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ITDO - Chapter 222 - Revelation

“Rose, why is a traitor like you here?!”

The Silver Moon Goddess’ expression instantly changed when she saw the spider woman. Her cold and unparallelled beautiful face changed to one of anger. It was an even stronger reaction than when she was facing the Goddess of the Night.

“Traitor? No, you are the one who lied about dying. But this is really good. Now I can kill you myself.”

The Spider Goddess with black hair and gray skin let out a whistling sound of surprise. The atmosphere of decay and corrosion that surrounded her became thicker and thicker. This Goddess that had just appeared seemed to also have the characteristics of the divine authority of darkness. When her darkness united with Shae’s, they surprisingly looked complementary to each other.

After the Spider Goddess appeared. Shae seemed to have become a bystander. Her charming eyes watched the Spider Goddess and the Silver Moon Goddess. Her pupils were dark and sinister, desiring the Spider Goddess and the Silver Moon Goddess to take out each other.

Louie inwardly cursed the moment he saw the beautiful woman with spider characteristics.

There were few to no records of the events that happened during the Era of Disaster. However, there were many records of events that happened before that era that had been preserved.

Although the Gods had been asleep and did not show their miracles for more than 30,000 years, any records obtained from those eras were like myths and stories. In order to understand the Gods, Louie studied those documents and canonical texts.

Among them, the love-hate relationship between the Spider Goddess and the Silver Moon Goddess was a very straightforward and interesting story.

In order to explain the emotional entanglement between the Spider Goddess and the Silver Moon Goddess, one had to start from the Goddess of Night, Shae, and the Goddess of Light, Selune’s rivalry. The Goddess of Light was the previous form of the Silver Moon Goddess. At that time, she was the one who mastered the divine authority of Light. She and Shae were named as two of the world’s strongest Gods. When faith had not yet existed, these two were natural Gods created by the Crystal Wall System.

Because their divine authorities and concepts were opposites, the twin goddesses warred with each other. In the beginning, they were both evenly matched. The war continued for an unknown amount of time until the rules of the world changed. The Gods lost their original power and required faith to survive. It was this shift that allowed Shae to seize the opportunity to put down the Goddess of Light in one fell swoop.

This caused the Goddess of Light to lose her divine authority of light, but she did not immediately become the Silver Moon Goddess. At that time, there was a powerful God of Nature among the ancient Gods. For some unknown reason, he had chosen to sacrifice himself and give all his divine authority of nature to her.

At that time, the Spider Queen Goddess Rose was still the Goddess of Fate of the elves. She was someone who possessed high-tier divine power and became the companion of the Silver Moon Goddess.

The two were thus coupled. The Silver Moon Goddess was essentially female, but it was not difficult for the Gods to change their gender. At that time, the Silver Moon Goddess became the main god of the elves and obtained the divine authority of nature, turning her into a male god. To a certain extent, she could have been called a fraud.

After that, a series of events happened which led to the relationship between the Goddess of Destiny and the Silver Moon Goddess deteriorating. Eventually, the Goddess of Fate chose betrayal and joined forces with a group of evil gods to invade the Kingdom of the Elves. She herself had fallen into depravity and changed from the Goddess of Fate into the form of a spider. The elves who believed her had also degraded and turned into drows who were banished to the dark regions.

Louie would never believe it if someone told him that the Goddess of the Night did not push the Spider Goddess to betray. In the end, the former God of Nature had disappeared and the main god of the elves became the Goddess of the Silver Moon. From a god with high-tier divine power, she had become one with mid-tier divine power. The Goddess of the Night had once again won.

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After that, the Goddess of the Night continued to play tricks that weakened the Silver Moon Goddess further to become a god with low-tier divine power. At this point, the Silver Moon Goddess who could be killed cleverly chose to find other powerful Gods to shelter her, thus escaping the fate of being killed by Shae.

Afterward, the descent of the Era of Disaster had given the nearly desperate Silver Moon Goddess another chance to live so that she could once again restore her original powers.

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The Spider Goddess and the Night Goddess who were both here at the moment could both be called her mortal enemies. If the Night Goddess was considered as a rational enemy, then the hatred between the Silver Moon Goddess and the Spider Goddess had reached a paranoid level.

At this time, Louie felt a headache and wondered if choosing to help the Silver Moon Goddess was the right decision or not. Her enemies were simply too many. The most troublesome among them was the Goddess of the Night. This enemy was simply like gangrene that had followed since birth till now.

“Rose, why are you helping Shae!”

The Silver Moon Goddess was shocked and angrily shouted.

“Because I have the same Goal as the lady of the Night, and that is to kill you! What’s wrong with our cooperation?”

The Spider Queen’s eyes burned with hatred for Selunes.

Although Rose had transformed into a spider, she remained beautiful in Louie’s eyes. Her human and arachnid features blended together to form an exotic and captivating appearance, especially for one with a dragon’s sensibilities.

“As long as I can kill you, I don’t care who I work with. It’s great that your true form is here. When I kill you, I will send an army of drows to attack the Forest of the Moon and kill all the elves!”

The spider legs behind Rose began to shake. Any sane mortal who looked at them would probably quickly go man.

“Shae is now the common enemy of the gods. It was with her cooperation that the invaders were able to cause the Era of Disaster. When the gods all return, they will never let her go. I don’t think you also want to be the enemy of the gods.”

The Silver Moon Goddess’ words stunned Louie and the ocean demigod. They never expected such a secret backstory about the Era of Disaster. They never expected that the Goddess of the Night cooperated with the invaders to let them in and attack the Crystal Wall System!

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