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ITDO - Chapter 213 - The Goddess of Night and the Goddess of Silver Moon

Along with this mysterious yet enchanting ancient voice, Louie could sense that the Elf Queen beside him had stiffened.

Although she immediately relaxed, her movements could not escape his senses.

Of course compared to this, the meaning behind the words of the Goddess of Night interested Louie more.

Not meeting for thirty thousand years and calling her ‘sister’. These two phrases alone exposed the identity of the queen.

In the myths, the Goddess of Night was born with a twin that symbolized the light. In the subsequent years, that sister lost her divine authority and gained that of the moon in its place. She created the elves and became their goddess - the Silver Moon Goddess - Selune.

Louie thought back to Sisna. Her full name was Sisna Susiril. In the ancient elven language, Susiril was another name for Selune. By bestowing this surname to Sisna, Louie thought that this was only done for reasons of honor and glory. After all, a God’s name could not be used directly.

But now, it seemed like things were not as complicated as they seemed. The Silver Moon Goddess simply used her name as Sisna’s surname.

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Although he had guessed her identity, Louie still could not believe it. How was the Silver Moon Goddess different from other Gods? How could she be active while the other Gods were asleep? And what was she actually doing for the past 30,000 years?

If the Goddess could do this, why couldn’t the other Gods? Or was it that the other Gods could do it, but they were not willing to do so?

Many questions popped up in Louie's head. He could only hope that after safely leaving the Goddess of Night’s divine kingdom, the Silver Moon Goddess would explain everything to him. He would also try to learn more about the situation while listening to the two Goddess’ conversation.

Louie watched with cold eyes, trying to recall everything he knew about the two Goddesses.

Unlike most Gods who were born from mortal bodies, these two Goddesses existed at the birth of the world. In terms of Eastern Fantasy, they were primordial Gods and Goddesses that had the power to bend the rules of the world, but in the end, they became similar to Western Gods and Goddesses that required the faith of the believers to maintain their power.

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In the myths, the Goddess of Night and the Goddess of Silver Moon were born at the same time, making them twins. Selune was the older and Shae was the younger, the former in charge of light and the latter in charge of darkness.

The Goddess of Light and the Goddess of Darkness - from their divine authorities they were born as oppositions. Even if they were sisters, kinship was meaningless to the Gods. Even if it meant something, they wouldn’t be able to go against their divine authorities.

Thus when the two were born, their battles never ended. It could be said that they had fought since the birth of the world till now. Although the battles between the two had been erased by history and forgotten even by the most ancient of Gods, the result of their fight was clear - Shae won and Selune lost.

Because Selune’s divine authority had changed from light to moon, her state had degraded. On the other hand, the Goddess of Night had never lost since the birth of the world. She never lost any piece of the divine authority of darkness. Even after the Era of Darkness, she still remained as the Goddess of Darkness!

“Why have you appeared here, Shae!?”

Carandia, or to be more accurate, the Silver Moon Goddess, Selune let out a shocked voice filled with suspicion. It was as if Shae’s appearance here was completely out of her expectations.

“Are you trying to pry the secrets from the lady who symbolizes secrets? How foolish, Selune!”

That unusually thick yet sweet voice ‘giggled’ loudly. The taste of mockery was so strong that it seemed tangible.

Louie tried to recall information on the Goddess of Night. She was an ancient and powerful Goddess with many unusual titles such as Lady of the Night, Lady of the Unseen, Lost Maiden, and so on and so forth. In the long-gone era, there have been countless people praising her with all kinds of names.

“Although the Gods have awakened, most of them should only be able to look into the world and convey their will, but none should have been able to descend.”

The Silver Moon Goddess murmured as if she was explaining things to Louie.

“Instead of choosing to sleep, you mustered up your so-called ‘courage’ to stay in the main continent. I thought you would have fallen without a trace, but I didn’t expect you to survive all these 30,000 years and appear in front of me again.”

The indistinct and distant, yet extremely enchanting voice echoed with contempt as it mocked the Silver Moon Goddess.

“My sister, I have been waiting for a long time. A thousand years ago, a little dragon came here. I let her know of my existence and thought that she would expose this information to the world and pull you in. I didn’t expect her to remain calm and keep the information all this time. Only after a thousand years was I able to feel your presence in the Shadow Realm.”

The voice of the Goddess of Darkness was so close yet so far that Louie began to wonder if she was inside the tower in front or in the path of darkness behind them.

At the same time, Louie became thousands of times more alert. ‘Attract’ was not a word with a good meaning. This meant that the Goddess of Night had set everything up to lure the Silver Moon Goddess. She definitely had a card to play against the Silver Moon Goddess. Selune’s expression of surprise had also let Louie understand that the situation was already a bit out of their control.

He tried to reduce his presence as much as possible and prepared to escape if things went awry. The danger should decrease once he was out of the divine kingdom.

Unfortunately, even if Louie wanted to reduce his presence, the Goddess of Night didn’t let him go.

“Selune, is this the helper that you brought into my kingdom? It’s just a small dragon. I didn’t think that after thirty thousand years, your eyesight would become so bad. You actually dared to hang out with such a lowly species like a dragon? What a disappointment.”

Faced with ridicule and mockery of the Goddess of Night, a normal dragon would have been enraged and charged towards the Goddess. However, Louie would not make such a stupid mistake. Although he was angry, he kept his calm and thought of finding an opportunity to give this Goddess a hard hit.

As for the Goddess calling him a small dragon, Louie did not mind it. Even if he was truly thirty thousand years old, he would still be young in front of these two goddesses.

‘Although my age is small, there is a place where I am big!’

Louie thought with ill intent.

The Silver Moon Goddess also did not like hearing the Goddess of Night’s disgusting words. With a solemn and cold voice, she said, “Shae, I dare you to show me why you’re so calm! I’ll let you know that you are now no longer a true God!”

After her words, the Silver Moon Goddess once again raised her magic staff!

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