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RSSGSS - Chapter 130 - Surge of Wealth

By the time Shi Feng had returned to God's Domain, the entire Hundred Flow City was already buzzing with activity. Almost every player in the city was talking about the battle in the New Moon Forest feverishly.

"Did you hear? It seems Mysterious Moon has fully occupied the New Moon Forest already! Yet, despite knowing this, World Dominators hasn't dared to send any people there! It seems World Dominators intends to give up on the Darkmoon Outpost."

"Of course I've heard about it. Also, your information is outdated."


"According to my sources, World Dominators has already demanded Mysterious Moon to withdraw from the competition for the Darkmoon Outpost. Otherwise, even if Mysterious Moon manages to acquire it, World Dominators will turn the Outpost into a restricted area."

"World Dominators is going too far! It's behaving no different from a bully at this point!"

"I know, right?"

"But Mysterious Moon has also declared that it would fight till the very end. Moreover, it is currently recruiting new players and experts, and the benefits it is offering are excellent. If Mysterious Moon manages to secure the Darkmoon Outpost as well, all of its members will get to save a lot of travel time."

The players on the street discussed the war between Mysterious Moon and World Dominators, and many couldn't help but be enraged by World Dominators's overbearing attitude. At the same time, independent players who had been subjected to the various superpowers' oppression all these years couldn't help but be tempted to join Mysterious Moon. After all, Mysterious Moon was the only first-rate Guild to have achieved victory against a Super Guild these past few years. Now, it had even resolved itself to fight to the bloody end.

"I've also received a different piece of news. I heard that World Dominators is also planning on putting a kill order on a Guild called Zero Wing."

"Zero Wing? Isn't that a newly-established small Guild?"

"I heard that Zero Wing is super-amazing. Despite being only a small Guild, it has a Tier 6 God-ranked expert among its ranks. Moreover, Zero Wing has even annihilated one of World Dominators's affiliated Guilds right in front of World Dominators's face. Right now, World Dominators is planning on offering one God Legacy and over a dozen Fragmented Legendary items as a reward for its kill order. You'll get five points for killing Zero Wing's elite members, twenty points for killing internal members, one hundred points for killing core members, and one thousand points for killing executive members. You can then use these points to exchange with World Dominators."

"Crazy! This is crazy! What is going on with this Miniature Ancient World? It's only been a few days since it opened, yet first it was Mysterious Moon, now it is a newly-established Guild! Is everyone trying to go against World Dominators?!"

"It's also because of this situation that World Dominators is trying to set an example. There's no way anybody couldn't resist the temptation of these rewards. Although it costs twenty million points to exchange for the God Legacy and five million points for each Fragmented Legendary item, it's not entirely impossible to obtain this many points. This is a chance for many ordinary experts in the Miniature Ancient World to access these resources."

"You've tempted me with your words. Should we team up to hunt Zero Wing's members?"

"I'll pass. I heard that while Zero Wing might not have many members, every one of them possesses extraordinary strength. Even the weakest among them is a first-rate expert. Rather than hunt Zero Wing's members, I'd be giving them equipment instead."

When Shi Feng overheard the independent players' discussion, he couldn't help but chuckle.

World Dominators sure is ruthless. To think it would go as far as to use a God Legacy as a bounty. Even I'm feeling a little tempted by this offer. The generosity of this point system should also allow hardworking ordinary experts to exchange for a Fragmented Legendary item.

Setting aside the God Legacy, just the Fragmented Legendary items being offered were already more than enough to tempt most players into action. After all, a Fragmented Legendary item could grant players a massive boost to their combat power, much greater than what the Standardized Ancient Mana Equipment Sets could provide.

Even now, Shi Feng only had one Fragmented Legendary item in his possession, while most first-rate Guilds didn't even have thirty Fragmented Legendary items. Yet, now, World Dominators was offering over a dozen Fragmented Legendary items as a reward for its kill order.

When Shi Feng arrived in front of the Candlelight Hotel, he received an urgent call from Blackie.

"Guild Leader, have you received the news yet? World Dominators has placed a kill order on us! Now, practically every player and power in the Miniature Ancient World is talking about this matter. I've even received news saying that some superpowers' experts are considering World Dominators's offer," Blackie said anxiously. "Many of our members have already asked to withdraw from the Guild because of World Dominators's kill order. Moreover, I'm afraid it will be incredibly difficult for us to go out and grind in the future…"

A Super Guild's kill order!

This was the first time Blackie had ever experienced such a situation.

In the past, whenever he learned of Super Guilds placing a kill order on someone, he would simply think of it as an entertaining piece of news. However, now that he was the target of one of these kill orders, he couldn't find it entertaining in the slightest. He also understood what it felt like to be subjected to a Super Guild's kill order. As soon as this kill order appeared, he felt that the whole world had become his enemies. Some of Zero Wing's members were even selling information on their fellow Guildmates.

Since Blackie was an executive of Zero Wing, his head was worth 1,000 points. If others killed him 5,000 times, they'd have enough points to redeem a Fragmented Legendary item from World Dominators. If they killed him 20,000 times, they'd had enough to exchange for a God Legacy.

Twenty thousand times!

That'd be enough deaths to last him for ten years…

"I've heard about it already," Shi Feng said, chuckling as he looked at Blackie's anxious expression. "It's nothing big. Since World Dominators wants to play, we'll play with them."

He had experienced this situation many times during his previous life, so he had long since grown used to it. Adding one more experience to the list wouldn't faze him in the slightest.

"I want to do that too, Guild Leader, but we're dead-ass broke. We don't have anything we can offer as a reward…" Blackie said with a bitter smile.

In addition to a God Legacy, World Dominators had also offered over a dozen Fragmented Legendary items as a reward. These were all items that even apex experts sought to obtain, let alone ordinary experts.

The only thing of roughly equal value Zero Wing could offer was the Standardized Primordial Mana Equipment Sets. However, if they recklessly gave these items away, it might backfire on them instead…

"How is the sale of the Epic Weapons and Equipment coming along?" Shi Feng asked.[1]

"It's going along smoothly," Blackie said excitedly. "You have no idea how popular Epic Weapons and Equipment are on the market right now, Guild Leader. Everything that appears in the Auction House will get bought out almost immediately. Although we've sold only 70% of our Epic Equipment, we've already made 830,000 Gold and 3.26 million Magic Crystals!"

"That much?" Shi Feng was a little flabbergasted. He finally understood Lan Hailong had swallowed his pride to come knocking on his door asking for those Epic Weapons and Equipment. Lan Hailong had even gone as far as to ask to buy those items back.

Because of the various powers' fervent attempt to secure a foothold in the Miniature Ancient World, the value of Epic Weapons and Equipment here had soared even further. Now, it would seem that demand for these items far surpassed supply.

Originally, Shi Feng thought that they could, at most, make two million Gold from the sales of Shadow's Epic Weapons and Equipment. Yet, even though they had only sold 70% of their haul thus far, they've already made over two million Gold in profit.

Even for a first-rate Guild, a sum of 830,000 Gold and 3.26 million Magic Crystals was a significant amount of wealth.

It should be known that Zero Wing's transaction with Mysterious Moon only amounted to 160,000 Gold and 400,000 Magic Crystals. Moreover, the equipment Zero Wing sold to Mysterious Moon came in eight-piece sets. Forty sets in total meant 320 pieces of equipment. Even though there was only a small difference in number, the difference in actual value was massive…

"If we convert all of these Coins and Magic Crystals into Mana Equipment Sets, we might have a chance at fighting against World Dominators," Blackie said, his worries lessening significantly when he recalled how many Coins and Magic Crystals Zero Wing had earned.

"No! It's too much of a waste to convert everything into Mana Equipment Sets! I have a much better use for these resources," Shi Feng said, shaking his head. "Come over to the Candlelight Hotel quickly. I'll take you to a good place."

TL Notes:

The part where World Dominators is offering a God Legacy and over a dozen Fragmented Legendary items is very absurd and contradictory to what we've known thus far about the Miniature Ancient World, so I assume that these rewards will be given out on the main continent instead of in the Miniature Ancient World.

Most experts are entering the Miniature Ancient World for an "opportunity" to reach higher tiers, and Fragmented Legendary items are essentially "opportunities" for players who weren't executives of superpowers or first-rate powers. If they can get a Fragmented Legendary item or a God Legacy reserved to their name on the main continent, they probably wouldn't mind starting over a new character on the main continent.

There is also the option of helping others on the main continent acquire these "opportunities" in exchange for real-world benefits (S-rank Nutrient Fluid, Life Potion, etc.)

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(A little spoiler, but World Dominators is even going to add a Legendary item in its list of rewards later on. Unless Legendary items have suddenly become worthless, I doubt anyone can acquire a Legendary item in the first few weeks of the Miniature Ancient World's launch.)

[1]"How is the sale of the Epic Weapons and Equipment coming along?" Shi Feng asked.:

Shi Feng mentioned in Chapter 127 that they would only be selling the Epic Equipment, but the author wrote Epic Weapons and Equipment in this chapter. I'm assuming he forgot, or he just typed "Weapons" out of habit, but I'll leave it as such unless a future chapter proves this otherwise.

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
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