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ITDO - Chapter 192 - Visit From the Elf Queen

Capital of the Silver Moon Kingdom —

As a set of doors opened, countless magical runes emerged from the void. A beautiful and clear figure walked out of the doors with delicate feet and stood inside the gorgeous natural palace formed by the Ancient Tree of Life.

Lush green vegetation clung to the surrounding walls. There was a hole on the dome's roof that let in the moonlight. The light spilling through it hung in a colorful aurora near the ceiling.

Sisna respectfully knelt on one knee at the bottom of the long wooden staircase. She used her peripheral view to look at the beautiful figure standing atop the staircase and awaited the figure’s beautiful voice.

Sisna had been waiting for more than an hour. After returning to the Silver Moon Kingdom half a month ago, she informed the queen of the news of the Goddess of Night’s divine kingdom. The queen had told her to wait for the time being and quickly left the main continent.

Sisna guessed that the queen had entered the Shadow Realm to confirm this piece of information. The only thing unexpected was that the queen had been gone for about half a month. If it wasn’t for the fact that the queen’s divine fire was still burning, then the attendants would have wondered if something had gone wrong.

Luckily, the queen had returned safely. For the Silver Moon Kingdom, they could lose everything, but only the queen was irreplaceable.

Sisna thought so quietly.

“Sisna, prepare the carriage and guards. I will depart for Dragon City.

She continued standing still until the moon disappeared from sight and the sun had risen. The elf queen sighed and gave a decisive order as if she had thought about this for a long time,

“Your majesty, you are personally going to Dragon City?”

Sisna was surprised.

The elf queen had not left the Silver Moon Kingdom for a long, long time. Half a month ago, the queen had used spells to travel to the Shadow Realm, which was at best a secret departure not known to the world, but now she was going to use her carriage to pay a visit. This was equivalent to an official visit.

With such a clear and blatant behavior, it served as a sign to every force on the continent that the elf queen and the demigod dragon had an intimate relationship.

The reason why she took so long to decide this was because she had to calculate the consequences of doing so.

“Lord Galakrond has given us this piece of important information, and if I don’t personally go make a request, then I would be too disrespectful. Luckily, there are no forces in between the Silver Moon Kingdom and Dragon City. This visit will only take up some time, but there is no need to worry about encountering unknown situations.”

The queen pondered a little and slowly issued her instructions, “My child, my general, my guard, I leave the preparation of this trip to you. Go to the queen’s guard and pick a batch of people. Don’t choose too many or the other party would be annoyed. We are there to pay a visit and not as a show of force. But the number of people shouldn’t be small as well. It will make it seem like elves have a lack of depth and heritage. It is up to you to grasp the right number.”

“Yes, your majesty. Please leave everything to me.”

The ranger general bent down lower had held her chest in salute, then she quickly stood up and left the sanctuary.

When Sisna left, the queen once again opened her mouth and sighed, “I don’t know how long this trip would take. Elders, please take care of the Silver Moon Kingdom. If there is an emergency situation, use the magical energy of the moon to activate the formation in the royal capital.”

In a wall not from the queen, hidden inside the vegetation, figures appeared one by one. They did not say anything and saluted to the queen, signifying that they had received her orders.

These figures all looked old. The youngest of them looked like a middle-aged man, which was already in the old age of the elves.

These people were the 10,000-year heritage of the Silver Moon Kingdom. These powerful legendary rank guards were elders who protected the last paradise of the elves on the main continent.

As the palace fell quiet once again, the queen stood in front of a well that was full of water. She gazed at her beautiful figure and whispered, “Goddess of Night, Shae.”

As her words fell, the entire palace seemed to fall into silence of absolute darkness. As if all the light in the room was covered in total darkness and the only thing that remained was eternal silence.

Just when the darkness engulfed everything, a silver light from the void bloomed. It reflected the power of the sun, creating light in the eternal darkness. This was the appearance of the silver moon. A dark figure passed by in the darkness and laughed.

The darkness immediately faded afterward and the palace returned to its original appearance. It was as if everything was just an illusion.

But the elf queen knew that this was indeed an illusion. The Goddess of Night could not yet use her divine power against the core of the Silver Moon Kingdom.


“Saying your name already causes some reaction…”

The queen entered into deep thought. In the era when the Gods sat atop their thrones, their names couldn't simply be mentioned, because that would allow them to perceive you. If a person carelessly pronounced the name of an evil god, they were more likely to bring danger to themselves.

But after the Era of Disaster, the Gods had gone into hiding. Their names had lost their effect and even mortals could just say their names without consequences. They could even curse the Gods and get no reaction.

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But now, when the elf queen recited the name of the Goddess of Night, the Goddess of Night had a slight reaction. This was enough to prove many things.

“The time of the Gods is nigh. This is the final test. Whether it succeeds or not……”


Dragon City was decorated with lights and colors as if there was a festival. The people happily enjoyed the place making the vibrant city even more lively.

The Adventurers’ Guild worked very efficiently. In less than a month, they had already established their branch in the territory. From this day on, the Adventurers’ Guild Dragon City branch which had been rejected by the Theocracy for hundreds of years was finally open to all those professionals who lived by the blade.

The streets were already filled with imposing and fierce professionals from various races. With the arrival of these people, trade-in Dragon City had picked up.

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