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EIF - Book 05 Chapter 045: Eliminating Gong Tian

The Azure Emperor’s projection recruited Gu Hai in front of countless people.

“Hah! Hahaha! Join the Yan Nation? Make me a duke?” Gu Hai burst into cold laughter.

The Azure Emperor stared at Gu Hai as he asked with a smile, “What’s wrong? Does a dukedom in my Yan Heavenly Dynasty not interest Mister Gu?”

“Azure Emperor, do you truly desire talent, or are you just trying to save Gong Tian? If you are trying to save Gong Tian, then you can forget about it. No one can save Gong Tian today!” Gu Hai’s eyes suddenly turned cold, radiating a murderous intent.


The Heaven Blasting Cannon suddenly aimed at Gong Tian.

Gong Tian’s expression immediately changed. Gu Hai was a fearless person. He had killed angels, shot a bodhisattva, crippled another bodhisattva, and even killed disciples from the Myriad Age Daoist Sect. If not for the Ten Thousand Sages Convention, countless people would have tried to kill him already. Even so, Gu Hai had gone ahead and done all that.

When the Azure Emperor saw Gu Hai’s stance, he frowned slightly.

“Mister Gu!” The Azure Emperor seemed to have more to say.

“What’s going on?” A cold shout rang out in the surroundings.

Nearly simultaneously, most of the soldiers dropped to one knee while the others bowed respectfully.

“Salutations, Your Holy Eminence! Long live Your Holy Eminence! May Your Holy Eminence live for ten thousand years!” the soldiers greeted respectfully.

Although they did not see the Qian Heavenly Emperor, his voice was sufficient. No one dared to impersonate the Qian Heavenly Emperor in the heavenly court’s cities. This was the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s voice.

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“Reporting to Your Holy Eminence. We heard cannon fire earlier, so we came to investigate. Then, we found that someone had laid a ritual array here and trapped Princess Wanyu, trying to hide it from us. However, Elite Hall’s Heaven Blasting Cannon broke the ritual array. Seeing that Princess Wanyu was in danger, I chose to set off a purple alarm signal to call for reinforcements to ensure that nothing happened to the princess!” one of the generals shouted.

He released the purple signal for Princess Wanyu’s safety?

The Qian Heavenly Emperor did not blame the general. Instead, he said coldly, “Oh? Azure Emperor?!”

The Azure Emperor bowed slightly. “Qian Heavenly Emperor, please forgive this. Our subordinate breached etiquette and accidentally offended Princess Wanyu. This is just a personal grudge with Elite Hall Master Gu Hai.”

The Azure Emperor wanted to find a way out for Gong Tian. Gong Tian did not dare to say a word.

“Old fogey, this fellow wants to harm my brother-in-law and me!” Long Wanyu immediately called out.

“I didn’t…,” Gong Tian protested anxiously while glaring.

However, the soldiers remained standing respectfully, not daring to interrupt.

Old fogey? How many people in the world dared to address the Qian Heavenly Emperor as old fogey?

The Azure Emperor frowned slightly as he looked at Gong Tian. You are really good at bringing me trouble.

“Elite Hall Master!” The Qian Heavenly Emperor’s dignified voice rang out again.

Gu Hai took a deep breath and said, “Gong Tian did indeed come for me. However, ambushing a Qian Nation marquis in the heavenly court’s cities merits the death penalty. Although he did not hurt the princess, he involved the princess in the ambush. Can we really trust his words regarding his plan for the princess? If he wanted to be thorough, he might have killed everyone!”

“Gu Hai, you are slandering me!” Gong Tian interjected while glaring.

However, Gu Hai ignored Gong Tian. Instead, he continued gravely, “The Azure Emperor’s projection just arrived, and he immediately tried to bribe me with a dukedom in the Yan Heavenly Dynasty. To demonstrate Gu Hai’s sincere convictions, Gu Hai requests to kill Gong Tian—to show Gu Hai’s stance and uphold the Qian Nation’s laws, to set an example to all the unsavory characters around and show the Qian Nation’s might.”

Gu Hai’s shout caused the Azure Emperor to narrow his eyes slightly.

However, Gong Tian’s expression changed.

“Qian Heavenly Emperor, I am innocent. I did not think of dealing with Long Wanyu. I only have a personal grudge with Gu Hai. I am an official of the Yan Heavenly Dynasty. I sincerely plead with Qian Heavenly Emperor to pardon this humble one on account of our nations’ friendship. This humble one has seen his errors!” Gong Tian exhorted anxiously.

However, the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s voice no longer rang out.

Now, no one could save Gong Tian. Gu Hai’s words seemed to have received the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s tacit approval. Everyone just watched as though acknowledging Gong Tian’s death sentence; none of the soldiers said anything.

Since the Qian Heavenly Emperor did not say anything more, Gu Hai said coldly, “Mu Chenfeng!”


The Heaven Blasting Cannon fired, shooting a Heaven Blasting Lightning at Gong Tian.

“Imperial Lord, save me!”


Gong Tian exploded.

The Azure Emperor had not moved. He had not tried to save Gong Tian. Instead, he took a deep breath and turned to look at Gu Hai. “Mister Gu, excellent plan. Hah! Hahaha!”

Gu Hai could not make out anything from the Azure Emperor’s laughter, only finding it extremely strange.

“Many thanks!” Gu Hai showed a faint smile as he looked at the Azure Emperor.

Is this considered my first clash with the Azure Emperor? I used the prestige of the Qian Heavenly Emperor to stand before the Azure Emperor and kill his man. However, I do not feel happy about this for some reason.

“Qian Heavenly Emperor, my man breached etiquette and caused trouble for you. This emperor apologizes on behalf of the Yan Heavenly Dynasty,” the Azure Emperor said.

After speaking, the Azure Emperor’s projection flung out his sleeves and shot into the distance, returning to Heavenly Yin City without waiting for the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s response.

In the end, the Azure Emperor represented the Yan Heavenly Dynasty. Although it was Gong Tian who sought trouble for Gu Hai, this matter had embarrassed the Yan Heavenly Dynasty. Naturally, the Azure Emperor would feel upset.

Of course, the Qian Heavenly Emperor could not pursue this matter, either. After all, the Azure Emperor represented the Yan Heavenly Dynasty.

“Return to your posts!” The Qian Heavenly Emperor’s voice rang out again.

“Yes!” The surrounding soldiers bowed respectfully and left.

After the soldiers left, the Qian Heavenly Emperor did not say anything more. However, Gu Hai kept his eyes trained on the Azure Emperor.

Earlier, the Azure Emperor showed no fear when facing the Qian Heavenly Emperor. After apologizing, he did not say goodbye or take his leave, merely flung out his sleeves and left.

For him to do that, there can only be two possibilities. One, he is angry on behalf of the Yan Heavenly Dynasty. Two, he is strong enough to show his anger with the Qian Heavenly Emperor.

“The Azure Emperor?” Gu Hai frowned heavily.

“Brother-in-Law, that Gong Tian is dead already. We should get going,” Long Wanyu called out.

Gu Hai nodded.

The flying ship slowly continued towards Heavenly Yin City.

Although the army had left, countless soldiers continued to stare at Gu Hai. Countless experts in the thirty-three cities likewise watched Gu Hai, showing grave expressions.


In a nearby mountain forest:

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Yehua was somewhat startled. “He killed Gong Tian in front of the Azure Emperor? Gu Hai, why did you dare to do that?”


In another mountain forest:

“Excellent plan to kill by another’s hand, Gu Hai!” Xuan En narrowed his eyes.

Xuan En and Yehua celebrated that they did not risk going with Gong Tian. Going by the earlier scenario, they believed that Gu Hai would have done the same to them, killing them with the aid of the Qian Heavenly Emperor’s prestige.

As they watched Gu Hai leave, the two showed sinister looks in their eyes.


In the corner of another mountain forest, Li Shenji narrowed his eyes. “He used another Heaven Blasting Lightning. There are two left.”


Dragon Star Palace’s entrance, Heavenly Chen City:

The dragon race’s crown prince, Ao Sheng, frowned as he looked into the distance.

“Crown Prince, Gu Hai shot another faction. That was the Yan Heavenly Dynasty’s man?” a subordinate said in confusion.

“Indeed. That was the Azure Emperor’s subordinate Gong Tian. Furthermore, he killed Gong Tian in front of the Azure Emperor,” Ao Sheng said with a frown.

“The Solar Divine Palace, the Myriad Age Daoist Sect, the Spirit Mountain Holy Land, and the Yan Heavenly Dynasty? Ah! This subordinate does not understand. Why is this Gu Hai making enemies everywhere?” that subordinate said in confusion.

Ao Sheng shook his head, indicating his lack of understanding as well.


In a small courtyard elsewhere:

Ao Shun came here after leaving Gu Hai. There was another person seated in this small courtyard. He was no other than the dragon race’s prime, Ao Tianhuang.

Earlier, the two saw Gu Hai shoot Gong Tian.

Ao Shun frowned slightly and said, “Father, this child does not understand.”

Ao Tianhuang held up a cup of wine and looked at the fearless Gu Hai in the distance. After taking a deep breath, he said, “Shun`er, you have changed a lot after returning from Nine-Five Island. Father is gratified.”

“This child was previously insensible and overly rash,” Ao Shun said with a bitter smile.

“Rashness has its benefits. Without that rashness, you would not have the accomplishments of today,” Ao Tianhuang said indifferently.

“Oh?” Ao Shun looked at his father in puzzlement.

“What you had was not rashness but youthful impetuousness. You managed to gain such momentum because of your impetuousness, reaching the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm. Do you think that cultivation requires only resources?” Ao Tianhuang said indifferently.

“Ah?” Ao Shun gave his father a confused look.

“Even more important is temperament. It requires a temperament that pushes one forward. You were as such back then—youthful impetuousness, moving forward without looking back, pushing on with strong momentum. Father noticed your temperament and helped clear out the thorns in your path of cultivation. That allowed you to reach where you are today. It was that temperament that pushed you forward, allowing you to reach the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm, unhindered by mundane matters. You did not disappoint Father,” Ao Tianhuang said with a smile.

“Ah? Father nurtured my temperament on purpose?” Ao Shun frowned slightly.

“No. I merely protected your temperament, allowing you your current accomplishments. However, your second younger brother did not have such a temperament. Even if I wanted to help him, there were no opportunities,” Ao Tianhuang sighed softly.

“Second Younger Brother? Ao Sheng?” Ao Shun frowned slightly.

“Gu Hai bows to none of the factions around him. His temperament of pressing forward courageously is even stronger than yours. In my opinion, the only one who can compare to him is the Qian Heavenly Emperor,” Ao Tianhuang said with a frown.

“A temperament of pressing forward courageously? Mister Gu? But…” Ao Shun frowned slightly.

“But he is just in the Nascent Soul Realm? Hah! Shun`er, Gu Hai is much more incredible than you. Do you know why I let you stumble after you reached the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm?” Ao Tianhuang asked.

“I…” Ao Shun continued frowning slightly.

“Youthful impetuousness is a good thing. If you are not impetuous during your youth, when will you be? However, the current you is no longer young. Your goal is no longer just the dragon race. When you reach a certain stage, you need to adjust to the identity of that stage. If you remained naive, it would only harm you. That’s why Father stopped protecting you, to let you see the world clearly. Unfortunately, you got ousted from the crown prince position and got your cultivation sealed as a sin dragon. Even so, you still did not come to your senses, not until Gu Hai appeared. He helped me bring you to your senses. That’s why Father helped him eliminate the Bat Ancestor,” Ao Tianhuang explained.

“Yes!” Ao Shun smiled bitterly.

“This Gu Hai is also different from you. He has a temperament to keep pressing forward, dealing with all the difficulties he encounters. He does not have youthful impetuousness but something even more terrifying. He deals with everything with plenty of maneuvering space. The three holy lands and the Yan Heavenly Dynasty? There is no insurmountable mountain for him; he just calmly faces them. Do you know how horrifying a temperament is necessary to do that? Haha! Even when Father reached the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm, I did not have such a temperament. Nevertheless, he achieved it. Of all the people I know, only the Qian Heavenly Emperor could do that,” Ao Tianhuang said in a deep voice.

“Father speaks very highly of Mister Gu. However, he has offended the strongest factions in the world. Is he going to remain in the heavenly court’s cities forever?” Ao Shun said worriedly.

“Do you think Gu Hai is stupid?” Ao Tianhuang asked with a smile.

“How can that be? If he were considered stupid, who could be considered smart in the world?” Ao Shun frowned.

“Then, why do you believe his actions are stupid? Just because you have not worked it out does not mean that he has not. Furthermore, I suspect that Gu Hai might have guessed something. That’s why he is taking such a strong stance in the heavenly court’s cities.” Ao Tianhuang narrowed his eyes slightly.

“What did he guess?” Ao Shun asked in confusion.

Ao Tianhuang remained silent as he watched Gu Hai’s flying ship leave. After a while, he narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “Others take him to be stupid, but they do not know that after some time, those who consider him stupid are actually the stupid ones. Gu Hai? Hah! He really dares to play with fire!”

“What is Gu Hai doing? Father, this child does not understand,” Ao Shun said with a frown.

Ao Tianhuang shook his head, not explaining.

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