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ITDO - Chapter 228 - The Goddess’ Hesitation and the World View of the Gods.

Selune was speechless upon hearing this. She stared directly into Louie’s eyes and contemplated her response. At first, she thought that this was another manifestation of male dragons’ instincts, but she detected little lust within his eyes. Only consideration and contemplation.

She fell into deep thought.

She was no common prude who valued things like chastity and treated sex as some sacred act, and so the actual details of the act were of little consequence to her. Rather, in the manner of a true Goddess, she began to ruminate over the pros and cons of such an arrangement.

While she wasn’t against the action in principle, being in union with another God in their true bodies was not a simple affair, and there were many things to consider.

Louie waited silently for Selune’s response. This was obviously not a choice he made due to his lust. After all, compared to the benefits of becoming a God, momentary pleasures were meaningless. When he truly ascended he would have all the time in the world to slake his desires.

The formation of a bloodline bridge between him and Selune would ensure that no matter what, the elves and Louie’s kingdom would be in the same boat. After all, even Gods would find it hard to be vicious towards their children. And in fact, many of them valued them greatly due to the difficulties of reproduction.

“Lord Louie, the possibility of a child being born between gods is very low. According to past experiences, children born from two gods have a ninety percent chance of becoming abominations. I think you are aware of this.”

Louie, of course, was. The spawns of Gods were often born as distorted entities with twisted souls. They were resentful of all existence, and bearing the powers of Gods, they unleashed great destruction on the world until they were either banished or sealed away by the Gods.

It could be said that these abominations were embodiments of the pain and curses that gods experienced when giving birth. Unlike mortals for whom that was the natural process, their pain could manifest as powerful curses and greatly warp the nature of the child.

Gods needed to provide divinity to give birth to a child. This would cause both parents to become weak. The birth of an abomination would cause the parents to be in danger and have a chance to fall.

Because the chances of gods giving birth to abominations were so high, those lucky few that were born would become true gods with low-tier divine power. In the end, because of the huge chance of giving birth to an abomination, gods had to be very careful and cautious about this matter.

Louie had also expected this point and calmly said, “Your Highness, what you said is correct. Normally speaking, there is a high chance for creatures born between gods to become abominations, but both of us are only demigods now. It’s not possible for demigods to give birth to abominations. Because of the rules and environment of the current world, I should say that it's the best time for gods to give birth to their own blood-related children.”

If it was during the era of the gods, it would be impossible for the gods to change their real bodies into demigods unless they were willing to give up on their godhood. But there was no god stupid enough to do that.

However, the world was currently different. Because the rules of the world had changed, all the gods had become demigods. Now was the best time for the gods to perform unions and give birth to children. Those children would become their own children and not abominations.

Naturally, the child would not be born as a true god. At most, they could only be born as a demigod.

The Silver Moon Goddess was somewhat moved and only had a bit of hesitation left.

The gods of the world of San Soliel were not free of worldly desires. They were closer to gods of Greek mythology and had their own desires. They followed their divine instincts and even acted similar to mortals.

Among the gods, there were also some who were sexually debauched and willing to have intercourse with mortals just for pleasure. However, for ancient gods born with the world such as the Silver Moon Goddess and the Night Goddess, they did not partake in pleasure like those gods who were once mortals. With their pride, they might use their beauty to seduce followers, but at the same time, they despised those who could only rely on their bodies.

Selune was now very hesitant, but her instincts told her that this was the best way to solve the problem.

Compared to being an immortal god, everything could be put aside. Even if it was pride and self-respect, even if they had to become playthings of some monster, as long as they were alive, there were countless opportunities to retaliate in the future. In a sense, the majority of gods had no sense of modesty and chastity.

In order to build on this and make the Silver Moon Goddess agree to this proposal, Louie decided to use his trump card.

In the current situation, it was also in Louie’s best interest to join forces with the Silver Moon Goddess, but gods were not easily trusted. Even with the River Styx Oath, lies and deception always existed. He needed more assurance before he dared to give out his trust.

“Your Highness, I would like you to make a River Styx Oath that you will never tell anyone what I’m about to say.”

Louie spoke out, interrupting the Goddess’ thoughts.

Selune raised an eyebrow. Her silver-white eyes flashed with a touch of doubt. She knew that Louie was trying to tell her a secret. After thinking about it, she felt that there was nothing wrong with this kind of oath and said, “I swear by the name of the Silver Moon Goddess Selune to the River Styx that I will never tell another soul about what Lord Louie will tell me next. If I violate this oath, may I sink to the bottom of River Styx and be bathed in its waters.”

After hearing her words, Louie was relieved. Any creature who made an oath to the River Styx other than gods would meet certain death once they violated it. As for the gods, they would at least be imprisoned for many years and have their divinity reduced. This was a very dangerous thing to do, and no god was willing to accept this punishment.

Louie transformed his body and exposed his heart. There was a floating crystal within whose form could not be determined.

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He spoke, “Your Highness might be wondering about my relationship with the Five-colored Dragon God. This is the answer.”

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