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ITDO - Chapter 229 - The Chosen Dragon and the Goddess Who Agreed to have Children

“This is… godhood?!”

The Silver Moon Goddess muttered. Her bright eyes opened wide, and her pupils flashed with disbelief. Her lips even opened unconsciously, showing how shocked she truly was.

As a god, even if the Silver Moon Goddess had already lost her godhood for more than thirty thousand years, she would never mistake it for anything else. If divinity was the source of a god’s immortality and divine authority symbolized the power that they grasped, then godhood represented the difference between gods and mortals.

Only those with a godhood could be called a true god. Even if the Silver Moon Goddess had high-tier divine power, had the divine authority of the moon and elves, and had a million followers, she could not be called a true god because she did not possess a godhood. She could only be called a demigod.

After the Era of Disaster, the biggest change in the world was that no new godhood could be formed, resulting in the prevention of new gods from being born.

The perfect yet irregular crystal that emerged from Louie’s heart was without a doubt a godhood. Although it was empty inside and could not be filled to full with divine power, its sublime nature made it easy for Selune to tell that it was a godhood.

“Did you meet with His Highness Five-colored Dragon God, who was dying 30,000 years ago, and he gave you his godhood?”

The Silver Moon Goddess’ thoughts turned over. In a flash, she made up a tear-jerking romance story for the events 30,000 years ago.

The godhood had a characteristic that it could not be plundered. Even if a true god died, their divinity and divine authority would scatter for everyone else to take. Only their godhood would completely break into nothing. As a result, the only thing that made up a god that could not be stolen was godhood.

This was why Louie dared to take out the godhood. Even if the Silver Moon Goddess killed him, she would not be able to steal it. Moreover, she did not even have the ability to do so at the moment.

To obtain a complete godhood, a god had to take the initiative to bestow it. In the era of the gods, some powerful gods would bestow their own subordinates with a low-level godhood, allowing that mortal to become a god.

Therefore, given the characteristics of godhood, the only conclusion that the Silver Moon Goddess could draw was that the godhood belonging to the Dragon God was bestowed to Louie by the Dragon God himself. Moreover, the Silver Moon Goddess filled up the holes in her doubts in her mind by herself.

Thirty thousand years ago, the Dragon God was forcibly captured under the watchful eyes of many gods. In the Silver Moon Goddess’ opinion, the Five-colored Dragon God did not die immediately after being captured. He may have escaped from the invaders and met Louie.

However, Louie was far away from the main continent at that time and there were almost no living creatures left in the world of San Soliel. Without the support of faith, the Dragon God was certain to die. After seeing his own people, the Dragon God chose to give out his godhood and divine authority. This was a very likely event.

As for the Five-colored Dragon God’s divinity, Louie was not able to obtain it. Most likely, Louie was still a mortal 30,000 years ago and was unable to accept the huge amount of divinity, so the Dragon God gave up on that.

However, there was one point of doubt. If Louie had the Five-colored Dragon God’s godhood, why wasn’t he asleep like other gods? Perhaps Louie had the godhood but could not ‘activate’ it, resulting in him escaping the trap of slumber.

The world was filled with unbelievable secrets, which even Shae, who was in charge of secrets, did not know. After not finding a plausible explanation, she finally gave up.

“As you said, 30,000 years ago, I met his Highness the Five-colored Dragon God. Thanks to his love, I was able to obtain his godhood and divine authority.”

Louie said haughtily while expressing reverence for that departed Dragon God.”

This was called the perfect lie. He did not need to say anything and just let the other party form their own conclusions. Louie had already brought out his godhood, so the Silver Moon Goddess could help him find the right excuses. This way, Louie could righteously display his Dragon God’s divine authority in the future and prevent others from suspecting that he was related to the Terran Civilization.

As for why the godhood of the Five-colored Dragon God remained after its death, Louie could only guess that this was the work of Terran Civilization technology, or maybe because the Five-colored Dragon God died in another world, producing a different result due to the difference in the rules.

Among these two guesses, Louie preferred the second option. After all, the Terran Civilization did not have a great understanding of the gods, and so their skills shouldn’t have allowed them to make use of the godhood.

Other than finding a reason to become the Dragon God, Louie also pushed down the last barrier in the Silver Moon Goddess’ mind. This godhood was enough to prove that Louie’s future was boundless.

“Your Highness, you already know that my goal is to become the Dragon God. In the future, I may need your help in suppressing the dragons who have already forgotten the glory of the gods. If I succeed, I will establish a friendship between the dragons and the elves to continue forever. Our children will become the most crucial point for this cooperation to succeed.”

Louie extended his hand and bowed like a gentleman. His slightly raised eyebrows and the sincerity in his eyes made it look like he was courting the Goddess. The Silver Moon Goddess’ heart was in turmoil, and her thoughts were complicated, causing her to become confused, but one side of the scale had fallen, so her choice had already tilted to one side.

Although Louie had the ambition to become the Dragon God, the Silver Moon Goddess only treated it as his ambition, because for mortals, it wasn’t easy to become a god. Moreover, the Dragon God was a racial god with a racial divine authority, making it incredibly unique.

But, after seeing Louie’s godhood, the Silver Moon Goddess stopped thinking that this was just ambition and realized that it was already a foregone conclusion.

He was a qualified lord. As a dragon, he understood how to spread his faith, allowing him to meet the basic conditions of becoming a true god. With such powerful godhood and divine authority, the chances of Louie becoming a god were already more than 90%. He was simply the chosen one of the world, the chosen dragon.

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The Silver Moon Goddess had almost always fought alone since the beginning of the world and even single-handedly held up the elven god system. Although she had allies among the gods in the past, the vast majority of them fell during the Era of Disaster. Moreover, those allies were also human gods. Even if both sides were in a covenant, they wouldn’t be too close.

Even gods would feel tired after fighting alone for such a long time. Moreover, Selune was a god who had turned from a powerful god to a weak god, so she was eager to have a powerful ally that she could trust.

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Louie’s presence simply appeared to sate her thirst. Louie was a dragon that was part of the dragon god system. The rivalry in that system was very simple unlike the complexity of the human god system. So, there was a huge possibility for the two races to enter an alliance.

Secondly, although the dragons were not strong among the gods, they were incredibly strong among mortals. It could even be said that they were part of the dominant races in the main continent. If the dragons and the elves could work together, then the Silver Moon Goddess would not need to worry about the safety and security of the elves in the main continent.

As long as the Silver Moon Goddess herself could become a powerful god again and help Louie become a powerful god, she would have a powerful lover. Selune would not need to fight alone anymore, would not need to worry about falling back to being weak again, would not need to worry about being chased by Rose, Selune, or any other god.

Gods also had their dignity, and their dignity and arrogance far exceeded any mortal. Selune did not want to experience that kind of suffocation anymore.

The Silver Moon Goddess took a deep breath and decided.

She nodded her head with reserve, “Your Highness, your proposal is not only for me and you but also for the elves and dragons. With a child born under us, we can build a bridge between the two races.”

The Silver Moon Goddess’ way of calling Louie had completely changed. She was now treating Louie as an equal god, not as a demigod who was trying to be a god.

This was a kind of political union of gods. There were no outside forces as they decided it by themselves.

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