it. I found this in an ogre’s lair. How about it, I will sell you this good weapon for cheap?”

“Come take a look. This is a fruit produced from the Forest of the Moon. It is the favorite fruit of the elves. Do you know why the elves are so good-looking? It’s all because of this fruit. it is sold for only five cents, definitely worth the money.”

“Vanilla, a specialty of the southern seas, is a rare commodity. Those undersea races have always kept the origin of the herb a secret and could not be found on the continent. Other than the City of Wealth and the Subila Empire, you can never find it elsewhere. Buy some and try cooking with it at home. You will definitely feel the wonderful aftertaste.”

“Friend, want to buy some of this seasoning called cumin? The beastmen praise it endlessly and even the lord is enjoying it.”

“Guards, guards. Someone is selling contraband here.”

“This seasoning is only given by the lord to his men. Where did you get them?”

“This man is probably a thief! Don’t let him get away. Take him to the barracks!”


The trading square was thrown into chaos, but soon, a group of soldiers in armor surrounded the cumin-selling thief. The thief fell to his knees, raised his hands in surrender, and was escorted away in chains.

Though this trivial matter was over, the general chaotic energy of the market persisted as countless merchants from all over the continent hawked their wares. Adventurers and non-adventurers weaved in between them by the dozens as they made their purchases.

The market was a hodgepodge of races and professions. There were warlords from Khoos, barbarians from Tumibia, and even wandering bards from Evermere were sitting on the floor, playing their lutes, and singing songs. There were beastmen from different races laughing loudly. There were dwarves from the northern lands selling their weapons with rough voices. There were even rarely seen elves as well as dirty goblins. The whole market was simply a mixture of all beings.

Eden stood expressionlessly in the middle of the market. He was occupying the area, but the crowd walked cautiously around him. None of them dared to anger him because he was wearing a gorgeous light purple robe and holding onto a wooden staff. His entire being was even emitting a kind of spell fluctuation that would cause anyone with a profession who saw him feel their hearts palpitate.

At the very least, they could tell that he was at or above the level of an archmage!

This was what everyone thought when they saw Eden. An archmage was someone who was at the level of seven rings. This was already considered as powerful in the world. They were not individuals that normal adventurer groups could deal with head-on. Only those elite adventurer groups could ignore them.

However, these people were still underestimating him. He was not an ordinary archmage, but a famous legendary rank mage. However, with the lack of a convenient method to transmit information, it would be hard for people to recognize the strong even if they heard the name.

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Eden was a man who appears to be in his forties. He had a hardened face that looked like a scholar’s. His eyes seemed to be looking at the guards who had just captured the thief, but in fact, his main focus was on the low-ranking mages that were following the guards.

“Oh Goddess of Magic, there is indeed a problem with this city. Those low-ranking mages are carrying the symbol of the dragon, indicating that they are people of Dragon City. I have seen at least a hundred low-ranking mages here, and they are actually doing service and city construction work. This number is really absurd!”

Eden could not help but mutter darkly. He clearly knew that when Dragon City was still named Central City, there weren’t many mages here. In other words, these mages only emerged recently. And creating a large number of low-ranking mages would require a huge amount of resources. As a legendary rank mage, Eden had always paid close attention to the magical materials market, but there had been no signs of a large-scale purchase.

“Where did that demigod dragon find so many raw materials?”

Eden decided to investigate this matter. For a mage like him, there were countless ways of obtaining the information he wanted from the mouths of these low-ranking mages.

“However, I cannot be reckless. There is a powerful demigod here. If I am accidentally discovered by him, I will be in danger. I should first explore the entire city before making any moves.”

Eden secretly decided. He decided on a direction and advanced. As he advanced, two emblems came out of his sleeves. One of them was a circle with blue and white stars surrounding a red fog that flowed in the middle. An expert would have been able to recognize that this symbol was the divine emblem of the Goddess of Magic!

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In addition to the divine emblem of the Goddess of Magic, there was another emblem that had a purple staff. This represented a famous mage organization in the world of San Soliel.

Eden was precisely a member of this organization. He was also a believer in the Goddess of Magic. And just recently, this devout believer received an oracle while he was performing his habitual prayers. This felt incredible to Eden because, in the past ten thousand years, the gods had long since ceased to appear on the main continent.

In addition to the oracle, the Goddess of Magic also bestowed magical knowledge upon him. As a legendary rank mage, Eden was able to quickly verify its authenticity, making him sure that he had indeed heard the Goddess of Magic.

The content of the oracle was simple. It was to have Eden come and investigate Dragon City. At the same time, she wanted him to gather believers and prepare to establish a church. The Goddess had promised him that he would be rewarded with knowledge that he could only dream of as well as divinity that only a chosen few could obtain if he succeeded in his tasks.

In front of such temptation, Eden could not refuse and agreed to the Goddess’ request.

However as a legendary rank mage, he also felt a vague sense of unease as if this was the calm before the storm.

‘The gods are beginning to wake up. The era of the gods is coming.”

Eden had a feeling.

As for whether people could seize an opportunity in this era or not, it all depended on the luck and effort of each person.

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