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ITDO - Chapter 232 - Preparations for the Birth of a Child

Louie knew that a god’s corpse was still a huge threat to mortals, but for demigods and gods, the danger was greatly reduced. Still, this was also the first time Louie encountered such a corpse. It had already been dead for 30,000 years, but its intent had not yet completely disappeared. Its consciousness could still retain reason. It could even tempt people like a ghost.

Louie had never seen a divine corpse before, so he did not hesitate to use his killing move and used his breath as well as a nine-ringed spell that contained divine power. This was to ensure that the ancient corpse was finished in a strike.

“You greedy dragon, receive this curse from a god!”

The unknown god let out an enraged roar as it faced Louie’s attack. As a corpse it knew that the last portion of his will would disappear after this blow. It would never be able to resurrect and its name would forever be forgotten. Even if it gained faith again, there would no longer be any use.

Louie heard its roar. A god’s curse was no laughing matter, especially from a god that was about to die. Louie immediately covered himself in divine power and stayed alert.

Sure enough, an indescribable divine power fluctuation came towards him. It was like the final attack of the god. In a flash, Louie seemed to see the god’s previous rule.

It was an extremely grand and magnificent divine kingdom. Countless people prayed and lived in it. Mortals chanted the name of the god and kneeled in front of the temple to give their faith, but Louie could not hear the name of the god, as if the god had been completely forgotten by history and the world.

At the same time, Louie saw an uncountable army of the god, rushing to kill him. Its overwhelming killing intent was like a freezing wind that seemed to extinguish the flames of life.

At that moment, the godhood in Louie’s soul trembled, waking him up from his hallucination. The god’s curse immediately ‘dispelled into thin air’ as it touched the godhood.

“God’s are truly powerful. Even a dying corpse still had such great power.”

Louie sighed in relief. Luckily he was vigilant enough to not let this corpse take advantage of him. The curse would not kill him, but it would be a bit of a pain in the coming days.

The killing intent of the phantom army was completely annihilated by Louie’s dragon breath and continued to strike the god’s corpse. The rock began to shrink at visible speed as the [Prismatic Sphere] fell on it. The dragon's breath and the spell produced a powerful, destructive effect, causing the rock to disintegrate from inside out.

“No, please. Please spare me. Please!”

This unknown god issued a final howl of pain, but Louie just looked on coldly. The cries of the fallen god gradually disappeared, and even the divine power fluctuations were becoming flat. When the 10,000-meter big meteorite became less than a meter big, the god’s existence had been erased from the world.

“It’s done. Let’s see how much I got.”

Louie was happy and perceived it carefully. Only after he could not detect any more traces of the god did he approach the rock.

When he raised it with his claws, the rock shattered, causing a radiant light to appear from the inside.

This was divinity.

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“Haaa~. This divinity is sufficient.”

Louie looked at the divinity with amazement. If the divinity Louie received before was only a hair, then this was a finger. It was even more massive than the divinity that Louie obtained from Shae.

“This unknown god might have been a powerful god!”

Louie was sure that this god died 30,000 years ago, or perhaps even earlier. It could also have died long before the Era of Disaster. After having wasted away in the Astral Realm for a long time, it was still able to retain so much divinity. This was only something that a powerful God could do.

But now, Louie had earned this divinity easily.

Louie had been worried that his divinity was enough. Even if he could ignite the divine fire, he would still need to provide divinity to give birth to a child with the Silver Moon Goddess. Gods had to give their divinity to the child, which was why they scarcely had children. Every time a child was born, the gods would also take a toll. If an abomination came out, then they would suffer a big loss.

If Louie had a child with his original amount of divinity, he would probably have nothing left. It was not easy to accumulate enough divinity to give the child, but he was in a good spot. He had now gained a lot of divinity to the point that he could have a child.

“I am really lucky. I thought I would have to stay in the Astral Realm for some more time, but now that I have this much divinity, there is no need for me to continue.”

Louie quickly took in this divinity. Because the owner had completely fallen, there was no need for Louie to disperse its will. In an instant, Louie’s soul let out a satisfied feeling. He instinctively knew that he could light up the divine fire. The speed at which he converted faith into divine power was also twice as fast compared to the past.

After obtaining great satisfaction, Louie breathed out comfortably and did not delay. He immediately used divine power to open up a portal and returned back to the main continent.

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It was hard to stay for long in the Astral Realm. Every minute would shave away divinity, and Louie was not willing to become a demigod of the Astral Realm.

After returning to the main continent, Louie did not return to Dragon City and instead moved towards a mountain near Dragon City where he found a cave without any signs of life.

Louie did not know how long it would take for him to light the divine fire. It was dangerous to do it in Dragon City. Only in this uninhabited place was he able to be more at ease.

The snow between the mountains would completely cover the cave entrance. Louie then set up a complex spell that would alert him of invaders. He lay down on the ground and began to recover his divine power.

The battle in the Shadow Realm and the battle in the Astral Realm had depleted Louie’s divine power. He had to recover it to a certain extent before igniting the divine fire. He also had to accumulate some divine power for the subsequent child-making.

Human males were required to have their essence consumed in the act of procreation. On the other hand, gods were required to have their divinity and divine power consumed.

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