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LTBE - Chapter 481.2: Reward and Punishment (2)

Alicia glanced at Roel, whose head was adamantly tilted away, and continued licking him, prepping him up for what was to come.

She knew that it was impossible for Roel to get addicted given his strong willpower—heck, he might just even be able to suppress the rush of euphoria! For that reason, she didn’t hesitate to up the dose, using severalfold the amount of what Juliana told her was permissible.

“Alicia, are you not done yet? To be honest, I’m not that afraid of pain…” Roel asked, sensing an anomaly in Alicia’s action.

“I’m done. I’ll be starting now.”

Alicia did a quick estimation on the dosage before nodding in satisfaction. She opened her mouth and sunk her two adorable fangs into Roel’s nape. When her teeth sunk into his skin, she couldn’t help but wince a little. However, she felt a warm gush flowing into her mouth right after, sending a mysterious sensation right up to her brain.

So this is Lord Brother’s blood?

It was a fragrant taste that was as intoxicating as the finest of wine. The knowledge that this was the blood of her beloved further stoked Alicia’s excitement.

On the other hand, Roel started to feel a peculiar sensation overtaking him. He didn’t feel much about the perforation of his skin—it felt more like an itch rather than being painful—but everything started turning weird afterward.

For some reason, he felt as if a fire had been ignited inside of him, and it was swiftly growing stronger with time. His temperature also started to soar. An inexplicable sense of euphoria started to rise within him, causing his breathing to hasten.

It hardly helped that there was a soft sensation pressing against his chest. He suddenly felt an urge to pull the beautiful woman in front of him into his embrace. At the same time, his mind was slowly turning hazy.

Everything around him suddenly appeared a little blurred and dreamy, as if someone had put a filter on his eyes. As his logical mind started to shut down, his instincts began to take over.

Something seems to be weird here… 

“Alicia, did you do something? Why would I feel…”

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“Trust me, Lord Brother. This is normal.”


“It’s normal to feel euphoria when having your blood sucked. Do you feel good?”


Roel’s eyes widened at the realization that there was another aspect to Alicia’s bloodsucking. He had no idea how he should answer that question.

The corners of Alicia’s lips inched upward. She gently whispered into Roel’s ear.

“Lord Brother, this is your compensation for making me worry for an entire month. Shouldn’t you go along with me? I don’t feel compensated when you don’t even answer my question… Tell me, do you like it?”


“You promised, Lord Brother.”

“… If you ask me whether I like it or not, of course I like it. It’s just that… a little too intense.”

“It’s only right for it to feel intense. This is a feeling that countless races were obsessed with in the ancient era. Truth be told, this sort of thing is only done between lovers within the Bloodline Clan,” Alicia replied as she playfully blew into Roel’s ear.

Roel’s body stiffened.

“You didn’t tell me that beforehand.”

“Does it matter? You have already promised to let me decide how I wish to draw your blood. Besides… Lord Brother, aren’t you feeling good too? Juliana might have the ability to do the same too, but she doesn’t harbor any feelings for you. I’m the only who can make you feel such euphoria,” Alicia said proudly.

She made her second move afterward, not holding back at all this time around. She placed her slender legs clothed in black stockings on Roel’s thighs, completely erasing any distance that previously stood between the two of them.

Roel shuddered at her movements. He could feel the flame blazing inside him running amok. Alarmed, he tried to stop her.

“Alicia, stop messing around and get down. Your compensation stops here.”

“Don’t want to.”


“I don’t want it to end like this. I want more.”


Roel was shocked to hear such bold words coming from Alicia. He turned to look at her, only to see her face completely flushed as if she had just gulped down barrels of wine. He blinked his eyes in surprise.

A moment later, he remembered a comment Juliana had made after tasting his blood.

It tastes like an extremely strong wine. It wouldn’t be good if I drink too much of it.


Surely not. Is she… drunk on my blood?

But it was clear as day that Alicia was acting very differently than she usually would. Roel was astounded. He would have never imagined that his blood could really make a person drunk. However, what wasn’t important right now.

“Lord Brother…”

While his thoughts were wandering, Alicia had already started to kiss his neck and her hands were slowly moving down his waist. Knowing that he couldn’t let things proceed down this direction, Roel bit down hard on his lips and abruptly stood up with Alicia in his arms.

“Wake up, Alicia. You’re drunk.”

“I’m not drunk! You’re the one who is drunk, Lord Brother…”

“No more touching. Your compensation has ended!”

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“What? I don’t want to…”

Alicia looked at her hands, which were firmly held in place by Roel’s arms, and she pouted in dissatisfaction. She began trying to struggle free from his grasp.

On the other hand, Roel felt utterly helpless, not knowing how he could deal with the drunk Alicia.

It was not as if Alicia had never drunk alcohol before, but never had she been this intoxicated. Who could have known that she was the type to go on a drunken rampage?

Roel continued clasping down hard on her hands, not allowing her to move in the least, but he had no idea how he could remedy the situation. Alicia saw that she was unable to struggle free, and in a bout of inspiration, she suddenly started taking off her shoes.

Hm? Is she taking off her shoes because she’s too tired and wants to sleep?

Roel blinked his eyes hopefully, praying for that to be the case. He was being too optimistic.

Plastered on Alicia’s drunk face was what could only be described as a smile of mischief. After taking off her shoes, she didn’t place her legs down on the floor but instead hooked them upward in an attempt to stimulate Roel’s sensitive spot.


Roel’s eyes widened upon realizing Alicia’s intent, and his brain started to heat up. There was no doubt in his mind that Alicia had gone too far this time around. He needed to punish her so that she wouldn’t dare to do this ever again.

So, he lifted her up and brought her over to the bed. He held her down by her waist and started striking her thighs with his palm.

“Ah! L-Lord Brother?”

Perhaps due to the sudden bout of pain, Alicia regained a little of her rationality. With a yelp, she turned to look at Roel in astonishment, but the latter had no intention to hold back at all. He knew the importance of being strict when teaching a child who had gone astray.

He struck her on the thighs ten consecutive times, making her yelp in pain each time around.

“W-wait! Lord Brother, n-no more. I was wrong…”

It was only after hearing her words of repentance that Roel stopped his punishment. Alicia’s tensed body finally relaxed, and she collapsed onto the bed.

To Roel’s astonishment, she didn’t seem angered or indignant by the corporeal punishment. Instead, her eyes looked unfocused, and she was blushing all the way to the tip of her ears.

Roel’s heart skipped a beat. He realized that he might have chosen the wrong form of punishment.

There was a hint of fear and anticipation in Alicia’s eyes when she turned around and looked at Roel.

“… A-are you going to continue?”


For a moment, Roel was confused as to what she was talking about.

That made Alicia blush even further. She bit down on her lips, revealing an expression that looked both pitiful and excited.

“… Are you going to continue the punishment?” she asked.


Roel felt as if he had been struck by a bolt of lightning. The flame that had been burning inside of him all this while suddenly exploded into a fiery inferno. Without any hesitation, he leaped to his feet and dashed to the bathroom.

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