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ITDO - Chapter 237 - Gods Should Enjoy Themselves to the Fullest

Ultimately, bearing a child would not bring two Gods together completely. Mortal couples would be more united because they recognized moral and social laws, and were protected by them. Gods, on the other hand, were bound by no such things. If there was anything with such binding powers, it was the Oath of the River Styx.

“I swear by the name Louie Galakrond to the River Styx to be allied with the Silver Moon Goddess Selune for the next three thousand years. I will not betray or attack her for any reason. When the Goddess also makes this oath, then this oath is established. If I violate this oath, may I sink to the bottom of River Styx and be bathed in its waters.”

Hearing Louie’s oath, the Silver Moon Goddess smiled and opened her mouth. With her charming voice, she also made the oath.

With the two oaths complete, Louie felt that his divine fire was connected to the spectacular waters of the River Styx, which rushed from the beginning of the world to the end of the world. The content of the oath was also engraved in the divine fire. If he broke his oath, his divinity would sink to the bottom of the River Styx and would be eroded by its waters.

The River Styx Oath was one of the most basic foundations of the world of San Soliel. It was also one of the powers that the Terran Civilization could not understand, as there was no apparent materialistic principle guiding it.

Three thousand years was the maximum effectiveness of an oath. No matter what kind of oath, it would be invalidated after three thousand years. Louie felt that in those three thousand years, all the gods would have already returned. Whether or not some of them would renew their contracts with the Silver Moon Goddess was a matter for later.

This time, Louie made a true oath to the River Styx. Compared to the time when he wasn’t a full-fledged demigod, his oaths at that time weren’t effective, but now anything he swore would be impossible to break.

Naturally, even if Louie broke the oath, all he would lose was his identity as the ‘Dragon God’, but because he also had faith coming from Earth, his identity as a ‘foreign god’ would remain.

It was just that his power as a foreign god was a trump card. If possible, he would rather wear the skin of the Dragon God for life and not let anyone find out his identity as a foreign god.

With the establishment of the alliance, Louie and the Silver Moon Goddess both relaxed. There was already no separating the two, at least, they could rely on each other for three thousand years.

“I congratulate Your Highness Louie for obtaining the full divine authority of life.”

The Silver Moon Goddess’ rapid breathing gradually calmed down. As she stood up, her gown flowed to the ground like mercury, revealing her exquisite and delicate body. Even the slight bulge on her stomach could not affect her beauty. It even added a touch of maternal radiance to her.

Even if they were already so intimate with each other, the honorific name-calling between gods made Louie uncomfortable, but he had no choice but to follow the custom. Louie did not try to correct an age-old custom.

He nodded his head and happily said, “This is all thanks to your help, Your Highness Selune. If not for it, I wouldn’t have been able to get it so easily.”

Louie had already lit up his fourth divine authority. Now, he only needed to light up the divine authority of time. When the time came, he would then be faced with the hardest problem - obtaining the divine authority of dragons.

With the divine authority of life, Louie had gained a new ability. His vitality was now bigger and stronger. His connection with nature was also strengthened since the divine authority of life belonged to the system of nature gods. With this divine authority, he was now also closer to the elves.

If Louie became a true god this time, he could bestow upon his believers healing magic. His believers would even gain longer lifespans, causing them to be more devout for longer. Perhaps if a bard became his believer, they could heal injuries with their poems.

To put it bluntly, Louie’s ability was the ability to live longer.

In the process of making love to the Silver Moon Goddess, the Goddess gave him this divine authority. This made Louie feel as if he was practicing some kind of dual cultivation with the Goddess.

The clothes of the Silver Moon Goddess were not made from divine power like Louie’s, but real clothes made of real materials. At this time the Silver Moon Goddess could not call her maids, so she had to dress herself.

After putting on the complicated and complex clothing, she placed the muslin at the end. Noticing Louie look at her delicate body, she smiled and said, “The gods are not as prone to miscarriage as mortals, but it is better to avoid any excessive behavior during pregnancy.”

The hidden meaning behind the Goddess’ words was that she was not physically inconvenienced and that she could not continue to have sex with Louie. If he really wanted to enjoy the taste of pleasure, he had to wait till after the child was born.

“How long will it take until the baby is born?”

Louie did not want to imagine waiting for the child to be born only after ten years, but he quickly felt that he might seem like he was in a rush, so he quickly supplemented, “I don’t mean anything else. It’s just that the age of chaos is coming and this child may be of help to us.”

The child would be born as a demigod. In the current era, it was enough to call it strong.

However, the Silver Moon Goddess had indeed misunderstood Louie’s statement and said, “You don’t have to be embarrassed, Your Highness. The gods are supposed to enjoy themselves. Otherwise, what was the point of being a god… Moreover, I also like sex very much. It stimulates my pleasure nerves.”

Louie became embarrassed, “No, I really did not mean that. I just want to know the common sense about gods giving birth…”

Sometimes the more you explain, the less you could explain, so Louie simply shuts up in the end.

The Silver Moon Goddess closed her eyes and after a slight pause, she said, “If this was a true god, I might need to be pregnant for a hundred years, but my current child is just a demigod. In addition to the divine power that I accumulated, as long as I continue to pour divine power into it, it would take just a few months for this new life to come out.

“Thank you for your hard work, Your Highness Selune.”

Louie felt grateful. In order to let this child be born faster, she was consuming her divine power continuously.

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“This is what a mother should do.”

The Goddess said in a warm voice. Immediately after, her face was once again covered in a layer of fog, and she invited Louie, “Your Highness Louie since you haven’t toured around the Silver Moon Kingdom after your return to the main continent, why don’t you let me give you a tour?”

“Since Your Highness Selune invited me, how could I dare refuse.”

Louie smiled in agreement.

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