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EIF - Book 05 Chapter 031: Blasting Another City Lord

The Heavenly Mao City Lord smiled coldly at Gu Hai as he stepped forward. Then, he faced the cannon, certain that Gu Hai would not dare fire it.

As the Heavenly Mao City Lord smiled coldly, Bodhisattva Jie Dong showed a cold smile as well. The surrounding citizens looked at Gu Hai coldly. Clearly, they did not think that Gu Hai would dare to fire.

Ao Shun said with a frown, “Hall Master Gu, should I—”

“Mu Chenfeng, fire!” Gu Hai shouted.


Before Ao Shun could finish, the Heavenly Mao City Lord’s expression changed, as a Heaven Blasting Lightning had already reached his flying ship.

“Gu Hai, how dare you…” The Heavenly Mao City Lord immediately abandoned ship.

The subordinates on the flying ship goggled as they likewise fled in horror.


A loud sound rang out as a huge, mushroom-shaped cloud appeared where the Heavenly Mao City Lord’s flying ship had been. Then, a violent wind swept out in all directions.

Bodhisattva Jie Dong gaped. Bodhisattva Zi Zhu gaped too. When the Heavenly Mao City Lord arrived, they thought this was a done deal. Who could have expected that Gu Hai really dared to fire?

The surrounding monks immediately moved back, and countless citizens tumbled to the ground.

“That’s impossible! How could Gu Hai dare? Is he planning to rebel?”

Countless citizens felt horrified as they got back to their feet.

Ao Shun looked at Gu Hai with a bitter expression. This Heavenly Mao City Lord was not in the wrong. Why did you dare to fire?

In the end, the Heaven Blasting Cannon only targeted the flying ship, so the soldiers on the flying ship managed to flee. However, they let out miserable cries as they fell, covered in blood.

Although this attack did not kill the Heavenly Mao City Lord, he was now bloodied, and his clothes and hair were charred black.

Blargh! The Heavenly Mao City Lord spewed out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

“Gu Hai, you really dared to?!” the Heavenly Mao City Lord roared with all his might when he landed.

Gu Hai looked at the Heavenly Mao City Lord coldly. As he did so, Mu Chenfeng loaded another Heaven Blasting Lightning and aimed at the Heavenly Mao City Lord again.

The Heavenly Mao City Lord shivered and immediately stopped shouting, fear flooding his heart.

He really dared to fire?

“You…! You…! You…! You dare to disobey His Holy Eminence?!” the Heavenly Mao City Lord shouted furiously.

“Humph! Heavenly Mao City Lord, don’t make up decrees!” Gu Hai retorted coldly.

“What?” The Heavenly Mao City Lord’s expression changed.

“Earlier, you said that the Qian Heavenly Emperor gave you full authority and told you to help them find a certain person. You are responsible, not all of us. Just you. Did the Qian Heavenly Emperor give this instruction to everyone? Do I have a duty to obey you?” Gu Hai said coldly.

“Huh? You!” The Heavenly Mao City Lord glared.

“You are responsible for finding that person. If you can’t find him, what does it have to do with us? Does everyone have to obey you? The Qian Heavenly Emperor did not say that everyone has to take instructions from you,” Gu Hai said coldly.

The Heavenly Mao City Lord’s expression turned cold. “Even if there isn’t such an order, you are in Heavenly Mao City, yet you openly attacked its city lord. Are you trying to rebel?”

“Well, I did shoot you. Go and complain to the Qian Heavenly Emperor, then. I shot you, so what? I find you unpleasant to look at. Keep up the nonsense, and I will shoot you again. Do you believe that?” Gu Hai said coldly while glaring.

The Heavenly Mao City Lord goggled. He thought that Gu Hai would argue it. He did not expect Gu Hai to admit to it openly without any fear. I found you unpleasant to look at, so I shot you. So what?

“Men! Men! Capture this—” The enraged Heavenly Mao City Lord wanted to order his soldiers to capture Gu Hai.

At the same time, Gu Hai snarled with a ferocious expression, “Mu Chenfeng, aim at him. If he says another word, fire!”

The Heavenly Mao City Lord stopped in midsentence, gaping at Gu Hai in shock. This is simply a lawless person. He will fire if I speak another word?

Given how Mu Chenfeng fired without hesitation, the Heavenly Mao City Lord believed that if he said another word, the Heaven Blasting Cannon would fire at him again.

Gu Hai looked at the Heavenly Mao City Lord coldly.


After letting out a cold snort, Gu Hai ignored him. Then, he turned his head to look at the nearby Bodhisattva Jie Dong.

However, this scene stunned everyone.

Is this person crazy? A savage? That is the Heavenly Mao City Lord. Are you really going to kill him?

The citizens looked at Gu Hai in amazement. His actions did not seem detestable to them, merely strange. He managed to dominate the entire place alone, even with the Heavenly Mao City Lord here. And if he wanted to kill the Heavenly Mao City Lord, he would?

Even Ao Shun looked at Gu Hai in shock.

Ao Shun was famous for his reckless fearlessness. However, he had never been so to the extent Gu Hai was, doing whatever he wanted. After all, this was the Qian Heavenly Dynasty’s capital.

Bodhisattva Jie Dong raised his eyebrows. He thought everything would be settled with the Heavenly Mao City Lord’s arrival. Who could have expected Gu Hai to be so overbearing? Where did he come from?

As Gu Hai looked at Bodhisattva Jie Dong, he showed a cold smile and said, “Ensnaring Performance, bring the little fellow aboard.”

“Oh, alright!” Ensnaring Performance said excitedly.

Master is awesome. He does not care who it is; he will just shoot them if he needs to. I should borrow this Heaven Blasting Cannon and have some fun with it when I return.

Just as Ensnaring Performance wanted to board the flying ship with the beggar, Bodhisattva Jie Dong’s expression changed. He held his palms together and gave off golden light from his body. The light expanded and instantly encased the surroundings, forming a light barrier that sealed the place.

“Trying to leave? Humph! This youth has to stay!” Bodhisattva Jie Dong’s spokesman said coldly.

“Arhat Staff Formation!” the other kāṣāya-clad monks immediately shouted.


All the monks took out staffs and surrounded the flying ship, radiating murderous airs.

The nearby citizens felt incredibly shocked. They could not understand why these bodhisattvas were going to such great lengths to keep the beggar. Was that beggar really that important?

“Bodhisattva Jie Dong, we are in the heavenly court’s cities, after all. Why are you persisting in this?” Ao Shun asked coldly.

Ao Shun glared, appearing like he wanted to stop Bodhisattva Jie Dong.

“Ao Shun, why waste words on him? Mu Chenfeng, aim the cannon at that mute Jie Dong. Humph! Let’s see if you all can stop me or not!” Gu Hai glared.

Gu Hai finally turned serious. Based on the monks’ attitudes, he knew that they would not give up. It seemed that this beggar had something special about him that was very incredible.

Since the beggar was willing to follow Ensnaring Performance, this incredible thing belonged to the Han Royal Dynasty. Since he belonged to the Han Nation, how could Gu Hai give him away?

Ao Shun looked at Gu Hai and showed a bitter smile. With the Heaven Blasting Cannon in hand, Mister Gu is different. Is he not being too overbearing, shooting it for trivial stuff?

“Yes!” Mu Chenfeng pointed the cannon at Bodhisattva Jie Dong.

The nearby Heavenly Mao City Lord inwardly let out his bated breath. However, he showed a serious expression, appearing like he would do something.

Gu Hai turned his head, and a cold gleam flashed in his eyes.


For some reason, the Heavenly Mao City Lord shivered when he noticed Gu Hai’s murderous gaze.


The Heavenly Mao City Lord could only let out a depressed, cold snort, not daring to interfere anymore.

“Amitābha!” Bodhisattva Jie Dong looked at Gu Hai coldly with his palms held together. He gave off rings of golden light that seemed to form a barrier.

“Arhat Staff Formation, swing your staffs!” a kāṣāya-clad monk shouted.

“Hah!” the monks immediately shouted and swung the staffs in their hands at the flying ship. Staff images filled the sky like a storm pouring down, trying to demolish the flying ship.

Gu Hai extended his hand and took out the Life Executioner Saber. Then, he shouted coldly, “Mu Chenfeng—”

Just as the Heaven Blasting Cannon was about to fire, a loud shout suddenly rang out.



A powerful shock wave spread throughout the plaza, scattering the staff formation and golden light. Then, something huge blocked the Heaven Blasting Cannon.

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The faces of the people from the two sides that were about to fight sank as they looked.

They saw ten flying ships hovering above the Hearing Buddha Hall’s plaza.

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Many armored soldiers stood on the flying ships. The flagship sported a banner with the words “Shenwu.”

“Prince Shenwu?” Gu Hai raised his eyebrows.

Long Shenwu, Sima Changkong, Long Aotian, and others stood on the flagship.

Long Shenwu’s sudden arrival startled the surrounding citizens.

“Prince, you finally returned. That Gu Hai indiscriminately shot me! He intends to rebel!” The Heavenly Mao City Lord immediately flew into the sky, complaining agitatedly to Long Shenwu.

Long Shenwu ignored the Heavenly Mao City Lord. Instead, he looked at Gu Hai and revealed a faint smile. “Mister Gu, how have you been?”

Long Shenwu’s friendly tone was like thunder to the complaining Heavenly Mao City Lord. You…you are with them?

Complain? Complain, my ass. I would just end up humiliating myself.

“Greetings, Mister Gu!” Sima Changkong smiled as he looked at Gu Hai.

Only Long Aotian showed disdain as he looked at Gu Hai.

“Did Prince Shenwu just return?” Gu Hai asked.

“That’s right. I just returned and have not gone to my residence yet. However, I noticed a huge commotion and signs of a battle here. What’s going on?” Long Shenwu asked.

Long Shenwu had a cold attitude towards the monks as though he did not want to see them.

“Spirit Mountain Holy Land’s Jie Dong greets the Qian Nation’s third crown prince,” Bodhisattva Jie Dong’s spokesman said.

Long Shenwu only turned his head to look at this moment.

“Oh? Bodhisattva Jie Dong? Hah! It has been a long time. What happened here? Bodhisattva Jie Dong, why are you starting a war in my heavenly court’s cities?” Long Shenwu said sarcastically.

“Starting a war? I don’t dare to. It is just that we have found the person that the Qian Heavenly Emperor promised to help us find. However, Gu Hai forcibly snatched him away. Third Crown Prince, please get justice for us. The Qian Heavenly Emperor’s decree should have the corresponding prestige accredited to it,” Bodhisattva Jie Dong’s spokesman said.

Long Shenwu looked around. Bodhisattva Zi Zhu was still coughing blood nearby.

Clearly, while Long Shenwu did not like the monks, he still did not know what happened here.

“Heavenly Mao City Lord, what’s going on? Report the truth,” Long Shenwu said.

The Heavenly Mao City Lord respectfully reported everything that happened earlier. He did not dare to embellish the story this time, telling everything as it was.

“Oh? The Spirit Mountain Holy Land wants this beggar?” Long Shenwu narrowed his eyes as he looked at that beggar.

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