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ITDO - Chapter 179 - I am a [Foreign God]!

But this kind of evolution always left Louie feeling fairly suspicious.

“Intelligent Brain, after two evolutions, I have obtained a railgun and an energy beam. They are both useful for intra-planetary battles. In the cosmic war, they have no roles. Does that mean my next evolution will give me something for that purpose?”

Louie found some clues as to how his evolution was progressing and calmly asked the Intelligent Brain for confirmation.

[Host should figure it out by yourself].

As he expected, the Intelligent Brain would not answer these kinds of questions.

Louie had interacted with the Intelligent Brain many times before and also asked similar questions. But it had never answered any of his questions other than some basic knowledge on the world of San Soliel.

This was especially the case when Louie asked about the Terran Civilization, their technology, and details about their invasion of San Soliel. The Intelligent Brain would always change the topic or ignore the question. It did not give Louie any clues to work with at all.

Perhaps it had ulterior motives or perhaps it could not betray its owners as something created by the Terran Civilization.

“From the very beginning, I never trusted the Intelligent Brain’s words. Since it’s an intelligent creature, then it could also lie.”

Louie remained alert in his heart, but he was helpless at the moment.

The Intelligent Brain was basically an open tactic aimed at controlling him. Even though he knew its role would ultimately serve to control him, he had to utilize its knowledge regardless.

Only at certain key moments would he have the opportunity to break free of it.

‘Fortunately, the energy sources are scattered and need to be collected in order to evolve. If I had evolved to the final stage of this weapon, who knows what the results would be.’

Louie calmed down. He knew that he still had a long time to understand what the Intelligent Brain was. After unlocking the godhood, Louie could tell that it was not as simple as it seemed. It was not just an intelligent creature and had a bigger role.

In the end, Louie stopped thinking about it since it was useless to do so.

Louie then moved his consciousness into the godhood to see if his ‘cross-dimensional faith experiment’ was successful. This was the most important thing at the moment.

He immersed himself in the strange world of the godhood, but he was stunned to see that the godhood did not accept any faith from the other world.

“Nothing? It shouldn’t be the case. Could my guess be wrong? Could the power of faith not cross the barriers of the dimension? Or could it be that I have to appear on Earth as a ‘Dragon God’ in order to obtain the power of faith?”

Louie instantly panicked. If his experiment failed, then all of his efforts were in vain. Louie began to carefully inspect every nook and cranny of the godhood, but he could only cry as he found that there was no response at all.

Louie was ready to give up and thought of not messing around with Earth in the future. In any case, he could not obtain faith from there.

At that moment, he became stunned as he noticed a tinier godhood inside the godhood.

It looked like a matryoshka doll, a godhood within the godhood. It was very small as if it had just been born. When Louie tried to trace the power of faith, he didn’t even sense it at all.

When he obtained the Dragon God’s godhood, he had gained strong divine power, but the new godhood could barely be called a godhood as the divine power inside was negligible.

He quickly sensed the new godhood.

“This is indeed faith. This is faith from Earth.”

Louie rejoiced. He found that his experiment did not fail. The faith from Earth had miraculously crossed the dimensions and instead of filling the Dragon God’s godhood, it had created a new one.

Louie did not understand why this happened, but it might be a result of the collision of the different rules of both worlds.

With joy, Louie quickly moved towards the new godhood. It was pure and without any authorities or domains. It was basically a clump of pure faith.

After prodding it a little more, Louie found that the majority of faith inside was thanks to the Torch Dragon. Another part was from his disguise as the Chinese old man and the Shinto priest. The final part was from the ‘Demon King of Thanksgiving’.

“It seemed that my performance had made everyone on Earth give out faith. Only the Gods can send down miracles and my actions have told the world that God exists. As a result, their pure faith would be created. What’s more surprising is that some people are giving faith to the Chinese old man and the Shinto priest even if I tried to make them mortals. As for the Demon King of Thanksgiving, maybe some natives are putting their faith on me?”

Because Louie pretended to be these characters, they were still in essence ‘Louie’. As a result, all the faith was going towards him.

“But what is this? Why is there no karmic thread that connects the godhood to the believers?”

Very quickly, Louie discovered this problem.

“Doesn’t this mean that I won’t be shackled by faith?”

Louie was excited. He finally discovered what was amazing about the new godhood. It lacked a connection with its believers and was just pure divine power. This meant that as long as Louie expanded his faith on Earth, he could accumulate more divine power over time and use it without being shackled by anything.

Although Gods were strong, faith-based Gods had a weakness. That was the shackles of faith that bound them. The Gods and the believers had to be complementary to each other. If any of them were lacking, then faith would become a God’s biggest poison.

During the Era of Disaster, many of the Gods’ believers were killed. As a result of cause and effect, these Gods were pushed away from the world which prevented them from returning easily. As the Gods lost their believers, many had been weakened as a result destroyed by the world.

The believers’ faith was what gave Gods immortality and power. In exchange, the God had to shelter their believers. This was the exchange between both parties.

Louie was different. With the new godhood, he was not a faith-based God anymore. Even if the side of the Dragon God collapsed, he could just give up the connections and then connect it with the new godhood.

“This is truly a glitch. The Gods could not pass through the Crystal Wall System, so it was impossible for them to find new faith. On the other hand, I’m using scientific means to bypass the Crystal Wall System and gain faith from another world. When this faith passes through the Crystal Wall System, it seemed that its karmic ties are erased, thus becoming pure faith.”

“I’m afraid that none of the Gods of this world know of this secret. The Crystal Wall System is acting like a filter that removes the impurities. By that logic, it seems that this world cannot be contaminated by the casual connection of worlds.”

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“This new godhood is too weak. I don’t know how long it would take to have powerful divine power.”

Louie felt a bit sad, but it did not matter. He still had plenty of time. One day, he would succeed. At that time, he would be able to achieve true immortality and wouldn’t be the same as those faith-based Gods shackled by mortals.

“I have to hide this information. I can’t let the Intelligent Brain know of this new godhood. Perhaps this godhood which symbolizes true immortality would be the only card I have in saving my life.”

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Louie immediately made a decision and took precautions.

Louie felt that he was no longer just the Dragon God of San Soliel. With the godhood created from another world, he could perhaps now be called an [Foreign God]!

A foreign God that came from outside the Crystal Wall System.

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