Chapter 227 - Silver Moon Goddess, Give Birth To My Child!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 227 - Silver Moon Goddess, Give Birth To My Child!

In the middle of the Shadow Realm, Louie reappeared in human form. He looked at the divinity of darkness that had once belonged to Shae. After easily eliminating Shae’s will from within, he breathed in the divinity into his body.

He made a slight calculation and found that he needed a bit more divinity to ignite his divine fire. But so long as he used the method that Selune mentioned earlier, he would manage to do so soon.

Thinking like this, Louie looked at the Silver Moon Goddess. At this time, her face was incredibly pale due to using large amounts of divine power. Her eyebrows were knit together.

The Goddess only had the body of a demigod at the moment. Forcefully converting a lot of faith into divine power would cause great harm to her body. She was like an old machine being forced to run for a long time.

“Your Highness, I never imagined that you would actually be the Silver Moon Goddess and that you are in your true body,”

Louie’s eyes glittered as he spoke. Facing the true body of the Goddess, many thoughts passed through his head.

Even during the Era of Disaster, the Gods that appeared were mostly in their incarnations. It was very hard to actually encounter their true bodies. A God’s true body was their foundation. If their incarnations died, they could just use divinity and divine power to create another one.

However, in front of him was the Silver Moon Goddess’ true body that contained her divinity and divine authority. This was her truest form.

“I also had no choice but to conceal it. I hope you will forgive me, Lord Louie.”

The Silver Moon Goddess let out a bitter smile. She did not have the presence of a God. Perhaps it was because Gods and demigods were in the same position in the current Era. Moreover, Louie had helped her get through a difficult situation just now. The elves and Dragon City were also in a cooperative relationship. If the Silver Moon Goddess was high and proud, then she would not give Louie any face.

“I understand your plight, milady.”

Louie nodded gently, knowing that for the Gods, especially

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