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ITDO - Chapter 194 - The Queen Arrives. Dragon’s Elven Form!

From the plains beyond Dragon City marched a legion of around 500 elves. In the midst of them was a carriage.

The coach was pulled by four pure white unicorns, and its chassis was constructed from luxurious wood and emerald green vines. The outside of the carriage was carved with countless patterns, imbued with magical meaning. At the center of the carriage lay a crescent moon and ten stars surrounding it. This was the sacred emblem of the Silver Moon Goddess.

The carriage passed through the plains without encountering a single bump. And the space within it was far larger than it might have seemed from the outside - a clear indication of spatial magic.

The five hundred elves were just there to show the face of the elves and as a ceremony. The person they were protecting was a powerful demigod, so their protection wasn’t really needed. As long as a demigod still had divine power, it would be very difficult to kill them.

A hand that faintly glistened under the sun stretched out and opened the carriage window. It exposed the mesmerizing and elegant elf queen, whose face was shrouded under a layer of mist.

“Your Majesty!”

Seeing the queen reveal herself, Sisna hastily rode her Nightsaber steed closer to the carriage and greeted the queen respectfully.

“We’re almost there, Sisna.”

The queen spoke in a clear, refreshing voice.

“Yes, Your Majesty! There is at most an hour before we arrive at Dragon City.”

Sisna did not expect that it would take her an entire month during this trip before returning to Dragon City. She felt a bit nostalgic.

“What a spectacular city built on a mountain. It’s completely different from our style.”

The queen looked afar at the snow-capped peaks of the mountains and the huge city built on its side.

The city looked white from a distance as if it was carved out from white jade. This was one of the characteristics of the stone mined near Dragon City. The exterior of the rock was as white as alabaster. Looking at it from afar made it seem like the kingdom of a God in the former Heavenly Mountains.

As she thought about this, her mind wandered a bit to her memories of the past. When Dragon City had been ruled by the Theocracy which mainly believed in the Goddess of Morning and the God of War, they had created the city into the same style as the Goddess of Morning’s former divine kingdom which was located in the Heavenly Mountain of the outer realms.

“Although human life was short, humanity was an incredible race. The humans’ gods and goddesses were the strongest in the world of San Soliel, but they also had lots of infighting the same as their patron race. As a result…”

Saying this, the queen closed her mouth again as if she was feeling it.

Sisna listened silently. Although she was curious about what the queen said about the Gods, she did not dare ask.

After a few moments of silence, the queen spoke again, “Although the beastmen's divine system, the dwarf’s divine system, and the elves’ divine system wasn’t as strong as the human’s divine system, they are much more united as a race due to their lack of strength. In the past, we elves also had several Gods, but after the Era of Disaster, only Lady Silver Moon remained. She would even try her hardest to answer the prayers of her believers.”

“Although it might be inappropriate to say this about the Gods, I believe that when our Gods fell, the nature Gods who were allied with them fell as well. The Gods that the inhabitants of the forest and druids believe in no longer respond.”

The queen’s tone was light as if she was just talking about a piece of history, but Sisna could only feel a chill and a trace of fear in her heart.

No matter what, she could not imagine what happened during the Era of Disaster that caused many Gods to fall and the stars, the symbol of Gods, to fade from the sky.

The queen drew back the curtain, and the elven guards marched on with an even pace. Sisna followed along while feeling muddleheaded. She thought about the age when the elven Gods were still alive and watched over and protected them.

She thought about how the Gods existed in heaven and on earth, and how majestic that era was.

The queen’s guards were absolute elites with an average rank of five to six. Among them, some even reached the seventh rank. With the power of battle formations and magic, they could cause a legendary rank powerhouse to give a run for their money. Although they could not win, they could force the other side back.

These soldiers were very quiet. Only the faint sound of metal boots falling on the grass echoed. This spectacular legion arrived at Dragon City. The guards who were already notified in advance directly let them in.

The elves living in Dragon City also came to meet their queen. Although they were now residents of Dragon City, they could not easily forget the queen that they had served for hundreds of years.

The queen’s carriage moved along the spacious road built by Louie. The road spiraled upward, allowing many people, be it, residents or adventurers, from around the continent to curiously watch the arrival of these elves.

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Let alone the rumored elf queen, even the elite guards were never seen in other parts of the continent before.

The people cheered and placed flowers in the center of the road. The girls looked adoringly at the stoic yet handsome faces of the male elven soldiers while the men eyed the female elven warriors with yearning. Some of the adventurers were gazing at their equipment with undisguised envy.

The Silver Moon Kingdom was truly a country with millennia's worth of heritage. Although their population was small, they possessed a lot of treasures. Their entire equipment from weapons to armor, including the boots under their feet, were magical items made with magical inscriptions.

These armors shone with silver light under the sun. Everybody from civilians to merchants to adventurers was dazzled. They were finally able to witness what the most elite soldiers in the main continent were like.

The elven guards were welcomed by everyone in Dragon City. They walked through the civilian district, the noble district, and finally arrived at the uppermost district, where the lord resided.

Five hundred soldiers neatly stood in a formation. The carriage pulled by unicorns came to a stop in front of the square. Time stood still until the carriage door opened. A pair of immaculate snow-white bare feet stepped on the square that was made from jade-white bricks. Then the silver moon revealed itself and shone down, illuminating the endlessly charming body wearing cloud-like light muslin covered in emerald green leaves.

The queen relaxed her tender fingers and let the veil fall, covering the white bricks beneath her feet. When she looked up at Louie who greeted her, she froze for a moment before opening her lips. Her voice that was as clear as spring water sounded, “You are so considerate, Lord Galakrond!”

Louie, who appeared in front of the elf queen, was neither in dragon form nor human form, but in elf form.

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He had a pair of long ears, and his pupils were still the same inverted dragon eyes that let out a golden radiance. His hair did not turn into the common green color of the elves but turned into the same silver moonlight color as the elf queen. There were some complex patterns painted on Louie’s face that were the ancient elven facial decoration.

Louie’s appearance in this form was already considered his highest level of service.

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