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RSSGSS - Chapter 101 - Hidden Class Magic Dragon Swordsman

TL Notes:


Please go back and read Chapter 100.

I mistakenly separated the chapters and moved some of Chapter 100's content to Chapter 101.

I have already added the missing parts back to Chapter 100.

"Leili came in second?"

"Who's the person in first place?"

"Did something go wrong with the system? How could there be a freshman stronger than Leili?"

The Secret Pavilion's members were stunned when they saw the results displayed on the scoreboard. None of them could believe this was true.

This was Leili they were talking about!

Leili was the Secret Pavilion's most talented recruit this year, and she was a little monster whom Empress Purple Jade had taken the initiative to recruit as an apprentice. Yet, now, Leili had only come in second place.

Wu Lingling? How is this possible?! When Liu Xuanyi exited his gaming cabin and looked at the scoreboard, he couldn't help but doubt his eyes. Didn't they say that she was only at the fifth-floor middle-stage standard during her enrollment?!

At this time, Liu Xuanyi wasn't the only one with questions regarding Wu Lingling's performance. The various Academies' instructors and students were similarly shocked and confused by this outcome.

"Didn't they say that she only reached the fifth floor's middle stage during her enrollment test? Could there be a mistake in the information?"

"A monster! She's truly a monster!"

"She managed to reach the seventh floor's late stage at just 16! Moreover, she did it without the help of any superpower or powerful instructor! What kind of luck does Jin Hai Academy have?!"

Originally, everyone was already plenty shocked by the performance of the Secret Pavilion's recruits. However, Wu Lingling's performance brought their shock to unprecedented levels.

It was understandable for the Secret Pavilion's recruits to be amazing since they had access to resources outside the reach of most people.

However, what about Wu Lingling?

Not only was she a freshman in an ordinary God's Domain Academy, but she didn't even have a decent instructor. Yet, she had still managed to reach the Trial Tower's seventh-floor late-stage at the young age of 16. The degree of her talent could no longer be described with words alone. Even the various God-ranked experts in God's Domain were unlikely to be a match for Wu Lingling during their younger days.

If Wu Lingling could gain access to excellent resources, there was no doubt that she would become a bigshot in God's Domain in the future. She might even rank highly among Tier 6 God-ranked experts.

At this time, it wasn't just the people from the other Academies that were stunned. Even those from Jin Hai Academy couldn't believe their eyes when they looked at the scoreboard. They also couldn't help but grow ecstatic over this situation.

Originally, they thought it'd be amazing if Wu Lingling could get within the top twenty of the overall rankings. After all, the resources Wu Lingling had access to were vastly inferior to the geniuses from Advanced Academies.

Yet, now, Wu Lingling had secured first place in the freshman competition, instantly becoming an existence that even the Secret Pavilion had to take seriously. Once news of Wu Lingling's performance got out, it probably wouldn't be long before Jin Hai Academy's name reached the various first-rate Guilds and superpowers of God's Domain.

Meanwhile, once Jin Hai Academy became famous, the various superpowers most likely start to send instructors to join the Academy. They might even invest capital into the Academy.

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Impossible! I must be dreaming! Hasn't it only been a few days?! How did she become so strong already?! Gu Tong's eyes were filled with confusion as he watched Wu Lingling climbing out of her gaming cabin.

He might not have thought much about it if he hadn't known about Wu Lingling's standards when she first enrolled in the Academy. However, he had always treated Wu Lingling as his rival, so he had a very clear understanding of Wu Lingling's situation.

During the Academy's freshman tournament, he was certain that the gap between him and Wu Lingling wasn't significant. He had only lost to her because his footwork was inferior.

Yet, now?

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The difference between them was like heaven and earth!

This situation simply didn't make sense!

It should be known that in the process of climbing to the Trial Tower's sixth floor, not only did he have to undergo intensive training from his cousin Gu Yiren, but he had come across a fortuitous opportunity shortly after the freshman tournament ended. Yet, despite having made such significant improvements, not only did the gap between him and Wu Lingling not shrink, but it had grown even wider instead…

However, unlike Gu Tong and most people in the underground training field, Qi Lianshan and Chen Ziyou did not focus their attention on Wu Lingling after learning her result. Instead, they turned toward Shi Feng.

This was because they understood that, contrary to what everyone believed, Wu Lingling didn't achieve her current performance simply because she possessed incredible talent. Instead, a large part of why she managed to achieve her current results was most likely because of Shi Feng's teachings.

Did she receive a Legacy? Shi Feng was also a little surprised when he saw the scoreboard.

The last time Shi Feng saw Wu Lingling was less than a day ago, and the girl was only able to reach the seventh floor's middle stage at the time. Moreover, based on her progress at the middle stage, it should've taken her at least a few days to reach the seventh floor's late stage. Yet, she had accomplished this feat in less than a day.

The only explanation Shi Feng could come up with for this situation was that Wu Lingling had obtained a Legacy of some sort before coming to the Secret Pavilion's headquarters. Hence, she managed to achieve a qualitative improvement in her combat standards.

Meanwhile, just like Shi Feng had guessed, Wu Lingling had indeed acquired a new Legacy. After fighting the spy trio from Nature Hall and Hundred Flower Palace and logging out of the game, Wu Lingling had contacted Soulfire and acquired a powerful Advanced Legacy from the adventurer team.

Advanced Hidden Class, Magic Dragon Swordsman!

Not only did this hidden class grant a huge boost to her physique, but it had also increased her affinity with Mana drastically, which allowed her to take notice of details she had previously failed to notice. In addition, the Completion Rate of her Skills had also received an improvement. After receiving all these improvements, her combat standard had naturally risen as well.

However, if Wu Lingling were to be honest, getting first place in this freshman competition was also outside her expectations. This was because Hidden Soul had constantly said that her talent and combat standard were subpar at best and that she was vastly inferior compared to the various superpowers' top-tier geniuses. Wu Lingling didn't doubt Hidden Soul's words, either, since she couldn't even survive one move against Hidden Soul…

Yet, now, she had come in first place in the freshman competition…

Could it be because the Secret Pavilion's recruits are much weaker than usual this year? Is the Secret Pavilion trying to attract new recruits using this competition? When Wu Lingling recalled the attractive rewards the Secret Pavilion offered for the competition this time, she felt as if realization had dawned upon her.

However, before Wu Lingling could think further into this matter, she had her attention drawn by the noise everyone suddenly made.

At this time, Purple Jade could be seen walking out of the lounge, and following behind her were several Secret Pavilion executives. Then, after leaving the lounge, Purple Jade walked straight toward Wu Lingling.

After approaching Wu Lingling and scrutinizing the girl for a moment, Purple Jade asked, "Are you interested in becoming my apprentice?"

Meanwhile, as soon as Purple Jade finished speaking, silence instantly enveloped the entire underground training field. Then, whether it was the various Academies' students or the Secret Pavilion's recruits, everyone couldn't help but look at Wu Lingling enviously.

It should be known that Purple Jade was a Tier 6 Sword God bearing the title of Empress. Not only did she possess top-tier strength among Tier 6 God-ranked experts, but she also held a vital position in the Secret Pavilion. So long as she gave the word, Wu Lingling could instantly become a core executive in the Secret Pavilion and receive whatever resources she wanted. At that time, she would become an existence that even the various international corporations would try to befriend.

Meanwhile, Wu Lingling couldn't help but grow ecstatic when she heard Purple Jade's question. This was because Purple Jade was her idol. It was also because of Purple Jade that she became a Swordsman. Now that her idol was extending an invitation to her, how could she not be excited?

However, after taking a deep breath, Wu Lingling shook her head and said, "Thank you for your kind intentions, Commander Ziqiong. However, I already have an instructor, so forgive me for not being able to become your apprentice."

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
(These are the Divine Artifacts in the War God's Temple's possession. They were previously mentioned in Chapter 298 of the main story.)
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
-Thanks to Walter for pointing this point.

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