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ITDO - Chapter 204 - May the Dragon God be with you all!

A unicorn pulled the carriage quickly through the wilderness. As they approached a wide river, Louie spoke, “My scouts have reported that there are many monsters and foreign races downstream. There is also a group of pirates hiding there. When Dragon City is sufficiently developed, I will create a river port that will go straight to the southern shores. If I could open a path from Dragon City to the southern sea, it would have a huge effect on the economic development of the territory. I have even thought of a good name to give the harbor.”

The queen asked, “What is it?”

“Heh, let’s call it Dragon harbor.”

Hearing Louie’s answer, the elf queen almost laughed out loud, but she hurriedly calmed herself. In a calm voice, she said, “Your naming is really simple. If there’s a city you would name it Dragon City. If there’s a river, you would call it Dragon River. And if there’s a harbor, you would name it Dragon Harbor.”

“This can’t be helped. I am not that good at naming, but I think this name isn’t bad. At the very least, people would associate it with me when they hear it.”

Louie looked a little embarrassed but he still spoke cheekily.

The two people continued talking until the carriage reached the city. Because their identity would be exposed, Louie and the elf queen did not continue in the carriage, but on foot. With the use of magic, they changed their appearances. In the eyes of mortals, the two of them would look ordinary and no one would recognize them as demigods.

“Is there a festival in the city today? Why are so many commoners out on the streets?”

The queen looked at the mass of people that moved towards the center of the city and asked.

“You will find out.”

Under the queen’s interest, they opened a path with their divine might and easily arrived at the square and occupied a seat.

At the center of the square were officials of Dragon City busying themselves. There were many simple dressed civilians gathered together. Just like the queen, their eyes were filled with curiosity, and did not know what kind of proclamation the city lord was going to declare.

Louie had issued many decrees in the past. In the beginning, the people were half-hearted and suspicious. In the end, they found that those who followed his decrees obtained great benefits.

As a result of this, their trust in their lord grew. As long as the lord’s orders were followed, they would get benefits, this allowed Louie to issue his orders easily.

And all of the city lord’s decrees had the same scene. They would be announced by the officials in the central square so that the people could spread it in all corners of the city. The gradually trained soldiers acted as the final guarantee that the decree would be implemented.

Among the crowd of onlookers, there were not only residents of Dragon City, but also merchants and adventurers from other countries.

“My people!”

A young man wearing the uniform of the officials in Dragon City walked up the stage and opened up a magic scroll. It had the effect of amplifying his voice.

“Our great Lord Galakrond has issued a new decree. Please maintain silence.”

With this announcement, the chaotic square fell into a deep silence. Everyone was full of expectations at the decree.

Those free-spirited adventurers were in disarray at the beginning, but as the surroundings became quieter and quieter, the human herd mentality came into play. In this bizarre atmosphere, they could only shut up, afraid that they might become a target of scorn.

When there was almost no noise left, the government staff nodded in satisfaction and shouted, “The lord is concerned with the livelihood of the people. Our city lacks salt and doesn’t produce it. Therefore, those greedy merchants from other countries began to sell poor-quality salt at exorbitant prices.”

“Salt is a necessity in all living beings. Humans, elves, and beastmen alike need it. Many foods also need salt to prolong their shelf life. Yet, those greedy merchants ignored the plight of the people and played with their lives for their own benefit. As a result, we would have to spend every penny we earn on salt, which is absolutely not allowed by the lord!”

“To solve the livelihood problems of the citizens, and to punish those rampant salt merchants, from today onwards, the government will begin selling salt. The residents of Dragon City can use their identity cards and salt tickets to buy salt at low prices to meet your necessities. As for non-residents of Dragon City, we are very sorry, but you would need to buy it at a market price.”

In order to make the people believe his words, the government official waved his hand. In an instant, ten soldiers came forward each carrying sacks that had been part of the piled stacks behind the official. They cut the sacks open one by one. The countless people who were gazing at the scene were dumbfounded. As the sacks opened, pure shite salt poured out from the sacks.

In an instant, the crowd was stirred up. If no soldiers were guarding, some people might have been bold enough to go and grab some.

“Praise the Dragon. Is that all salt?”

“What a pure white color. It’s completely different from the yellowish black trash that we eat.”

“I heard that the salt that nobles and royalty eat are white, but this salt is too white.”

Praise the Dragon! Can this really be bought at a low price?”

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“When has the lord ever cheated us? Look at the white bread. How dare you not believe in the lord’s decree? Do you want to die? Believe it or not, I will report you.”

“Oh, mighty dragon! This salt has been wasted and spilled all over the square!”

“Isn’t it just a little dirty? I would still lick it if it's just a little dirty.”


When people came to their senses, the official once again raised his hand, causing everyone to quiet down. He coughed once and once again shouted, “You must believe in the lord. The mighty dragon will guide you to live a more prosperous life!”

You have to remember to be thankful. For the progress of Dragon City, for the prosperity of the lord, contribute yourself by working hard!”

“Before meals, and after meals, do not forget to pray. Once the new church is built, go regularly to pray!”

“You have to go with a devout heart and give thanks to the life you have now. Look at the world outside of Dragon City and think about your past lives, those outsiders are still eating black bread and worry about their next meal in hunger.”

“They are still being exploited by the greedy salt merchants. Those people couldn't even be called humans, but beasts!”

“You must defend the life you have now with your faith and with your strength. Be proud that you are inhabitants of Dragon City!”

“Give your life to the lord and offer your faith.”

The more the official spoke, the more impassioned he became. He thought about what lord Clooney had taught him and shouted with an intoned voice.

“Long live the lord!”

“Long live Lord Galakrond!”

“Long live Dragon City!”


The crowd cheered fiercely. Their voices were like a tsunami that swept the entire Dragon City. Their deafening chants even reached the Adventurers’ Guild branch.

When the crowd had finished venting their excitement, the official solemnly posed and uttered these final words.

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“May the Dragon God be with you all!”

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