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ZY - Chapter 480- Battle for beliefs

 "Nonsense! I am ready to bleed, I am filled with courage!" The cavalry was furious.

    In the end, the NPC laughed coldly, "Won't send you off!"


    I walked forwards and talked to it and I chose to register.

    "Ding", the system notified me that I had signed up and told me to wait at noon. At that moment, more and more players came over and talked to the NPC. Some were happy while some were annoyed.

    "Tsk, this event is a blessing for us! If we get one of the hidden jobs, we would be overpowered!"

    "What is the use, the demands are too high. Level 105, combat strength over 20 thousand and must be above Master how many in Winter Sun City can meet this?"

    "Right, they can just not release this. Such high demands who are they looking down on?"

    "So many noobs, you know you are a noob and still want a hidden job. Just look at yourself tsk! I look down on you noobs the most!"

    Everyone was about to fight. I was speechless. I looked at my stats and then looked at White Bird. Unknowingly, White Bird was at grade 5 99% experience. Does this mean that she would be about to level up? The event was tomorrow so if White Bird leveled she would be able to help me get much stronger!


    Thus I came to Hercules Beetle Forest and got far from With You's team. I ran to the north to kill monsters.

    I overestimated White Bird's leveling difficulty. After an afternoon, it was still stuck at 99%!

    After dinner, I continued.

    Just like that, when I reached 10pm, the moment I sliced a Snow Sika Deer, a golden light shone on White Bird. Leveled, grade six!

    At that moment, White Bird's chest exploded and swallowed her body. Shortly after, my world felt like it was being ripped apart. The scenes changed and I saw a chaotic light. Then I heard mechanical sounds all around.

Ruins floated in the universe.


    In the blown-up machine parts, a screw broke apart. Shortly after, a very small figure appeared. She held a broken sharp sword and her body was covered in a blue armor. Her beautiful face was covered in blood and there was a shocking injury on her chest that pierced her body.


    She scoffed and spread her arms. Her eyes were filled with loss and emptiness, "Did everyone die? I..."

    "Weng weng weng~~"

    In the distance, a red light grew larger and larger like a sun swallowing everything. It swallowed everything including her.



    I was back to the original spot and White Bird was right in front of me bathing in golden light. Her chest injury was healing at a visible speed and her sword started to buzz. Blue light spread outwards and a metallic glow shone. It was repairing itself and in less than half a minute, that broken sword was fully repaired. The pattern on the sword was very exquisite and shone a blue glow like a sword that came from the depths of the ocean.


    System notification: Congratulations, your White Bird has reached Grade Six, as her strength has broken through, Attack+250%, Defence+300%, Health+400%, recovery +500%, lifesteal +10%, comprehended skills Absolute Speed, Star Slash, Star Armor


    Absolute Speed, a passive that greatly increased speed

    Star Slash, slashing apart stars with one sword, a super large area AOE attack

    Star Armor, like its name was to summon a star to protect herself. White Bird now had strong protection ability. Star Armor could reduce damage, lifesteal+10% also greatly increased her strength and she was above Orange Night.


    But in my eyes, although she was really beautiful but she just stood there. Her arm trembled and a layer of water appeared in her eyes.

    "What happened White Bird?"

    I looked at her eyes and asked, "Why are you crying?"

    "I... I saw..."

    She looked at me and actually teared up, "I saw my past... I am not a person, I am just... A manmade thing, I..."

    "No worries."

    I frowned and said gently, "Didn't we know that from the start? No matter what you are, I won't abandon you."


    She teared and said, "I am man made, I..."

    "It is okay..."

    I hugged her shoulders and said, "Man made or human, I won't look down on you. Look, aren't I a monster to many?"

    "Real... Really?"

    She looked at me and said, "Then... We are just two monsters right?"

    "Right, no matter what others say, is it important? No."


    As she nodded, her hand started to tremble. White Bird raised the sword in front of her and her expression turned solemn. She looked at her own weapon, "You have finally awakened!"

    In the next moment, the system notified me to name her weapon!

    I actually had to name the blade?

    I was speechless but the naming interface was right in front of me. I looked at White Bird and said, "White Bird... Since you recovered some of your memory so I will help you name your weapon?"


    White Bird nodded, "Lu Li you are my Master you have the rights to name."


    I typed in the name Eimi Fukada, the four words appeared at the handle of the sword body and it gave a bit of gentle nature to the killing aura it gave off.

    "Eimi Fukada..."

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    White Bird looked at me, "What does it mean? Is it a person?"


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    I nodded, "She is someone like you, she is beautiful and gentle."


    White Bird licked her lips, "Why does she fight?"

    "Maybe faith..."

    "Then me in the future..."

    White Bird raised the sword in front of her and said, "I will fight for my faith just like her!"

    "Let's hope you won't want to kill me in the future..."

    I said.


    White Bird looked at me and didn't know what I was saying.


    A beep came from Ah Fei, "What!? You know."

    "Okay, I ask them."


    I said in the With You chat, "Ah Fei wants to treat supper?"


    Lin Xi smiled, "What, didn't he treat us before?"


    Shen Mingxuan said, "Even if he is rich, he should save some right?"

    Gu Ruyi said, "We are growing fat..."

    "Oh, I understand!"

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "This Scum Fei is so cunning, he wants the three of us to grow fat and then Lu Li will abandon us. Then he will return to Scum Fei's side. Is that his plan?"

    Lin Xi was shocked, "Lu Li if we grow fat, you will leave With You?"

    "Why would you think that?"

    I stared, "Don't worry, even if you get fat, you will be the most beautiful fatty!"

    "Pui! Disgusting!" Shen Mingxuan said.

    I grinned, "Stop the nonsense, eat or not. Or what do you wall want to eat?"

    Shen Mingxuan's attitude changed, "I want to eat Pot Chicken~~~"

    "You aren't afraid of being fat..."

    I was speechless, "Okay then go offline. Eat and then get home early."



    Late at night, the Pot Chicken Store at Yuexi Street.

    Five people surrounded a stove and Ah Fei smiled, "The legacy fight tomorrow, will the four of you join?'


    "Good luck!"

    Ah Fei smiled, "With You only has Ah Li and Lin Xi as hidden jobs, if Shen Mingxuan and Ruyi can get it, it would be perfect."

    "Let's hope so."

    Gu Ruyi smiled, "I don't know what the event is like, we will know when we enter."


    Lin Xi looked at me, "Lu Li we both have hidden jobs so when the time comes let's leave the chance to Ruyi and Mingxuan."

    "okay I will try my best."


    Honestly, the event was Black Castle+Winter Sun City. Winter Sun City was one of the most popular of the four secondary cities. Just the top experts alone there were four of them. This event was to choose three, that was too tough!

    But once the chicken was cooked, everything seemed to have become simpler. Eat first!

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