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ITDO - Chapter 196 - I Want to Believe in the Goddess of Love

“That place is indeed a beautiful and vast realm. I lived there for as long as thirty thousand years, but in the end, I found my way back thanks to your help. If you had not provided me with the coordinates, it would have been very difficult for me to find my way back from the borderless world of stars.”

Louie paused after spouting out half-lies and half-truths.

It was not possible for him to tell the full truth. Earth was Louie’s greatest secret and a base where he could gather pure faith. He especially could not let anyone know about the artificial tunnel that the Terran Civilization created in the Crystal Wall System.

However, telling lies was also bad. It was very difficult to completely deceive a demigod. When a person told a lie once, they would do so again and again, and eventually, the lies would pile up to the point that they tore themselves apart. Since Louie was not a con artist, he did not possess the ability to lie to gods and demigods.

As a result, this half-truth half-lie that Louie made was much more believable. Louie had tried to make Earth sound like a different realm and not a world outside the Crystal Wall System to confuse the elf.

The elf queen did not react in any way, but she actually knew that these words were only partly true. Her noble eyes hidden behind the mistletoe decoration on her hair stared at the cake in her hand and the wine bottle. The materials used to make the cake and the construction of the bottle were not simple.

The main continent was already considered as the most civilized realm in the world of San Soliel, so the elf queen could not understand what kind of realm Louie encountered to achieve this level of civilization. In addition to these, Louie had brought refined wheat and high-quality steel in unbelievable quantities. This made the realm he encountered more mysterious in her eyes.

But she did not dig too deeply. Everyone had their own secrets, especially when it comes to demigods and gods. She also had her secrets that she concealed from Louie, so she did not particularly care about this.

She slightly pulled up her robes, exposing her slender feet in front of Louie’s eyes. Her snow-white feet were like exquisite white jade. The moment Louie saw them, his eyes could not move away.

The queen seemed to have sensed Louie’s gaze and flashed a smile. She was amused by the male dragon’s reaction to her, but she did not pay much attention to it. Instead, she focused on the cake on the table and curled her slender arms to cut off a piece of cake with the spoon and ate it.

Louie raised his eyes. He watched as the mist covering the queen’s face did not disappear at all and only shook a bit.

‘When eating, that strange mist did not dissipate at all. This elf is really strange for not revealing herself no matter what. Could it be that if anyone saw her real face, she would have to marry them?’

Louie inwardly thought to himself as he recalled stories in wuxia novels, then he shook his head and chuckled.

San Soliel’s civilization was closer to Western Civilization. It did not have strange rules like those wuxia stories.

“Huuu,” the queen once again swallowed a piece of strawberry cake and exhaled lightly. The entire atmosphere had become sweeter.

“This is a really delicious dessert. If my people can also enjoy such delicacies at any time, then the elves would really be living a rich life.”

A burst of nostalgia and greed came out from her voice.

“If you wish, I still have enough desserts here for you to try. Why don’t you bring some with you when you return to the Silver Moon Kingdom?”

“Lord Louie is quite generous. Truly unlike the petty dragons.”

The queen lightly laughed.

Her tender hand picked up the crystal cup and shook it gently causing the powerful scent of the grape wine to spread. Then she carefully drank it and said with satisfaction, “There is no sour taste at all. There is only the clear taste of fermented grapes that only the Gods could taste in the past.”

Louie was not surprised by the queen’s enjoyment. The Gods of San Soliel were not Buddhas who had to let go of their desires. The gods of San Soliel enjoyed material and spiritual satisfaction. They were without ethics or morals and indulged in pleasure without restraint while performing their duties.

For example, in the divine kingdom of the God of Love and Beauty, as long as two people fancied each other, they could enjoy doing the deed in the name of love. They could even enjoy food, wine, and song and dance performances. Louie sometimes regretted that he did not live in the era when the Gods were still around. If he was, he would be a regular visitor there. If he was a normal person, he would become a believer.

Just when Louie’s mind wandered off, the queen finished enjoying the aftertaste. She placed down the wine glass, thought for a moment, and said, “I want to thank you for the information you asked Sisna to give me. The information about the Goddess of Night’s divine kingdom is very important to me.”

‘It’s here.’

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Louie quickly collected his thoughts and knew that the queen was about to get down to business.

“This information was something that the red dragon told me. I didn’t go confirm it myself, but I thought that it might be useful to you, so I asked Sisna to pass it on.”

Louie said with a broad smile as he played with a wine glass.

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“I went to the Shadow Realm and spent half a month to determine the authenticity of this information and found the divine kingdom of the Goddess of Night.”


“So, I wish to invite Lord Louie to the Shadow Realm with me to explore the Goddess of Night’s divine Kingdom. For demigods like us, even if the Goddess of Night’s divine kingdom has fallen, we will still be able to find some benefits.”

The queen sincerely invited him.

Louie did not agree immediately. He just pretended to think and only shook his head after a long time, “Noella told me that she had seen the Goddess of Night in person in her divine kingdom a thousand years ago. I do not know what the states of the Gods are like at the moment, but entering the fallen divine kingdom of a living god would pose a lot of danger to us demigods.”

“Your Majesty, although I am lustful and greedy, I will not risk my life to venture through the unknown.”

Louie was tempted to agree to the queen’s plans. He also desired to go and explore the Goddess of Night’s divine kingdom, but there was also a real danger there. Moreover, the queen seemed that she had to go, but after finding it, she did not go in alone and came to invite him inside. There was no doubt that there was trouble inside.

Louie needed more detailed information and intelligence before he dared to enter the divine kingdom.

As expected, the elf queen was also in thought. She knew that this invitation without any benefits would not easily move Louie.

“Lord Louie, I wonder how much you know about the Era of Disaster?”

Suddenly, the queen opened her lips. Her clear and gentle voice echoed in Louie’s mind, causing his heartstring to tremble.

‘Is she testing me? Testing whether I am a primordial dragon or not? This might be the case. In the beginning, I was summoned into this world by her divine power. She should have sensed something was wrong with me, especially when I was able to take out this many supplies. It would be stranger if she didn’t suspect anything.’

As Louie’s mind spun, he immediately came to a decision and spoke, “The Era of Disaster was caused by an invasion from a foreign civilization outside the Crystal Wall System.”

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