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EIF - Book 05 Chapter 017: Lord Tang’s Stance

A red-clad, scarred man looked at Gu Hai coldly from a flying ship at the shore of the Silver Moon Sea. Gu Hai looked back at that man ferociously.

“Lord Tang, save us! Lord Tang!” Gong Tian’s subordinates clamored.

Unfortunately, Lord Tang ignored them. Instead, he stared at Gu Hai.

“Lord Tang, quickly do something! The imperial lord’s thing is in the ritual array! Hurry!” Seven Kills shouted anxiously as he clutched his abdomen.

“Keep being noisy, and I will toss you down!” Lord Tang said coldly.

Toss me down? To Gu Hai?

Seven Kills immediately glared but held his tongue.

Lord Tang turned his head to look at Gu Hai. However, Gu Hai swung his saber around as if to send out another attack.

“Humph! Let’s go!” Lord Tang snorted coldly.


The flying ship shot into the distance.

“Chop!” Gu Hai attacked with the Fourth Cycle again.

An azure-colored bead flew out of Lord Tang’s hand, shooting towards Gu Hai.


The azure-colored bead exploded, scattering smoke and mist into the surroundings. Gu Hai immediately stopped. The flying ship had already reached the horizon.

“Lord Tang! Bring us along! Lord Tang, don’t leave us behind!”

“Lord Tang, save us!”

The remaining azure-clad subordinates shouted in horror. Unfortunately, Lord Tang’s flying ship had already flown far away.

Gu Hai stood amid the smoke and mist, showing a sullen expression as he watched that flying ship leave.


Mu Chenfeng and the others quickly flew over.

“Hall Master? Who was that? He was quite incredible!” Mu Chenfeng said in shock.

“Mister Gu, why did you not give chase earlier?” City Lord Sima asked, confused.

City Lord Sima had seen it clearly earlier. Gu Hai seemed to be targeting Gong Tian, appearing to hold a deep hatred for Gong Tian, so why did Gu Hai not give chase?

“One should not chase a cornered enemy.” Gu Hai shook his head, unwilling to explain further.

“Oh.” City Lord Sima felt slightly stunned.

Gu Hai put away the five egg paintings with a flip of his hand.

City Lord Sima could not understand, neither could Mu Chenfeng. Why did Gu Hai not show that Lord Tang these five paintings? Wouldn’t making him pregnant have solved the problem?

However, since Gu Hai had already decided, the others could not say anything about it.

“Mister Gu, what should we do with these azure-clad men?” City Lord Sima asked as he looked at Gu Hai.

“Hah! Didn’t they say that they all had killed Qian Nation citizens earlier? Since they have killed Qian Nation citizens, why leave them alive? Are we going to wait for Gong Tian and Seven Kills to return in the future and save them?” Gu Hai said coldly.

“Gu Hai, what are you doing?”

“Gu Hai, how dare you? The imperial lord will not let you off!”

The azure-clad men immediately exclaimed.

“Execute them right away and avenge the innocent Qian Nation citizens!” Gu Hai said coldly.

“Good!” the soldiers answered with shouts.

City Lord Sima frowned slightly, appearing to have some other thoughts. However, since everyone cheered this decision, he could not stop them.

Hence, the Silver Moon City soldiers immediately killed the azure-clad men.

Then, another flying ship flew over. Manor Lord Yun Mo had arrived.

Along the way, Yun Mo felt incredibly anxious. After all, Gu Hai had done a lot for the Silver Moon Mountain Manor. While Yun Mo might not accomplish anything by going, the previous manor lord had said that he had to do his best.

Even though it was dangerous, Yun Mo still brought some men, hoping to be of some use.

However, when he approached, he saw the Silver Moon City soldiers killing the Azure Emperor’s subordinates.

“Huh? How could it be like this?” Yun Mo said in shock.


The flying ship instantly approached.

“Oh? Manor Lord Yun? Why are you here?” Gu Hai asked.

“This humble one was worried that something would happen to Mister Gu and could not stop worrying, so… It looks like I overthought,” Yun Mo said with a bitter smile.

Gu Hai felt slightly startled. Then, he bowed gravely to Yun Mo with a solemn expression. “Many thanks for Manor Lord Yun’s concern.”

Although Yun Mo had not done anything, he had risked himself to come and help. Gu Hai had to thank him for his intentions.

“Mister Gu is too polite. I did not do anything. Unexpectedly, Mister Gu managed to deal with Gong Tian and Seven Kills in such a short time when I had no way of dealing with them,” Yun Mo said with a bitter smile.


At the same time, in Heart Nurturing Hall, the Silver Moon Mountain Manor’s restricted area:

“Humph! Pedantic!” Six Fingers snorted coldly.

Clearly, Six Fingers felt great disdain for Yun Mo rushing over rashly to help.


On Lord Tang’s flying ship:


The flying ship quickly flew north.

“Ouch! My abdomen! Ouch!” Gong Tian yelled in pain as he clutched his belly.

“Lord Tang, why did you not finish off Gu Hai? Why did you not make a move? You could have done that. You are that capable!” Seven Kills complained loudly to Lord Tang as he stared at Lord Tang while holding his swollen abdomen.

Lord Tang coldly eyed the two. “I could have, but I am not obliged to help you. Humph! Keep being insolent, and I will send you back. Do you believe that?”

“Huh?” The expressions of Gong Tian and Seven Kills turned stiff. However, they did not dare to rebut.

Clearly, Lord Tang had the kind of fortitude to stop the two from arguing back.

Then, Lord Tang turned his head and looked into the distance. He narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “Hah! That was Gu Hai, right?”

“That’s right. Argh! It hurts!” Gong Tian groaned in pain while holding his belly.

“Gu Hai? Hah! He should have received an invitation to the Ten Thousand Sages Convention. If you want vengeance, do it in Heavenly Court City,” Lord Tang said indifferently.

“However, there is the imperial lord’s thing at the Silver Moon Sea!” Seven Kills said anxiously.

Lord Tang looked at the two coldly. “The Azure Emperor’s thing? If you lose it, then it is your failure. Hah! I can’t understand this. Gong Tian, you are a master ritualist. Why did you not use the ritual array when you fought Gu Hai?”

“Uh!” Gong Tian’s expression turned stiff.

“There’s you, as well, Seven Kills. You are a heaven-grade zither. Why did you not use the music Dao?” Lord Tang asked coldly.

“Uh!” Seven Kills’s expression also turned stiff.

“Fools!” Lord Tang showed disdain on his face.

Seven Kills and Gong Tian: “…”

Who could have thought of that then? No. Gu Hai had created a scene of two armies facing each other. That situation was not suitable for using ritual arrays or the music Dao. There was no time for that.

“Ouch! Ouch!” Gong Tian clutched his belly in pain.

“What should I do about my belly? What should I do? Lord Tang, hurry. Help me! Help me!” Seven Kills cried out in pain.

Lord Tang and everyone else on the flying ship looked at the two’s bellies. Their expressions turned stiff.

“Milord, should we…” One of the subordinates seemed to want to check on them.

Lord Tang narrowed his eyes, and a cold glint flashed in them. That subordinate immediately shivered and moved back, not interjecting anymore.

“Lord Tang, hurry! Argh! It’s swelling up. Hurry and help me!” Gong Tian urged anxiously.

Lord Tang watched coldly and said, “I don’t dare to help you with your large bellies. Just endure it. We will meet with your people in another two days of flying. It seems that Dan Wang is there. Get him to take a look at you.”

[TL Note: The name Dan Wang translates as Pill King, which alludes to him being some kind of alchemist or physician. However, I could not verify whether this was his name or title when I searched the raws, so I chose to keep it as a name.]

“Ah? Two more days?”


The two cried miserably as they held their bellies.

However, Lord Tang simply ignored them. The flying ship continued speeding into the distance.


Silver Moon Sea:

The Silver Moon City soldiers quickly killed all of the Azure Emperor’s subordinates. Then, Gu Hai looked coldly at the foggy ritual array before him.

“Hall Master, should we enter?” Mu Chenfeng asked.

However, Gu Hai shook his head, remaining silent for a while.

Seven Kills and Gong Tian had already left, and all of the Azure Emperor’s subordinates were dead. However, did the Azure Emperor have no other subordinates in the ritual array? Gu Hai approached this very cautiously.

“Prepare to lay a formation. We will use a ritual array to break the ritual array,” Gu Hai said.

Now, Gu Hai could only lay a Go Dao ritual array to break the ritual array before him.

“There’s no need. Mister Gu, my Silver Moon Mountain Manor has a music Dao ritual array here. Since Gong Tian has already left, I should be able to use the music Dao ritual array to break his ritual array,” Yun Mo said with a smile.

“Oh? I will have to trouble Manor Lord Yun, then,” Gu Hai immediately responded, smiling.

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Yun Mo nodded and took out a guqin.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

As Yun Mo played the guqin, the nearby seawater trembled. Large volumes of seawater shot into the air, immediately scattering some of the fog.

This novel is _hosted_ by h0sted n0v3l.

Unfortunately, the sea was too vast. Breaking the ritual array would take a long time at this pace.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!


As the zither music rang out, the seawater churned frantically. Waves soared into the sky, scattering more of the surrounding fog. Overwhelming waves kicked up across the entire Silver Moon Sea.

“Quickly, escape! Run!”

“I can’t control the ritual array anymore! Save me!”

“Hurry up and leave!”

Many figures soared out of the fog, fleeing in all directions.

“Indeed, there were still people.” Mu Chenfeng’s face sank.

“Fire the arrows!” City Lord Sima shouted.

Whizz! Whizz! Whizz! Whizz!

Arrows immediately flew everywhere.

The arrows shot some of the azure-clad men dead, but some managed to flee.

Gu Hai ignored them. He merely waited.


A loud report rang out as the music Dao ritual array broke Gong Tian’s ritual array. Overwhelming waves swept into the surroundings, instantly scattering the rest of the churning fog.


As music rang out, the water kicked up fell, revealing clear skies.

“Mister Gu, I have succeeded,” Yun Mo said with a smile.

“Many thanks, Manor Lord Yun,” Gu Hai said gratefully.

“Mister Gu is too polite!” Yun Mo shook his head.

Everyone quickly looked towards the sea and instantly spotted that three-kilometer-wide golden egg.

“That must be the Black Tortoise Pearl,” Yun Mo said as he looked at the gargantuan egg in the distance.

However, City Lord Sima and the others goggled. They could see a snake and a tortoise clashing with each other in the center of the golden egg.

A group of black tortoises surrounded the golden egg.

Gu Hai quickly flew over.

The black tortoises appeared somewhat injured as if they had been tortured for information.

When the black tortoises saw Gu Hai fly over, they immediately showed joy on their faces. However, their expressions turned complicated after that.

“Salu…Salu…Salutations, Your Majesty!”

After some hesitation, the black tortoises respectfully saluted Gu Hai.

The appearance of Prime Feng Yue left the black tortoises in a spot. No one knew whether they would continue the alliance with the Han Royal Dynasty. Hence, the black tortoises showed complicated expressions as they looked at Gu Hai. However, Gu Hai had saved everyone earlier, so they still saluted him.

Gu Hai nodded. Then, he turned to look into the Black Tortoise Pearl at Shangguan Hen, whose face appeared twisted.

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