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ITDO - Chapter 238 - Helping the Child’s Mother

On the Ancient Tree of Life, Louie and the Silver Moon Goddess walked side by side.

The Silver Moon Kingdom was something that the Silver Moon Goddess created during her time in the mortal world. This place wasn’t her divine kingdom with many restrictions, so she could be said to have introduced the elven territory in detail to Louie.

“Before the age of the gods, mortals were scarce and the ancient gods ruled the world. There was a battle of the gods that spread throughout the world of San Soliel. The war wasn’t as violent as the events that transpired during the Era of Disaster, but the gods themselves fought on the field. This battle dealt a devastating blow on the entire world of San Soliel.”

“At that time, the sky was filled with flames, the seas poured into the land, tall mountains tumbled down, the sun and the moon collapsed, the earth dried up, and entire natural environments were destroyed. The gods poured out their divine power recklessly, bringing a huge disaster to the world. As a result, the world changed the rules of its own accord. It forced the ancient gods to be shackled by mortal faith. In this way, a balance was developed to prevent the world from being destroyed.”

The Silver Moon Goddess’ clear voice was very clear as she described the ancient long-lost history of the world. At that time, the ancient gods were free to do as they please. Without the rules that had yet to be established, the gods abused their never-ending divine power with no restraint. This was the same as humans polluting nature. In the end, the world eventually took revenge.

The gods used the world’s imperfect rules to act wantonly, and with the evolution and development of the world, its rules gradually became complex and perfect. It had formed a variety of rules to give the gods supreme authority, but it also gave them positions to prevent them from ruling with tyranny, forcing them to comply with the rules of order and chaos.

“Not long after the birth of mortals, professions had also appeared. Elves were also born at that time.”

“The war of the gods made the world wither and nature collapse. There was a god with a compassionate heart for the world. He sacrificed himself to return the world to its natural balance, rejuvenating the whole world. It was said that his sacrifice allowed mortals and gods alike to survive.”

“During that war, many gods also fell. As a result, the gods learned from their mistakes and began to sign agreements and covenants, so that they could not easily descend on the main continent any longer. At that time, the gods had also built their pantheons in the world. It became a place for the gods to argue and show their authority.”

Louie listened to the ancient story like a nursery rhyme. He listened to the moving voice of the goddess who had lived since ancient times, and he said in a daze, “Then that ancient god should be the Ancient Tree of Life under our feet.”

“It’s just as you said, Your Highness Louie. He was the God of Nature, the giver of life, the protector of the druids and forest dwellers. He was said to be the embodiment of the balance of nature.”

The Silver Moon Goddess said while expressing her respect for that self-sacrificing God of Nature.

“The reason why the elves could live for a thousand years was because of his love for them. He gave this race the source of life. After he chose to sacrifice himself and because of my good relationship with him, he gave me the divine authority of nature, life, and elves.”

“But, Your Highness Selune, your foundations are not that of nature at all.”

Louie did not expect the Silver Moon Goddess to tell him these secrets. It turned out that the elves weren’t associated with the Silver Moon Goddess at all. It was mainly created by an ancient god who had sacrificed themselves to become the Ancient Tree of Life. Before this, Louie had his doubts as to why the Silver Moon Goddess had the divine authority of the elves and became part of the elven pantheon.

It needed to be understood that Selune was the most ancient God of Sun and Light, while Shae was the Goddess of Darkness and Night. Selune lost the divine authority of sun and light, but she stole Shae’s divine authority over the moon. Still, her nature and foundations were simply too far from the elves.

If the elves weren’t created by Selune but another god, then everything made sense. Selune only received it as a gift from another god, allowing her to become the main god of the elves. At the same time, she had to protect the elves and assist in their development because her followers had become the elves.

Perhaps this was why the ancient God of Nature gave Selune the divine authority of elves. It was in order for Selune to protect the elves in his place.

But this incident happened a long time ago. From then on, the Silver Moon Goddess became the protector of the elves, and rumors of them being people of the moon were spread. But in fact, elves were people of nature.

This was the reason why Selune could stay powerful even if she only had mastery over the divine authority of the moon. It was because she had the divine authority of the elves and nature.

“I am not compatible with the divine authority of nature and life. If I could, I would prefer to regain the divine authority of the sun and light that once belonged to me…”

At this time, the Silver Moon Goddess looked at Louie and said with a soft voice that contained a hint of earnestness.

Louie knew what the Silver Moon Goddess wanted. She hoped that he could help her deal with the Goddess of Morning. She did not ask him to get rid of the Goddess, but only to take back the divine authority that was taken from her.

“By your will! Since we have both taken an oath, your enemy is also my enemy. We should advance and retreat together.”

Louie had long known that allying with the Silver Moon Goddess would mean that her enemies would also become his. But Louie did not lose anything at all, because Louie himself also had a lot of potential enemies such as the Goddess of Magic and the God of Earth.

Louie’s divine authority included magic and earth, which would definitely cause him to turn the gods into his enemies. These divine authorities were the basis of Louie’s faith and godhood. He could not just give them up to make peace with those two gods even if he wanted to. So Louie and the Silver Moon Goddess would have to face those powerful gods.

The only good news here was that their enemies had no basis to form an alliance. For example, the Goddess of Morning and the Goddess of Night were in a hostile relationship. This allowed Louie and the Silver Moon Goddess to take them down one by one.

Moreover, the Silver Moon Goddess was going to give birth to his child. As the father, he naturally had to help his child’s mother.

At this moment a male elf came from the distance. After seeing the male elf, the Silver Moon Goddess stopped talking about ancient secrets as her identity was still a secret. Before she becomes a god again, her identity should never be exposed.

“Your Majesty!”

The extremely handsome elf respectfully kneeled in front of the Silver Moon Goddess and greeted her. At the same time, he looked warily at Louie with eyes that contained a surprising hostility.

The corner of Louie’s mouth raised up. He guessed that this male elf was her admirer, but this was a normal thing because her charm was simply irresistible to both men and women. Even if her identity was a secret, the elves would still have strong feelings toward her.

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