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LTBE - Chapter 468.2: It’s to Save Him! (2)

Lilian knew that Artasia was one of the ancient gods contracted with Roel, but unlike the reticent Grandar and the motherly Peytra, Artasia gave off a dangerous feeling.

It was not that Artasia posed a danger to her life, but Lilian felt like she was being completely seen through and slowly guided into depravity. That made her even more vigilant than a life-endangering threat would.

Even so, she was unable to ignore Artasia’s words because she knew that there was no other way out.

Soul was one of the few fields that remained unexplored in the Sia Continent despite the presence of supernatural powers, or rather, it might be more accurate to say that it was a field that had hardly advanced at all. Even if Lilian knew the root of the problem, she was unable to devise a solution for it.

However, the Sia Continent had not always been that ignorant about souls.

The composition of souls was a common topic studied by quite a few gods back in the ancient era. In particular, witches were known to be well-versed in the field. No matter how much Lilian distrusted Artasia, there was no alternative option.

“What are you trying to say, witch? I won’t be manipulated by you,” said Lilian.

Despite Lilian’s aggressive response, the Witch Queen’s smile remained as radiant as ever. She gazed at the young man in Lilian’s embrace before narrowing her madder red eyes.

“I’m just here to offer you some advice on the terrible predicament you’re in.”

“Is that all? I find it hard to believe that a witch like you actually knows of compassion.”

“Aren’t you mistaking something? My hero and I are contracted to each other for life, unable to part ways till death. That is a relationship far more intimate than classmates, friends, or even couples.”

Artasia drifted closer and closer to Lilian as her smile slowly turned wicked. She leaned toward the latter’s ear and whispered softly.

“What we have between us is much deeper than yours.”

“… Meaningless provocation,” Lilian replied coldly.

“Is that really so?”

Artasia observed Lilian’s darkening complexion, her eyes twinkling with mischief and joy. However, she soon shook her head as her expression turned serious.

“Alright, let’s put this aside for the time being and talk about Roel’s current condition. The other two are already getting mad at me.”

She looked at the unconscious Roel and began sharing the history of the fog lamp held by the lanky old man.

“Portas Eye, the lamp of the Sun God. That’s the true nature of that fog lamp. I reckon those names hardly mean anything to you, so I’ll put it in a way you’ll understand… That’s a relic of the Savior.”

“A relic of the Savior? Didn’t you just mention the Sun God…”

“The Sun God is the Savior. Similar to how emperors have the habit of self-conferring all sorts of titles to sound more imposing, the Sun God is just one of the Savior’s epithets. It was symbolic of His jurisdiction over light, vitality, civilization, and hope… Of course, that was before He fell into depravity.”

The Witch Queen revealed a slight frown as if this was a topic that displeased her.

On the other hand, Lilian’s pupils dilated in astonishment at the revelation of a secret from the ancient era.

“That divine lamp used to hang on the highest tower of Nightless City Portas. It was a symbol of hope and prosperity, as well as an incarnation of the Savior’s eyes to guide the development of civilization. It was even known to be a divine artifact at its peak.

“However, the nature of the lamp changed when the Savior fell into depravity. After the collapse of Nightless City Portas, the lamp was placed under the custody of the Savior’s High Priest, which is that disgusting zombie you met earlier. Just the presence of the repulsive being leaves me nauseated.”

Artasia’s mood soured upon recalling the lanky old man, but her explanation gave Lilian a decent understanding of the current situation.

“If that lamp is the Savior’s eyes, does it mean that Roel’s current state was caused by the Savior’s influence?”

“It’s not something as simple as a mere influence. After the Savior fell into depravity, that lamp warped into a pair of demonic eyes that could entice one into depravity. You should have noticed how the Fallens are fond of wielding staves and lamps. Those are an imitation of Portas Eye.

“Legend has it that those who are exposed to the light of Portas Eye will be dragged to the place where the Savior is sealed. There, they would be converted into His worshipers. Their sanity will be eroded and their minds consumed by madness and malevolence. It’s a vile relic feared even by gods.”

“Then Roel…”

Lilian’s face paled as she looked at Roel, her eyes filled with unease.

Artasia noted her reaction but didn’t answer right away. She also glanced at Roel, and there was a moment of silence before she continued on.

“My hero is indeed afflicted by the power of Portas Eye. His Crown’s Stone must have agitated that High Priest. However… the ritual was disrupted halfway through.”

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“Someone dispelled the power of Portas Eye before we could intervene. Even so, his soul still received trauma as a result. He might be spared from descending into madness and depravity, but the trauma would still place him in a coma.”

“Coma? How long will it take for him to wake up?”

“Let me see. Judging by his current condition, I’d say… around ten years?”


Lilian was shocked to hear that, but she soon noticed the composed look on Artasia’s face and quickly calmed herself down.

“I’m guessing that you appeared in front of me because you know of a way to save him… What do you want?” Lilian asked coldly.

Artasia smiled cheerily in response.

“It’s nice dealing with someone as perceptive as you. I’m spared the hassle of explaining. However, you seem to be misunderstanding something. I’m not here to take something from you but to give something to you.”

“Get to the point.”

“It’s really nothing much at all,” said Artasia with a bright smile.

She placed her fair hand on her rosy cheek and uttered softly.

“You need to do it with him.”

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