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ITDO - Chapter 231 - Graveyard of the Gods

The Astral Realm was like a boundless universe. Its edges could not be seen, and it was infinitely large. Or perhaps it was a realm that would grow endlessly until the day it collapsed.

The universe outside of Earth was not a viable place for carbon-based organisms to live in. It was a vacuum without any air and a region where various kinds of radiation spread. If a carbon-based lifeform was to go in without any protection, it would not take long for them to die.

The Astral Realm was also the same. This was not a realm that ordinary people could reach. It was the outermost layer of the world of San Soliel. Even the gods could not tell how big it was, let alone where its edges were.

Some people have said that there were other continental worlds in the Astral Realm, but this rumor had never been confirmed. In people’s orthodox perception, the Astral World was the last barrier of the Crystal Wall System, and one that left its edges would cross past it. Because of the unknown dangers that they could encounter, let alone normal people, even the gods would never try it out.

In the vast expanse of the Astral Realm, a portal made of divine power opened up, and Louie walked out of it with his huge dragon body.

When he appeared in the Astral Realm, Louie could feel an indescribable eerie feeling. This realm was the only world where a god’s corpse could rot to nothing. In this place, tens of thousands of creatures’ thoughts were mixed together. This was the graveyard of the gods, the place where chaos originated and continued to expand. Powerful mortals had to use special techniques to stay here for a short period of time. For the gods who possessed divinity, they could easily use their divinity to block the erosion of the Astral Realm, but staying for too long would corrupt their divinity.

Darkness entered Louie’s eyes. He could only see giant rocks floating in the Astral Realm from time to time. As the Astral Realm was boundless, its resources were nearly unlimited, but finding them was difficult and required long periods of exploration.

The Astral Realm was not like the universe with countless stars, because each star in this world represented a god of the world. It wasn’t an actual object, but a reflection of the shadow of a god's authority. Therefore, in an era when the gods were asleep, no stars could be seen in the sky except the moon.

“This place is really uncomfortable. No wonder the gods had banished the abominations here. Not even the gods would be willing to stay for long.”

Just as mortals were reluctant to go to the cemetery, the gods were also reluctant to come to the Astral Realm which was littered with the graves of the gods. It would give them a bad feeling as it portrayed their potential end.

“Let’s find the divinity we need quickly. I can’t keep Selune waiting for too long. Hehe…”

Men would always struggle to get beautiful women. Now that a true goddess was in front of Louie, he had enough motivation.

In his mind, he quickly recalled the coordinates that the Silver Moon Goddess had told him. The Astral Realm was infinite, and even if he had the coordinates, it would take a lot of divine energy to teleport long distances.

Louie slashed the void with his claws causing a doorway to open. He flew into the portal to the location recorded by the Goddess.

“Hmm? There’s nothing there.”

Louie looked at the empty space in front of him and searched carefully. Finally, he was able to find a piece of rock that looked no different from an ordinary rock. It was around ten meters tall, but in front of him, it was incredibly small.

“This stone should be the corpse of a god. There is still a very faint divine power fluctuation on it. Even the gods can decay. It seems that immortality is not enough to make a god relax. Maybe becoming a god is only just another step towards immortality and eternity.”

Louie sighed when he saw the remnants of this god’s corpse.

A mortal’s corpse will rot after death, but a god’s corpse will become such a stone after death. Under the pressure of the Astral Realm, there will come a day when all traces of this god will disappear into nothing.

Louie shook his head and stopped looking at it from this point of view as it gave him a lot of psychological pressure. This might be the power of the Astral Realm in wearing down the will of the gods.

In the Astral Realm, Louie felt that the conversion of faith from the main continent was slow, but the faith from Earth became relatively clear. It might really be the case that the Astral Realm was the last barrier of the world.

Taking a deep breath, Louie once again used his divine power to teleport to another empty location. He shook his head and searched again.

After exploring five to six locations, Louie did not find a single bit of divinity, but he wasn’t anxious. He even inwardly rejoiced. This was because the locations that he went to had remnants of a god’s corpse. This meant that the Silver Moon Goddess' information was correct. The only problem was probably because the gods were too weak, and as a result, they were quickly assimilated by the Astral Realm.

There was no concept of time in the Astral Realm, so just like that Louie searched at four more locations before finally finding the object that he needed.

It was a giant rock the size of a meteorite. It floated quietly in the void of the Astral Realm. Mortals would think that it was a neat piece of stone, but in Louie’s eyes, it contained the will of a god.

When Louie appeared in front of this meteorite, the divine power inside his body resonated with the meteorite. The corpse of the decayed god seemed to open its eyes as if it had only been sleeping for tens of thousands of years. It emitted a dry, decaying voice, “I can’t believe that I’m seeing a living creature in the Astral Realm.”

“Oh demigod dragon, if you are able to return to the main continent, extol my name and allow me to return to the Astral Realm. I shall…”

“Cut the crap!”

Without waiting for the unbearable voice to finish, Louie just hit it directly.

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After a god got pulled down from the stars and became a corpse, they would lose their believers and their connection to their believers. After the passage of time, they would lose any kind of faith. They would finally fall permanently after they were forgotten.

Louie already guessed what this god wanted to say. It was probably going to promise him benefits so that Louie could spread its faith again so that it would have a chance to return back to life, but Louie could not see any benefits at all. The only thing Louie wanted from the other party was the little remaining divinity that it possessed.

“I don’t care if you were a powerful god in the past or how much glory you had. In front of me, you are only a decaying, near-dead god that is about to fade away. Just give up and make a contribution to me and the world.”

The corner of Louie’s mouth showed a fierce smile. A mere corpse of a god was trying to deceive him and tempt him. He could resist the temptation of the Silver Moon Goddess and the Night Goddess, how could he not resist the corpse that smelled like a carcass?

Louie’s golden head began to divide into three. With the divine authority in each head, he began to spray his breath on the corpse.

“No, you will pay the price for your greed, dragon.”

The god let out a frightened and angry voice. A horrific wave of divine power blew out.


But Louie clearly saw his weakened nature. The divine power it emitted was just there to scare people.

“Fall completely, you failure of a god. You have already lost and been eliminated by the times. Just give up and stop wasting resources.”

Dragon breath rained down on the rock. At the same time, Louie used his hand to make symbols. With a light tap, a rainbow-colored ball of light shot out from Louie.

This was a nine-ringed spell that contained divine power [Prismatic Sphere]!

He vowed to finish off the corpse in one fell swoop.

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