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ITDO - Chapter 190 - From Black Iron to Strongest King

Nervous, Elton stepped into the cathedral palace at the summit of Dragon City.

As the representative of the Adventurers’ Guild to Dragon City, he was already prepared for the lord to wake up.

Dragons usually slept longer than expected. As a legendary rank assassin, he had already made preparations. Since his lifespan was longer than mortals, he was prepared to wait for a long time.

This mission was of the utmost importance. It wasn’t because he would be punished if the mission failed. He was a valuable legendary rank assassin so he would not suffer much.

The reason why Elton was so concerned about this mission was that he would become the representative of Dragon City’s Adventurers’ Guild if he succeeded. What he needed was the strongest power of this city’s Adventurers’ Guild.

Legendary rank were to a certain extent still mortals. They also needed resources and power to survive and live a good life. And it was perhaps because they were legends that they required more of them.

‘The lord of this city awakened so quickly. As expected of a primordial dragon. It’s truly different from other dragons.’

Thinking that he was about to face a primordial dragon, Elton felt a bit jittery.

After all, the other party was still a demigod. As long as the other party still had divine power, it was impossible for a legendary rank powerhouse like him to win. And even if a demigod was killed, they would usually detonate their divinity causing everyone around them to perish as well.

‘I’m just an assassin, not a warrior. If I wasn’t too greedy, then I would not be willing to face a demigod dragon like this.’

Elton sighed. Then he collected his thoughts and did not let his mind wander. He followed the elven maid in front of him towards the interior of the palace.

The elven maid in front of him was very beautiful. With Elton’s experience, he could tell that she was an elven noble that could only be seen in the capital of the elven kingdom. Her beauty was truly worthy of the name noble to the point that Elton who considered himself as still as water could feel ripples in his heart.

But as he was an assassin, he was able to remain calm. In contrast to the ripples in his heart, he thought more about the other side’s snow-white slender neck, thinking that he had 136 ways of breaking it.

The elf walking in front of him felt a chill in her heart. Her footsteps unconsciously accelerated. In the past, many men had desired her beauty whether it was in the Silver Moon Kingdom or Dragon City. She had already been used to the prying eyes of men.

But this time, she knew that the gaze from the man behind her was different. What she felt was a heart-pounding terror and the fear of death.

She wasn’t willing to stay with this person for too long and quickly brought him to the lord’s side.

Not long after, Elton reached the hall in which Louie accepted audiences. When he stepped into it, Elton immediately swept his surroundings. His occupational habits made him look around for an escape route in case of danger, but when he saw a shadow dragon lying down in front of a mountain of gold, he felt incredibly shocked.

‘Shadow dragon? I never thought that a dragon-like this could still exist without being exterminated by the dragon race. Moreover, it's a legendary rank shadow dragon!’

Seeing Noella, Elton couldn’t recognize her as the former Queen of Calamity at all, but he nevertheless made some internal calculations. For an assassin like him, an opponent like a shadow dragon was very troublesome, especially when the other party was of legendary rank. This made Elton even more desperate.

‘I am here to talk about business, not to assassinate the city lord. What’s there to be afraid of?’

Elton laughed at himself and then raised his head and looked at the one lying on top of the mountain of gold, the dragon that shone with golden brilliance.

That dragon was the same size as the shadow dragon, but more majestic and awe-inspiring. The faint aura of divinity that he could sense from the dragon made Elton’s body tremble slightly. This was the huge disparity in status.

There was a crown atop the dragon’s head and its eyes were directly looking at him. Compared to the dragons with bloodthirsty eyes that he had met before, this dragon was different. His aura was that of a superior, that of a king looking down on the people. This pressure made it hard for him to breathe.

Elton hastily lowered his head to show his respect, “Adventurers’ Guild representative Elton greets lord Galakrond.”

Louie looked at the legendary rank assassin in front of him. The dragon’s expressionless appearance made it hard for the other side to guess his thoughts.

A legendary rank assassin of the Adventurers’ Guild was definitely close to the higher-ups. Sending such a person would not be a slap to his face.

Louie guessed that the person behind the Adventurers’ Guild was also a demigod, but since the other party was being secretive about it, Louie did not ask for much.

Thus, he stayed silent just like that for a few seconds before slowly speaking, “Elton from the Adventurers’ Guild, why have you come to Dragon City?”

Elton was dumbfounded. He did not expect the dragon to get to the heart of the matter instantly, but he felt that the dragon was used to these kinds of affairs. He also didn’t like to be roundabout, so he got straight to the point, “I came to your territory on behalf of the Adventurers’ Guild in hopes of establishing a branch of our guild here.”

“You should know that there are many advantages to your territory. Whether it’s the San Soliel Mountain Range to the north, the dense forests leading to the Silver Moon Kingdom, the swamp in the southern coastline, or the desert of the Seven Kingdom Alliance to the east, all of them contain a large number of monsters and different races.”

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“These monsters and other races possess huge economic value, but if we want to subdue them, we would need sufficient military strength. It is not worth wasting your precious troops on these monsters and other races, but our Adventurers’ Guild can bring you trade prosperity at a minimal cost.”

“Our Adventurers’ Guild has a thousand years of history on the continent and has enough credibility to be trusted even by mercenaries. It’s just what you need.”

Elton thought back on the words he had rehearsed countless times before he arrived and gushed them out in one breath.

But he also knew that he did not possess the charm of bards, nor was he any kind of negotiator that could make the dragon in front of him feel moved.

Louie did not agree nor refuse, but after looking at Elton, he suddenly asked, “How does the adventurers’ guild define an adventurer’s level?”

“Uh…we generally rate adventurers’ based on their ranks minus one level. Only after they have accomplished enough tasks will they be promoted to the next level.”

Elton did not know why Louie was asking these, but he still had to answer, “For convenience, we follow the continental standard of ranks.”

“I don’t like the way you rank each other, it’s a little too boring.”

Louie directly denied the other party’s words, “If you want to open a branch of your adventurers’ guild in Dragon City, you have to change the naming of your ranks. I don’t care how you are in other countries, but in my place, you have to listen to me.”

“What do you want to change the name into?”

The corner of Elton’s mouth twitched. He thought that dragons were a truly egotistical race. He couldn’t believe that just because the naming was bad, the dragon wanted him to change the way they had done things for more than a thousand years!

“From now on, don’t call them things like first rank, second rank, and so on. Rather, I want you to change it to this: black iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, transcendental master, strongest king!”

“B-but, there’s just eight of them. Moreover, how could ‘king’ be used this casually.”

Elton said in embarrassment.

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