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ITDO - Chapter 226 - Harvesting Divinity

Rumble Rumble

With Shae’s ‘death’ the divine kingdom began to collapse. The once pitch-black sky faded away to the dull gray of the Shadow Realm, and fissures appeared in space as the minor world shook.

The Silver Moon Goddess and her former lover continued their battle, paying little attention to the shattering world around them. Their collisions accelerated the destruction of what was once one of the most dangerous places in San Soliel. In the midst of all this, the demigod of the ocean punched a hole in space with her weapon and fled through it without looking back.

She did not dare wait for Louie and the Selune to organize themselves and gang up on her.

Louie noticed her flight and even considered stopping her for a moment, but ultimately he decided against it. There would be little meaning to killing her here. What he wanted more than anything was divinity. Had she been a true God he would definitely have stopped her, but she held little value to him as a demigod.

‘No matter. I’ve memorized your divine signature. The next time we meet I’ll know it’s you,’ he thought.

The collapse of the divine kingdom accelerated as the process continued. Louie flew high into the air and felt the laws of the minor world unravel around him. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the composition and rules that a powerful Goddess had implemented in the construction of her divine kingdom. For an up-and-coming god like Louie, it was a priceless opportunity.

Although he didn’t completely understand everything at the moment, he could nonetheless put away what confused him into memory. When the time came to build a divine kingdom he would examine them step by step.

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Finally, as if a heavy object landed, the entire realm shook. The sky collapsed fully revealing the scenery outside which was a world of gloomy and dull light. Shae’s divine kingdom had finally vanished.

Everything related to the divine realm disappeared. The Spider Queen and Selune were still locked in combat, neither giving an inch to the other.

Her fight with Shae prior to her current battle had taken a lot out of her. And though she had recovered slightly, the Spider Goddess was still a lot for her to handle. If this continued they would likely just exhaust themselves.

No matter how powerful the Spider Goddess was, she was the same as other Gods and had slept for 30,000 years. She wasn’t like the Silver Moon Goddess who remained in the main continent for 30,000 years. If they fought a protracted war now, only the Goddess of Morning and God of War could compete with the Silver Moon Goddess.

Although Rose’s character seemed crazed, she maintained a sliver of reason. After finding that she could not accomplish her goal, she was not willing to continue wasting her precious divine power. With Louie still watching, she knew that she would be defeated if it joined the battle.

The Spider Goddess retreated and distanced herself from the Silver Moon Goddess. She spoke with an evil voice like a dull knife scraping on a chalkboard, “Selune, count yourself lucky this time with a dragon helping you. Do not think that this is the end between us!”

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“You have stayed on the main continent for 30,000 years, but I have the opportunity to instantly become a powerful God again. Do not think that the Gods will stand by and watch you go ahead. Like your sister Shae, you are now an obstacle in the eyes of the Gods. They will never allow the main god of the elves to become the highest seated power in the system.

“Just wait for it. You have banished the drows to the dark regions but they will never forget their hatred. I had almost lost the drows’ faith, but their hatred still remains.!”

“I will regain my faith and lead the drows out of the dark regions and wipe out the elves! Just you wait!”

In a burst of mad laughter, the Spider Goddess returned to her normal form and opened a portal made of divine power behind her. Louie could feel that it led to the main continent, but it was somehow different from the one that he knew. It was a realm without sunlight. A realm shrouded in darkness and dampness. It was the place of exile of the drows - the Dark Realm!

Louie and the Silver Moon Goddess did not stop the Spider Goddess. This was because killing only an incarnation of a goddess was not worth the price paid. There was not much divinity in the incarnation and Louie had already obtained divinity from Shae as well as the divine creatures he killed earlier. He only had a bit of the way to go if he wanted to ignite his divine fire.

And as long as he managed to do so and consolidate his faith, he could become a god anytime.

Now only Louie and Selune remained in the immediate vicinity.

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