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ITDO - Chapter 185 - Establishing the Mage Corps

‘He really wants to obtain the Dragon God’s divine authority!’

Noella’s body trembled and her expression changed slightly. With the name of the church that Louie had chosen, it was easy to guess what his intentions were.

Since the fall of the Five-colored Dragon God, the creator of all dragons and the father of all dragons, many dragons had lost their faith. Although countless dragons had tried to take over the position in the following ten thousand years, none had managed to succeed.

Thirty thousand years had passed since the Era of Disaster. Dragons of this era had now become accustomed to this kind of faithless lifestyle. Most were even unwilling to have another Dragon God and desired to stay free.

Noella knew that any dragon who attempted to become the Dragon God would become the public enemy of the entire dragon race. In these 30,000 years where the Gods and their miracles were absent, the faith of all beings had been at its lowest. Even in human kingdoms, with the exception of the Theocracy, all other countries had been ruled by kings and not the pope.

As long as the Gods could not manifest their greatness and could not show their miracles, obtaining pure faith was nightmarishly difficult.

For example, the dragons of the world thought that the Gods were beings who tried to enslave them. This was why they didn’t want the Dragon God to reappear.

This was why Noella thought that her fellow dragons were very stupid. It was because they couldn’t see the situation, the trend, and understand the existence of Gods. Once the Gods returned and the dragons didn’t have their own God, at that point, they would truly become slaves!

Louie, who was sitting on the back of the Queen of Calamity, noticed that this female dragon was trembling and asked, “Noella, what are you thinking about?”

Noella thought about it and felt that the two of them were currently allies. In order to let this ally pay more attention to her, she let out her thoughts.

After hearing Noella’s words and understanding the current situation of the dragon race, Louie pondered for a long time and sighed, “30,000 years can actually make the dragons forget the glory of gods. They have misunderstood the relationship between the Gods and the believers. This is really lamentable~.”

Louie did not expect San Soliel to be like this. With the disappearance of the Gods, the culture of the world had regressed this much.

From the Intelligent Brain, Louie had learned that San Soliel was a world where the Gods battled before the Terran Civilization invaded. In that era, no creature did not believe in God. But today, a good chunk of the population did not have any real faith.

But this was also understandable. The Gods had to prove their existence, bestow blessings on their believers, and collect their faith. If they couldn’t do any of these, they could only eke out shallow existences and enjoy shallow patronage similar to the gods of Earth.

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This was because all creatures were selfish. If they couldn’t gain any benefits in believing, then who would do so?

“Dragons are truly stupid.”

Noella did not mince her words and spat out her contempt, “That said, there are ones that are knowledgeable.”

“Hoh? And which dragons are worthy of attention?”

Louie asked with interest, while he did not forget to explain, “I recently returned to the main continent. Before that, I drifted in the distant stars for the past 30,000 years. I have little understanding of the current situation of the dragons.”

Louie knew that Noella was half-step into the realm of the demigods a thousand years ago. She must know a lot of secrets about the dragons. As for the difference between a thousand years ago and now, Louie was not worried. A thousand years for humans would cause many changes, but a thousand years for dragons would mean nothing significant.

Sisna and the others listened with interest. Dragons were powerful, but they were rarely seen in public. So they were also quite interested.

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“The current Dragon Kingdom’s ‘Mythril King’ and her rival, the self-proclaimed ‘Black Dragon Prince’ or ‘Obsidian King’ are dragons secretly trying to gather believers. One of them believes that dragons should come into contact with other races and treat mortals with kindness. The other believes that dragons should use their powers to gain more power and fortune over other races.”

“If we look at it from a perspective before the Era of Disaster, one of them belonged to the ‘good’ and the other to the ‘evil’.”

Noella did not feel that this kind of thing was a secret and could be said as common knowledge among dragons. So she directly told Louie about the intent of the two dragons.

‘So, it’s the Mythril King and the Obsidian King. I hope both of you won’t stand in my way of becoming the Dragon God, otherwise, I will have to get rid of you both. Naturally, if you submit to me and respect me, I wouldn’t mind letting you both become my subordinates once I become a God!’

Louie narrowed his eyes and thought. However, he had never seen the two dragons before, so it wasn’t good to count his chickens at this stage. He could only put matters aside for now.


Louie called out to Marches. He pointed at the back and asked, “Do you see these?”

Marches nodded like a chicken pecking rice.

He naturally saw what Louie was pointing at. This was the first thing he noticed when he arrived, a mountain of wasabi.

‘Oh God of Magic, there are so many materials for making potions. If any other mage knew that the lord has this much raw material, their eyes would probably go red with greed.’

Thinking so, Marches also felt a bit of toothache. Having too much wealth would make other people covet it. Their great lord was simply too fabulously wealthy!

“What about the basic education that I assigned to you earlier?”

“Milord, I have had all the people of Dragon City who are at the right age be given basic education. Although they are still far from grasping anything, they can already recognize some words.”

Marches replied respectfully. He was shocked by Louie’s whimsical approach to basic national education.

This could only be done thanks to the city lord of Dragon City. Only when food and clothing were solved could basic education be implemented for the citizens. If they couldn’t even eat, no one would care about learning anything. If they learned a few words in the day, they would have already starved to death at night. This was why education was only in the hands of the nobility.

“Then the next task I will give you will be important. Refine these materials into magic potions. Train a batch of people at the right age to become mages. I do not require them to learn powerful magic nor do I require them to use many spells. As long as they can learn [Create Stone] and [Create Cement], that would be enough. If they can’t even learn these two spells, then let them go back to farming. Understand?”

Louie said in a deep voice.

For Louie, he did not need these mages to be incorporated into the fighting force yet. As long as they could master two spells, it would be enough. If many mages could just learn these two spells, Louie’s next step of advancing infrastructures would open up. The construction of Dragon City could then begin!

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