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RSSGSS - Chapter 134 - Basis of Partnership

"A significant chance at reaching Tier 6?" Liu Wusheng asked out of curiosity, his eyes widening a little when he heard Shi Feng's words. "I am not trying to doubt your abilities, Mr. Black Flame, but getting promoted to Tier 6 isn't something that can be accomplished with words alone. Even if I obtain a God Legacy, my chances of reaching Tier 6 will only increase by a small margin."

Reaching Tier 6 was the dream of all Tier 5 experts in God's Domain. However, only an extremely small minority could achieve this dream.

Meanwhile, the closer one got to Tier 6, the more they would realize just how challenging it was to reach Tier 6. The difficulty was so high that most people would despair when they learned of it.

Upon hearing Shi Feng's words, Blue Sheath similarly couldn't help but grow interested. Although she was nowhere near meeting the requirements to reach Tier 6 right now, if there was a way to increase her chances of reaching it, she naturally had to secure it as early as possible.

"Since I dare say so, I naturally have the ability to make it come true, Mr. Liu," Shi Feng said with a faint smile. "Moreover, shouldn't we only discuss these things after becoming partners?"

"Yes, you're right, Mr. Black Flame," Liu Wusheng hurriedly said, realizing the blunder he made. He had accidentally revealed his true thoughts in front of Shi Feng. Then, after calming himself, he continued, "But if you talk about entering a partnership, shouldn't you show some sincerity first, Mr. Black Flame? After all, Witch's Sin is affiliated with World Dominators. Without sufficient reason, how would we dare betray World Dominators?"

Shi Feng's smile deepened when he heard Liu Wusheng's suggestion. Then, he said, "What you say is correct, Mr. Liu. It will indeed be difficult for you to decide to go against a Super Guild without sufficient benefits."

"Thank you for your understanding, Mr. Black Flame," Liu Wusheng said while caressing his beard. "You might think that World Dominators isn't much for a Super Guild after seeing it lose to Mysterious Moon, but I can assure you that World Dominators is not as simple as it seems. If World Dominators wants to, it can destroy Mysterious Moon effortlessly. Even if Mysterious Moon has 40 Primordial Mana Equipment Sets, it will never be able to defend the Darkmoon Outpost!"

However, Shi Feng simply chuckled in response to Liu Wusheng's reminder.

Nobody had a better understanding of the various superpowers and Super Guilds than him in this world. If he said he was number two when it came to such knowledge, nobody could say they were number one.

Meanwhile, as a veteran Super Guild, the strength and depth of World Dominators were not things someone like Liu Wusheng could uncover.

It was also why Shi Feng had chosen to partner with Witch's Sin and form a mercenary alliance.

Every Guild that managed to become a Super Guild did not possess just powerful experts. Besides that, Super Guilds also had the ability to acquire strategic tools.

Meanwhile, among these strategic tools, many originated from ancient times, and some even originated from primordial times. For most experts in God's Domain, these strategic tools were completely out of their reach. They'd have to have heaven-defying luck to get their hands on even one of these items. However, for a Super Guild with countless experts, they could acquire these tools much more easily and reliably. Meanwhile, if a Super Guild decided to use one of these items, they could easily destroy an entire kingdom.

This was exactly what had happened during Shi Feng's previous life. When their God's Domain connected with the Greater God's Domain and the various Outerworld powers invaded, many Super Guilds used these strategic items to stall the various Outerworld powers' advance. Many of these tools even allowed players to transcend tiers.

The only problem was that these tools were Consumables. Unless absolutely necessary, the various Super Guilds would use these tools.

However, unlike what Shi Feng was thinking, Liu Wusheng interpreted Shi Feng's laugh differently.


From how Liu Wusheng looked at it, Shi Feng was treating the World Dominators he mentioned with contempt!

Ignorant of Liu Wusheng's thoughts, Shi Feng asked, "May I know if you have time to spare right now, Mr. Liu?"

"We don't have anything going on for the moment," Liu Wusheng said, feeling a little confused by Shi Feng's question. "Even if we do have something to do, its importance cant compare to negotiating a partnership with you, Mr. Black Flame."

"In that case, I wish to invite you to come to a place with me, Mr. Liu. Once we reach there, I will let you know that Witch's Sin will not lose out in partnering with Zero Wing," Shi Feng said, chuckling.

Liu Wu Sheng naturally did not object to Shi Feng's suggestion. He was rather curious why Shi Feng was so confident Witch's Sin would be willing to join Zero Wing in opposing World Dominators.

Afterward, Liu Wusheng and Blue Sheath secretly followed Shi Feng out of Hundred Flow City.

After arriving inside a forest several kilometers away from Hundred Flow City, Shi Feng took out a Summoning Flute and summoned his Thunder Wolf.

Upon seeing the Thunder Wolf, Liu Wusheng and Blue Sheath couldn't help but be surprised.

"What a powerful Mount! The strength of this Mount already surpasses the average Great Lord!" Blue Sheath exclaimed in the party chat. She promptly deduced the standard of the Thunder Wolf's strength with just a glance, and she couldn't help but look at the Mount in admiration. "It's a pity that there's still no clear way to obtain Mounts in the Miniature Ancient World. If I can get a Mount like this, my leveling speed will easily double."

"It seems Black Flame's foundations in the Miniature Ancient World aren't as simple as I thought. No wonder he managed to convince Mysterious Moon to go against World Dominators," Liu Wusheng said, his evaluation of Shi Feng increasing even further.

Having a Great Lord as a Mount might not seem special on the main continent, but this was a feat that even Super Guilds couldn't necessarily accomplish in the Miniature Ancient World.

"Get on. We have a long road ahead of us. If you have any business to take care of, it's best if you make the necessary arrangements now," Shi Feng reminded after hopping onto the Thunder Wolf's back.

However, Liu Wusheng and Blue Sheath simply smiled when they heard Shi Feng's reminder. How far could they possibly travel?

A Great Lord-level Mount's speed was several times higher than players. With the Thunder Wolf's speed, it could easily reach any Level 110 leveling spot around Hundred Flow City within two hours.

However, after riding on the Thunder Wolf for some time, Liu Wusheng and Blue Sheath quickly realized that they were sorely mistaken.

Not only did Shi Feng cross Level 110 maps, but he had even crossed Level 115 maps. After advancing nonstop for eight hours, they arrived at the Misty Canyon, a Level 120 map that was essentially a forbidden area for current players.

Meanwhile, after arriving in the Misty Canyon, Liu Wusheng and Blue Sheath saw something that blew their minds.

A city!

There was a city situated deep within the Misty Canyon!

Moreover, many NPC Merchants traveled in and out of the city's entrance. The NPC traffic here was only slightly inferior to the average NPC City.

When Liu Wusheng saw this prosperous city, a frightening thought suddenly appeared in his mind. Unable to help his curiosity, he turned to Shi Feng and asked, "Mr. Black Flame, don't tell me this city is…"

Upon hearing Liu Wusheng's trembling voice, Shi Feng smiled and said, "You've guessed correctly. Zero Wing is the owner of this Abyssal Star Ancient City!"

TL Notes:

Just a fyi. The term "superpower" refers to all organizations that are on the level of a "superpower." It isn't limited to just Guilds (super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds). So, adventurer teams, mercenary organizations, and whatever organization the author decides to come up with in the future can also fall under the category of superpowers.

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[Twin-headed Destruction Snake] (Primordial Demonic Beast, Mythic)

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Ancient Demon -> Primordial Demon

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Hellscythe's Notes:

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