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RSSGSS - Chapter 125 - Hundred Flow City in an Uproar

Jin Hai City, Downtown Area, Lan Family Mansion:

"What?! Nearly all of our experts in Hundred Flow City got annihilated?! Impossible! Hadn't you been moving with World Dominators?! How can nearly all of you get killed?! Also, you all got killed by Zero Wing of all Guilds?!" Lan Hailong, dressed in a collared suit with two female secretaries standing by his side, bellowed as he glared at Luo Tiancheng through the video call. When he heard the news Luo Tiancheng suddenly brought him, he couldn't help but shoot up from his seat, the grape wine in his hand spilling all over the floor.

Zero Wing was nothing but a small Guild established by someone he had dismissed from his Guild. Yet, now, he was being told that this small Guild had eradicated nearly all of his Guild's experts. How could he possibly believe this?

The most ridiculous part about this was that Zero Wing had accomplished this feat with only one player.

"It's true, Chairman Lan!" Luo Tiancheng said with a helpless and bitter smile. "Moreover, it isn't just us who got done in. Guild Leader Gu and his team also got wiped out by that mysterious Swordsman from Zero Wing. According to Guild Leader Gu's analysis, he suspects that person might be a Tier 6 God-ranked expert…"

One attack!

With just one attack, that mysterious Swordsman from Zero Wing had snuffed out the lives of over a thousand players. The attack had happened so quickly and suddenly that Luo Tiancheng didn't even manage to react to it. Before he knew it, the world around him had turned gray, and his connection with his body was forcibly disconnected. The only thing he managed to see was a cloaked figure holding a sword in the distance.

"A God-ranked expert?! Impossible! How can a small Guild have ties with a God-ranked expert?! Also, Gu Yiren is one of World Dominators's top-tier geniuses! Even a God-ranked expert won't have an easy time killing him in the Miniature Ancient World!"

Lan Hailong instinctively refused to believe Luo Tiancheng's words.

Gu Yiren was one of the people World Dominators had tasked with managing its affiliated Guilds in the Miniature Ancient World.

Setting aside the fact that Gu Yiren was a Flowing Water Realm expert, just the fact that he was considered a top-tier genius in World Dominators meant that he would have received some tools that could save him during desperate times.

The various superpowers might not care much about the lives of their normal members, but it was a different story for the lives of their top-tier geniuses. The cost of even a single death was high in the Miniature Ancient World. If the various superpowers wanted to ensure their advantage in the Miniature Ancient World, they would definitely do everything they could to prevent their top-tier geniuses from dying.

As a Super Guild, there was no way World Dominators would supply its top-tier geniuses with lifesaving items.

Meanwhile, just like Lan Hailong surmised, Gu Yiren had indeed received lifesaving items from his Guild. With the items he had, he could easily survive an assassination attempt from even Domain Realm experts.

Unfortunately, Gu Yiren hadn't expected Shi Feng's attack to be so strong and fast. Everything happened so quickly that he had already gotten killed before he even realized what was going on. Naturally, he didn't have time to use his lifesaving items, either.

Otherwise, even if Shi Feng's attack could shatter space, he couldn't have stopped the activation of a Tier 4 Teleportation Scroll.

"I'm telling the truth, Chairman Lan. You can ask Guild Leader Gu about this yourself," Luo Tiancheng said. When he saw Lan Hailong's crazed expression, he could understand what was going through the other party's mind. If he were standing in Lan Hailong's shoes, he wouldn't have been able to accept this situation, either.

In order to capitalize on the Miniature Ancient World's benefits, Shadow had borrowed a lot of Credits to gear its experts with Level 100 Epic Weapons and Equipment. After all, Shadow's experts had achieved significant improvements in their combat standards after receiving World Dominators's training resources. If they combined their improved combat standards with Epic Weapons and Equipment, they could go against even the experts of first-rate Guilds.

Yet, now…

After taking a deep breath, Lan Hailong asked, "How many? How many Epic Weapons and Equipment did we lose?"

"Roughly 500 pieces," Luo Tiancheng answered carefully.

Although Shadow had suffered over a thousand casualties in the fight with Zero Wing, not everyone was geared with Epic Weapons and Equipment. After all, even if Shadow had the money, there weren't that many Level 100 Epic Weapons and Equipment available for sale. At a reasonable price, that is.

Because the various powers were frantically buying up Epic Weapons and Equipment, the average price of these items had also skyrocketed. With Shadow's limited financial strength, it could only equip around half of its experts with Epic Weapons and Equipment. Hence, the loss they suffered wasn't as terrible as one would expect.

However, Lan Hailong nearly fainted when he heard Luo Tiancheng's answer.

The average price of a piece of Level 100 Epic Equipment was 300,000 Credits, while the price of a Level 100 Epic Weapon was 700,000 Credits. If he assumed half of the Epic items lost were weapons, his total loss would reach 250 million Credits…

He had already invested all of the money he had into the Miniature Ancient World. A loss of 250 million was no different than a stab to his heart.

"World Dominators! Is World Dominators not going to do anything about this situation?!" Lan Hailong asked, a glimmer of hope appearing in his heart.

Shadow was one of World Dominators's affiliated Guilds, and its experts had suffered annihilation while carrying out a mission for World Dominators. By reason, World Dominators should avenge Shadow. If that happened, there was a high chance that Shadow could recover the weapons and equipment it lost.

Even if they couldn't recover those items, so long as World Dominators offered to help Shadow in Hundred Flow City, Shadow would still have a chance to return to the Miniature Ancient World's frontlines in the future.

However, as soon as Lan Hailong finished asking his question, a voice came from beside Luo Tiancheng:

"That's unlikely to happen. Mysterious Moon has already annihilated all three of World Dominators's legions that are stationed in Hundred Flow City…"

"World Dominators lost? You're saying World Dominators, a Super Guild, lost?"

Lan Hailong was dumbfounded as he looked at Rampant Blade, who had appeared in the video call.

At this time, let alone Lan Hailong, even Luo Tiancheng couldn't help but be dumbfounded by the news Rampant Blade shared.

It was already unbelievable that Zero Wing had a Tier 6 God-ranked expert helping it.

However, a first-rate Guild defeating a Super Guild was even more unbelievable. Even if it were only three of a Super Guild's legions, this matter still sounded like fantasy!

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At the same time, news of World Dominators's defeat also quickly spread throughout the entire Hundred Flow City.

"This is crazy! This world must be going crazy!"

"I didn't think Mysterious Moon had hidden its strength so well. I can't believe even World Dominators is no match for Mysterious Moon."

"Sure enough! Times are changing in God's Domain!"

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When the various powers and players learned of this shocking piece of news, some felt admiration toward Mysterious Moon, while some felt that World Dominators had weakened. Most importantly, everyone had come to realize one thing—Super Guilds were no longer unbeatable existences!

Because of this situation, many powers that had been accumulating their strength in secret had begun growing restless, and all of them were thinking of challenging the various superpowers' authority!

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
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-Thanks to Heian Cat for pointing this out.

SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
-Thanks to Walter for pointing this point.

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