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ITDO - Chapter 236 - The Conception of a New Species

Their ‘battle’ lasted for three days and three nights.

After a long sigh, Louie felt empty inside and clear-headed, as if he had become an old monk, or like the Buddha who became a buddha under the Bodhi tree.

Men experience post-nut clarity, and so did dragons.

Louie left the side of the Goddess and walked away from the moon spring. The clear spring had long been tainted and was no longer the same clear turquoise.

‘As expected of a goddess.’

Louie exclaimed, ‘For her to be able to fight with me for three days and three nights… I am afraid that even another female dragon would already be begging for mercy… but it looks like the Silver Moon Goddess was able to hold on. From her look, it seems that she could continue for another three days and three nights.’

Louie had to admit that the body of the Goddess gave him a lingering pleasure. Being able to come in contact with the true body of the Goddess was a rare opportunity that even other gods could not obtain. True gods probably acted only with their incarnations when embracing other gods and mortals. No god was willing to have their true bodies exposed to other gods. A slight carelessness could lead to danger.

Only in a special era like now could one obtain the real body of the goddess.

So in a way, even the most licentious god and goddess should be considered virgins, unless they had a relationship before becoming a god. Gods usually only use incarnations to pleasure their spirits, but not their real bodies.

The only cases when two gods used their real bodies were when they were married and wanted to give birth to an heir.

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Selune sat under a tree. Her beautiful body that even bards could not praise was covered in a veil.

“You have completely obtained everything that belongs to the Silver Moon Goddess, Your Highness Louie.”

The goddess’ face was flushed. She looked languid as her silver-white pupils contained clear transparency.

“I only obtained the body of the Silver Moon Goddess, Your Highness Selune.”

Louie said solemnly, correcting the SIlver Moon Goddess’ words.

Just as he said, what he got was only the body of the Goddess. The exchange between the two of them wasn’t like mortals that contained strong emotions. They were just giving something for their own benefit. It did not matter who gained or lost. Although Louie had gained a beautiful lover from a mortal man’s viewpoint, as a god, he did not lose or gain anything. Not only were Louie’s desires satisfied, but the Silver Moon Goddess’s as well.

“You aren’t wrong, Your Highness.”

The Silver Moon Goddess thought for a bit and gently laughed.

Her body flawless body was wet, but soon, she dried herself.

As for whether he could get the heart of the goddess, Louie thought that it was possible. The gods of the world of San Soliel were not immortals who were free of worldly desires. They had their own desires and long for contact with people. If the two did not have any conflicts and their morals were similar, then it wasn’t impossible for Gods to become couples.

“I can already feel our child growing here, Your Highness Louie!”

The hand of the Silver Moon Goddess brushed against her abdomen, which was already slightly bulging. Normal mortals wouldn’t experience such quick changes even if they were pregnant, but the goddess was different. After the Goddess felt the life conceived inside her belly, she infused a large amount of divine power to stimulate the growth of life in her belly.

If the child was born from two gods, then this amount of divine power wasn’t enough, but as they were only demigods, this divine power was enough to quickly let the child grow.

For the birth of the child, Louie and the Silver Moon Goddess gave their divinity and divine power. For the Goddess, who was once a powerful god, this amount wasn’t much, but for Louie who had just become a demigod dragon, he did not have much.

When the child was conceived Louie had given close to half of the divinity that he had.

Afterward, he would find another chance to go back to the Astral Realm and replenish his divinity.

Thinking like this, Louie fell silent as he thought about the corpses of the gods.

“I never imagined that I would one day have my own child.”

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The Silver Moon Goddess had a complicated expression. A maternal tenderness surfaced from her face unconsciously. Even if she was a goddess, her maternal nature seemed to appear when she had a child.

She gently stroked his stomach, and a soft smile appeared on her face. The moonlight spilled down her body as if she was feeling the joy of the conception of a new life.

As one of the oldest goddesses that accompanied the birth of the world, it would have been impossible for her to give birth. She would never have exposed her true body to another god, nor would she be willing to expend divine power and divinity in order to give birth. This was because she had to keep ready to face Shae’s schemes and tricks. If she was ever so slightly weakened, she would have fallen into danger.

Moreover, the chances of true gods giving birth to a normal child were low. This probability alone made nearly every god give up. But, she never thought that an era like this would come, an era where she would turn from a true god to a demigod to conceive a child of her own.

This was not a child that was created purely from divinity like Sisna, but a child that was completely hers, conceived by the true body of the ancient goddess.

This was truly the divine child of the elves.

“That is our child, Your Highness Selune!”

As Louie said so, he once again used divine power to cover his body up with clothes. He now had a clear understanding of the three views of gods. Now that he was the lover of the Silver Moon Goddess, he could come to find the Silver Moon Goddess at any time. With long days still ahead, he would not swallow this ginseng fruit in one gulp, but slowly savor it over time.

The Silver Moon Goddess was correct. God's time was long. There was no need to rush in doing anything. This was the way of a god’s survival.

Louie’s eyes gently gazed at the Silver Moon Goddess’ belly. His own divinity and bloodline were calling towards him, telling him that there was a new life strongly growing there. It would be a new species and the only one of its kind in the world. When it was born, it would be a demigod that stood at the apex of mortals.

“Then, Your Highness Selune, it is time to make an oath to the River Styx, to make our 3,000-year agreement.”

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