Chapter 221 - Spider Goddess Rose
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 221 - Spider Goddess Rose

“Lady, things have taken an unexpected turn. If you have no other means, please don’t blame me for leaving here. I am not prepared to take on two powerful demigods.”

The mysterious demigod of the ocean stood next to the Goddess of Night and spoke sharply.

No demigod was foolish. And as it became increasingly clear that an unfavorable gap existed between the two sister Goddesses, and between her and Louie, she felt little compulsion to continue the battle.

She had already been beaten back to the point of retreat. The aura of the Goddess of the Night was also getting weaker and weaker. The divine power in her incarnation was close to being used up. If the Goddess was killed here, then only an incarnation would die, but if the ocean demigod was negligent, she might really fall.

This was the difference between true gods and demigods. One allowed defeat, while the other one didn’t.

“Even without the divinity of the Silver Moon Goddess, I have a great guarantee that I could become a god, but I will still need to accumulate divinity diligently. That would be better than risking my life here. If you have no better plants, then please forgive my choice.”

The ocean demigod’s tone gradually became harsher to the point that she was already threatening the Goddess of Night.

She looked at Shae as if she would choose to betray her if she could not provide a satisfactory answer.

In the beginning, the ocean demigod was being very respectful to the Shae, but her attitude became worse and worse as the situation changed. Those that could become demigods were very sensible people. The ocean demigod had probably found out from the battle between the Goddesses that the Goddess of the Night was not powerful. She did not have to please her at all.

The Night Goddess was indeed the weakest of the four people present at the moment.

“Your Highness, it seems the other side is having an internal strife.”

Louie stretched his body. If the Goddess of the Night still had any cards to play, he had to prepare countermeasures for any situation.

“It seems their rel

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