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RSSGSS - Chapter 99 - Extraordinary Realm

When Lin Yaoyue alighted from the bus, the many students and instructors gathered on the field couldn't help but turn to look at her.

"Wow! What a pretty lady!"

"She's Clear Sky, one of Mysterious Moon's top two talents!"

"Jin Hai University's development is getting better and better. Previously, it was Wu Xiaoxiao. Now, I hear that even the geniuses of first-rate Guilds are enrolling there."

"I heard that another genius of Wu Xiaoxiao's caliber has appeared in Jin Hai University. I believe it is Wu Xiaoxiao's little sister, Wu Lingling. She reached the fifth floor's middle stage during her enrollment test. With Jin Hai University's current state, its Academy might rank within the top four of the province this year."

Many of the students and instructors on the field couldn't help but grow envious as they watched Jin Hai University's students getting off their bus. Getting on the provincial ranking list was of great importance even to Advanced God's Domain Academies, let alone ordinary God's Domain Academies.

By getting on the provincial ranking list, not only could an Academy attract more investments from corporations, but it could also recruit better quality students in the coming year. This, in turn, would create a positive cycle that would elevate the Academy's status.

Meanwhile, the elevation of an Academy's status was beneficial to both students and instructors. Not only would their status in the world increase, but the resources they received would also increase.

An Academy's status was especially important now that the various corporations were placing significant importance on the Miniature Ancient World. Their thirst for talents and the prices they were offering had already reached unprecedented levels.

However, while those from ordinary Academies talked about Jin Hai University in admiration, those from Advanced Academies also took notice of Jin Hai University's students and instructors. Specifically, a 20-year-old woman with long brown hair and a curvaceous body looked toward Wu Lingling and said, "Wu Xiaoxiao's little sister? It seems the freshman competition this time is going to be interesting."

"Aren't you overestimating Wu Lingling, Big Sis?" a 17-year-old boy with messy hair and a sleepy face said, sneering as he looked at Wu Lingling as well. "Wu Xiaoxiao might be able to call herself your opponent, but Wu Lingling's enrollment score is nothing special. The fifth-floor middle-stage standard might be extraordinary in ordinary Academies, but that is just the average in our Tianxing University. Not even those at the fifth-floor late-stage can rank within the top 20, let alone the fifth-floor middle-stage."

The dozen or so boys and girls standing around the lazy-looking youth nodded in agreement.

As an Advanced Academy, Tianxing University's God's Domain Academy required all applicants to reach the Trial Tower's fifth-floor middle-stage at the very least. Meanwhile, those qualified to participate in the Secret Pavilion's tour this time were either at the sixth floor's early-stage or those close to reaching it.

Hence, in their eyes, Wu Lingling's enrollment score was nothing noteworthy.

"Don't be careless, Xuanyi. Other than the freshmen from the various Academies, the Secret Pavilion's freshmen will also participate in the freshman competition this time. Those people are true geniuses. If you wish to receive priority training from the Secret Pavilion, you'll need to rank within the top 10 at the very least," the brown-haired woman said as she turned to look at the several dozen Secret Pavilion members walking toward the field.

"Don't worry, Big Sis. Aren't you aware of my strength? I can even get into the top 5 without any trouble, let alone the top 10," the young man named Liu Xuanyi said confidently.

None of the other students from Tianxing University voiced any objections when they heard Liu Xuanyi's arrogant words. This was because Liu Xuanyi was a true genius at Tianxing University, his talent surpassing even his elder sister, Liu Yanya. Meanwhile, Liu Yanya was one of the top two geniuses of their Advanced Academy.

When Liu Xuanyi enrolled in Tianxing University's God's Domain Academy, he was already at the sixth-floor middle-stage standard. After receiving guidance from the Academy's instructors, his strength had skyrocketed. Thus, he wouldn't have any trouble going up against the Secret Pavilion's top-tier geniuses.

While Liu Xuanyi and the others were talking, the Secret Pavilion's members had arrived at the center of the field.

Standing in the lead of these several dozen people was a woman in sportswear looking to be in her early twenties. Meanwhile, the moment everyone looked at this woman, silence instantly enveloped the entire field as excitement and confusion filled everyone.

"It's Empress Purple Jade!"

"What's going on? The Empress is actually hosting this tour?!"

At this moment, even the instructors of the various Academies were surprised to see the woman in sportswear, let alone the students.

Empress Purple Jade!

She had been one of the Secret Pavilion's top three geniuses when God's Domain first launched. Now, she had even become a Tier 6 Sword God, a legendary existence whom everybody in God's Domain knew.

Normally, one would have a better chance at winning the lottery than meeting Purple Jade in person. Yet, now, Purple Jade had actually appeared in one of the Secret Pavilion's branch headquarters. Moreover, by the looks of it, she would be acting as the host for the tour this time. So, how could everyone not be shocked by this situation?

"Instructor Shi! My eyes aren't playing tricks on me, right?! It's actually Empress Purple Jade!" Wu Lingling exclaimed, her eyes filled with an indescribable sense of reverence as she looked at Purple Jade. "She's so beautiful! She also looks much younger than in her combat videos!"

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She's at the Extraordinary Realm already? Shi Feng was also surprised when he saw Purple Jade.

Shi Feng was no stranger to Purple Jade. After all, he had partnered with the Secret Pavilion on many occasions during his previous life. However, unlike in his previous life, the Purple Jade in this life was completely different. Although she had similarly become a Tier 6 Sword God, she looked ridiculously young in this life.

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It should be known that Purple Jade was only slightly younger than him. Yet, now, she looked no different than a 20-year-old. She even gave off an otherworldly feeling, and it felt like she was no longer mortal…

Meanwhile, the only explanation he could come up with for this situation was that Purple Jade's life rating had already reached the Extraordinary Realm.

Meanwhile, the Extraordinary Realm was also known as the great grandmaster realm, and this was an evolution he had expended great effort to achieve. Moreover, this happened after he gained access to the Greater God's Domain and acquired many fortuitous opportunities.

Yet, now, Purple Jade had already reached this realm even before their current sub-world had gained access to the Greater God's Domain. Her talent was truly terrifying!

However, in response to everyone's shock and confusion, Purple Jade simply scanned the crowd before her indifferently and said, "Welcome to the Secret Pavilion's branch headquarters. I will be your host for today's tour."

TL Notes:

[1]life rating: This is unrelated to the "Life Rating" in God's Domain. I couldn't think of a better term to use here. I'll be differentiating the two by capitalization. Lowercase(life rating) = real world

Uppercase(Life Rating) = God's Domain

[2]great grandmaster realm: I'm assuming this refers to the realm above mental strength grandmaster.

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
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