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RSSGSS - Chapter 139 - Sudden Change

Hundred Flow City, Mysterious Moon's Residence:

After the battle in the New Moon Forest, Mysterious Moon had become a Guild that many independent experts sought to join. Less than half a day after the battle passed, over 10,000 players had already visited Mysterious Moon's Residence to apply for the Guild. Just the sight of the players lining up to join Mysterious Moon had already become one of the more iconic sceneries in Hundred Flow City.

However, at this time, Mysterious Moon's Residence, which should have been experiencing unprecedented liveliness, was strangely quiet. The atmosphere surrounding the Residence was so tense that none of the independent players seeking to join Mysterious Moon dared to approach.

The reason for this was the 1,000-man legion standing outside the Residence's entrance. Unlike the independent players seeking to join Mysterious Moon, every member of this 1,000-man legion was fully equipped in Epic Weapons and Equipment. Moreover, every one of them was at Level 103 or above. Among them, the team leaders of the legion were even at Level 104 already. This was a level that most expert players weren't even close to reaching at this stage of the game.

"Judging by their equipment, these people should be from the Sacred Soul Legion, one of the three trump card legions World Dominators had sent to Hundred Flow City."

"I know about this legion. My friend's friend is a reserve member of this legion. According to him, the minimum requirement to join the Sacred Soul Legion is the Refinement Realm standard. Moreover, all applicants must be under the age of 25. To become a team leader, you'd have to reach the Flowing Water Realm and be under 30 years old."

"All 1,000 members are Refinement Realm experts or stronger? Is this the strength of World Dominators's trump card legions?"

The crowd gathered outside Mysterious Moon's Residence had their knowledge of World Dominators refreshed as they scrutinized the Sacred Soul Legion.

Previously, after Mysterious Moon achieved victory against World Dominators in the New Moon Forest, it had managed to acquire a large number of Darkmoon Tokens due to its monopoly over the New Moon Forest. As a result, Mysterious Moon secured an absolute advantage in the upcoming competition for the Darkmoon Outpost.

For this reason, everyone in Hundred Flow City felt that Mysterious Moon might become the first top-tier first-rate Guild to become a superpower after the Miniature Ancient World's launch.

However, after seeing the Sacred Soul Legion, everyone quickly realized that a Super Guild's foundation simply wasn't something a first-rate Guild could hope to match. Or, more specifically, a first-rate Guild's foundation was nothing but a joke in front of a Super Guild.

One thousand experts at the Refinement Realm or above!

It should be known that Refinement Realm experts were regarded as core combatants in the various first-rate Guilds. In the case of some first-rate Guilds, even the members of their main force were nothing more than Refinement Realm experts. If a Refinement Realm expert was willing to settle for a second- or third-rate Guild, they could even acquire the position of main force commander or Guild Leader.

Yet, in World Dominators, Refinement Realm experts could, at most, become ordinary members in the Guild's trump card legions…

After looking at the Sacred Soul Legion's members, both the players on the street and the members of Mysterious Moon couldn't help but feel as if World Dominators had just ridiculed them.

It was indeed true that Mysterious Moon had won the battle in the New Moon Forest and defeated one of World Dominators's trump card legions.

However, what Mysterious Moon failed to understand was that World Dominators didn't have only one trump card legion. Moreover, the legion Mysterious Moon had defeated was nothing more than the most common trump card legion under World Dominators's command. So long as World Dominators wanted to, it was more than capable of sending more trump card legions.

Meanwhile, during the time the players outside were discussing World Dominators's Sacred Soul Legion, a meeting was simultaneously taking place inside the top-floor conference room of Mysterious Moon's Residence.

"Have you all finished considering our offer?" a middle-aged man with graying hair asked as he looked at Crimson Seal and Zhuo Yalin, his voice neither friendly nor hostile. "This is already the greatest sincerity World Dominators has to offer. So long as Mysterious Moon is willing to give up on the Darkmoon Outpost, World Dominators will stop targeting Mysterious Moon. We will also give up a Shop in the Darkmoon Outpost to Mysterious Moon. However, we will restrict all access to the Darkmoon Outpost if you refuse.

"I believe you understand that should World Dominators seal off the Darkmoon Outpost; nobody will dare approach it. In addition, so long as any of your Guild's members dare head outside to grind, we will hunt down every one of them. Nothing will change even if you have those Mana Equipment Sets."

As soon as the middle-aged man finished speaking, the auras of the several dozen experts standing behind the middle-aged man suddenly skyrocketed in intensity.

"This is…Advanced Battle Array Equipment?!" Crimson Seal's complexion darkened when he saw the glowing runes covering the several dozen experts' equipment.

A battle array was a special type of magic array that could fuse the strength of those making up the battle array. In other words, going up against any member of a battle array was the same as going up against the entire group simultaneously. Meanwhile, an Advanced Battle Array could grant players the strength to transcend tiers.

However, Advanced Battle Array Equipment was incredibly rare. Its rarity surpassed even that of Fragmented Legendary items. In terms of value, a complete set of Advanced Battle Array Equipment could rival even Fragmented Legendary Weapons. Even then, not many people would be willing to trade a set of Advanced Battle Array Equipment for a Fragmented Legendary Weapon.

This was because Advanced Battle Arrays could grant players strength up to the Tier 4 standard. In other words, an Advanced Battle Array could grant a group of players Tier 4 strength.

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It was true that a Fragmented Legendary Weapon might be able to let a Tier 3 player gain Tier 4 strength. Even after reaching Tier 5, a Fragmented Legendary Weapon could still be of significant use to players.

However, it should be known that the strongest combatants in most second-rate Guilds in God's Domain were only at the Tier 4 standard. Yet, an Advanced Battle Array could grant a group of people Tier 4 strength. Even if Advanced Battle Array Equipment were Consumable items, the amount of help it could provide to a power far exceeded that of a Fragmented Legendary Weapon.

"That's right. We weren't planning on revealing it originally, but Mysterious Moon in its current state has the qualifications for us to reveal it," the middle-aged man said, nodding.

Meanwhile, after World Dominators revealed the Advanced Battle Array Equipment, the Mysterious Moon members in the conference room quickly began a hushed discussion among themselves.

"This is bad, Vice Guild Leader. The effects of the Advanced Battle Array Equipment are no weaker than the Mana Equipment Set. If World Dominators puts it to use, we won't have any more advantage in numbers when it comes to Tier 4 combatants…"

"But isn't it too big of a waste to just give up on the Darkmoon Outpost? Moreover, we have a contract with Zero Wing. We'll be going against the terms of our contract if we give up now."

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"That is true, but there is simply too huge a gap between World Dominators and us. Moreover, Zero Wing is similarly having difficulty keeping itself alive right now."

Mysterious Moon's members expressed their opinion on the matter one after another. Although Crimson Seal and Zhuo Yalin remained quiet on the matter, they, too, were feeling a lot of pressure.

Previously, they had already made sure to overestimate World Dominators's strength before they waged war with the Super Guild. However, after seeing World Dominators's show of force, they understood that a Super Guild simply wasn't an existence a first-rate Guild could hope to go up against.

"What do you think, Nightingale?" Crimson Seal asked as he looked at Zhuo Yalin. He hesitated to decide on this matter, so he decided to leave the decision to Zhuo Yalin.

"Me?" Zhuo Yalin was similarly feeling hesitant right now. Originally, she had been confident that Mysterious Moon could go up against World Dominators. However, she now realized how laughable her confidence was.

"Alright, hurry up and decide. Our patience is limited," the middle-aged man said as he looked at Zhuo Yalin. Based on his observations, he could tell that Zhuo Yalin was the decision-maker for Mysterious Moon in the Miniature Ancient World, not Crimson Seal.

Upon hearing the middle-aged man's urging, Mysterious Moon's executives promptly turned to look at Zhuo Yalin. Zhuo Yalin was the person who had single-handedly facilitated the partnership between Zero Wing and Mysterious Moon. So, it'd be most appropriate for her to decide whether Mysterious Moon would continue being enemies with World Dominators.

When Zhuo Yalin looked at the various executives' expressions, she understood that everyone was of the opinion that Mysterious Moon should give up on the Darkmoon Outpost. She, too, understood that this would be the wisest decision to make. Yet, if they gave up now, it would mean betraying Zero Wing, and this was something she definitely didn't wish to do.

While Zhuo Yalin was pondering how she should respond to World Dominators's threat, the sound of a system notification suddenly entered her ears.

Miniature Ancient World System Announcement: Misty Canyon's Abyssal Star Primordial City is now open.

Miniature Ancient World System Announcement: Congratulations to the Abyssal Star Primordial City for becoming the first player-controlled city in the Miniature Ancient World. All players resting in the city will accumulate the Double EXP buff at twice the normal rate for ten days. Teleportation Scroll for the Abyssal Star Primordial City will also be sold in the Teleportation Hall of all NPC Cities. Every player will only be allowed to buy one Teleportation Scroll. This benefit will only remain for one day.

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