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ITDO - Chapter 212 - The Goddess of the Night Appears

Though he had his speculations, he did not have any evidence to substantiate them. And since the other party said nothing, he pretended not to know. Regardless of her identity, there were substantial benefits to be had from going along with her.

For example, the divinity in front of him!

“Then I won’t reject Your Majesty’s help.”

Louie smiled gently as he gazed at the Goddess of Night’s divinity. He felt that he was robbing the warehouse of the Goddess and taking from her whatever he needed.

The will of the Goddess was thin inside. Perhaps this was still an unbridgeable distance for mortals, but Louie, who had strong divine power and godhood, was able to easily destroy the will with his own will.

As the divinity was absorbed, Louie’s divinity grew by a bit. He licked his mouth with a sense of satisfaction. Suddenly, he looked eagerly at the divine kingdom.

Now that the divine kingdom’s size had gotten smaller after being taken over mostly by the Shadow Realm, Louie could tour the entire kingdom and see everything.

DIvinity was something that could only be cultivated by the gods, making it extremely difficult to find in the world of San Soliel. Now that every creature in the Goddess of Night’s fallen divine kingdom seemed to be a divine creature, it would be a waste for Louie to give up on killing them. When the Gods returned, it would almost be impossible for Louie to have another chance like this.

“Lord Louie, are you intending to…”

Noticing Louie’s expression, the queen also guessed his thought. She smiled and asked.

“There are so many divine creatures in the Goddess’ divine kingdom. If Your Majesty isn’t in a hurry, I wonder if you can wait for me first so that I can sweep this place clean of them?”

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Louie also did not hide anything and bluntly stated his goal.

He needed to kill as many divine creatures as possible and gain enough divinity.

If he guessed the identity of the queen correctly, she would most likely agree to his request. Although killing these divine creatures would take away the divinity of the Goddess of Night, she wouldn’t suffer any losses, but she would definitely feel uncomfortable. As long as the Goddess of Night could feel uncomfortable, the ‘Silver Moon’ would definitely do it.

As expected, the queen did not hesitate at all and nodded her head, “Since you need divinity, this is indeed a good place to gain some. However, you shouldn’t hope for too much. Thirty thousand years have passed. How many divine creatures are left in this fallen divine kingdom is anyone’s guess. I think there won’t be too many since most of them should have died when the divine kingdom fell.”

“However, if you really need a lot of divinity, I can introduce you to a better place. I will tell you the coordinates after this exploration is over.”

The queen said sincerely. She did not hide anything and spoke in a somewhat straightforward manner.

‘Split the danger of this divine kingdom with her and provide sufficient compensation afterward,’ Louie thought.

Since the queen had the courage to come to the Goddess’ divine kingdom, it meant that the danger was not as great as he imagined. Otherwise, the queen would not come here with the way she acted for the past thousands of years.

“Okay. That’s a fair deal.”

Louie nodded his head in agreement.

It seemed that the queen would pay a certain amount of divinity to make Louie explore the divine kingdom with her. From this point of view, Louie was the one who had gained, but because divinity was useless to the queen, she exchanged something useless for Louie’s help, making it fair in terms of trade.

In the following days, Louie, with the company of the Elf Queen, circled the entire divine kingdom. In this ruined divine kingdom, there were no other lifeforms other than a few divine creatures. It was so barren that almost no living creature, not even plants, could be found.

The divine creatures might be unbeatable in the eyes of mortals, but in front of two demigods, they were easily eliminated and had their divinity taken away.

Since the foundations for the Dragon God church has been established in Dragon City, Louie’s divine power was able to slowly recover. Now, the more divine creatures he hunted, the stronger his divinity was, which allowed him to accelerate the process of converting faith into divine power. Louie’s divine power did not drop anymore and even had a slight increase after coming to the divine kingdom.

On the other hand, the Elf Queen's divine power seemed to be endless. No matter how much she used, it never seemed to change anything for her. Although her strongest attacks were only at the demigod level, her divine power’s recovery speed was almost similar to the Gods.

In the Goddess of Night’s divine kingdom, there was no such thing as daylight. So even Louie did now know how long they have been exploring the divine kingdom. They only stopped exploring when they were no longer able to find any divine creatures.

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In this hunt, Louie had gained around 20 fragments of divinity. Although the qualities were not enough for him to become a God, Louie could now ignite the divine fire at any time and become a real demigod. This way, he would not need the godhood to pretend to be a demigod anymore.

As long as he became a real demigod, Louie could become immune to a vast majority of spells. Only spells that contain divine power would be able to hurt Louie.

‘Unfortunately, this place isn’t suitable for igniting the divine fire, and I cannot let the queen notice that I am just igniting it. Otherwise, she might doubt where my divine power came from.’

After making up his mind, he decided to ignite the divine fire after returning to Dragon City. Louie calmly said to the Elf Queen, “Your Majesty, There are no more divine creatures to be found and I have also obtained enough divinity. Let me fulfill my agreement with you to explore the core of the divine kingdom.”

Louie looked at the black tower in the distance, which was visible from anywhere in the divine kingdom. It was as if it was in front of his eyes.

The queen smiled sweetly and spoke with a warm spring-like voice, “Please prepare yourself for what is to come. Even I can’t predict what will happen in Shae’s throneroom.”

Saying so, the two of them looked at each other and took a few steps forward, in an instant, they directly crossed space and reached the tall tower.

After traveling around the divine kingdom, Louie and the queen figured out more about it. The most important thing was finding out that all restrictions on abilities had been lifted. There were no dangers in using teleportation or flight within it.

When the two reached the entrance of the tower, a mysterious and ethereal yet beautiful voice sounded, “What’s in the throne of the Goddess of Night’s divine throne you might ask? Naturally, it is the Goddess of Night.”

With the appearance of the voice that seemed to be close yet far away, Louie and the Elf Queen’s expressions changed.

“Goddess of Night?”


One was doubtful while the other was affirmative. One was addressing the God by their honorary name while the other called out the true name of the God. Regardless, they both referred to one and the same person.

“We have not seen each other for 30,000 years, and you have not fallen. This is good news that makes me leap for joy, my dear sister.”

Neither tone nor emotion could be heard from that voice. It seemed to be teasing, to be indignant, and to be happy all at once.

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