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ITDO - Chapter 173 - Azure Dragon Constellation

Louie saw the expectant look in the other party’s eyes.

If you want to get something, you have to give something, this was the truth of the world and only the powerful could plunder. In order to stabilize Earth’s civilization, Louie was not ready to use force yet.

So, he had to give some benefits to whet their appetites. This way, they would be more forthcoming in the future.

Nonetheless, Louie felt that he could use the things he obtained this time for a long time.

Although Louie had the consciousness of a dragon, humans were just humans in his eye, but there was a degree of relationship between people. Among everyone on Earth, Louie naturally felt closer to his former country.

That said, Louie would not give them anything that could allow them to immediately surpass the United States even if he could. And even if he taught them spells and magic, the people of Earth could not use it at all.

Moreover, Louie felt that he had already granted the greatest boon to this country.

A United States military base was already destroyed in Asia. From this, the entire world’s political landscape would change. For China, this was the best opportunity. As long as China could develop properly for a decade, the gap between the two countries would close. The citizens of the country would not have to worry about an economic downturn and the country would maintain high economic growth.

For a man who aspires to be a God, these things were already the greatest blessing that he could give.

Louie thought of many things and pulled out a gourd.

When Gui Bin saw this, his eyes lit up. The first thing he thought about was the ‘Purple Gourd’ written in the Journey to the West.

But he never imagined that Louie just took out a random gourd.

Louie opened the mouth of the gourd. He poured out a black pill to the palm of his hand.

The medicinal smell wasn’t too strong. It was roughly looked the same as tea pills for treating kidneys. When Gui Bin saw this black pill, he immediately recalled the words, ‘power pill’.

“As an alchemist, this old man is proficient at the art of pill refining. There are five hundred pills here that this old man refined when he had nothing to do. So, take it as a reward.”

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Gui Bin carefully took the gourd and held it in his hands. He whispered, “Sir immortal, what’s the use of these pills?”

Seeing these pills, Gui Bin equated Louie to immortals.

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“Strengthen the body, nourish the Yin and strengthen the Yang. It’s a tonic for kidney deficiency and Qi deficiency…”

Gui Bin’s face darkened. He felt that this immortal was very powerful.

“Naturally, this is only a portion of its effects. You must remember its true effects and don’t simply let anyone eat it.”

Hearing this, Gui Bin immediately perked up his hearing.

“This pill is personally refined by this old man. It has no name, but it’s very effective. It can allow a person to break through their body’s limits. Although it can’t turn you into a superhuman, you would still have more power, speed, reaction, and other abilities compared to normal people.”

Hearing this, Gui Bin sucked in a breath of cold air. This was simply the same as the country’s research of making super soldiers. Although he did not know how strong the people who take it could become, being able to exceed the body’s limits was not to be underestimated.

For a brief period of time, his passion was inflamed, feeling that he had made a great contribution this time.

Looking at Gui Bin’s expression, Louie knew what was on his mind and reminded once more, “You have to remember, this thing can’t be given to people all willy nilly. Only those who have undergone rigorous training, that is, the best soldiers can eat it. It has powerful medicinal effects. Anyone who eats it without having undergone rigorous training could die. It is very dangerous.”

In truth, there was nothing inside the pills. It was something Louie had created with the power of the Divine King’s Crown. He sealed the special energy fluctuations from the world of San Soliel inside it.

The soldiers on Earth were probably the same as a third rank warrior after rigorous training. This was probably the limit that people could reach.

The reason why the humans of Earth could not reach the fourth rank was due to the lack of mysterious energy. It was something they would need to break through the limitations of the profession. The only way to realistically get stronger on Earth was to use technology to change the body.

Louie’s pills were equivalent to allowing those that had reached the limit to breakthrough, thereby increasing their strength, speed, and reaction time.

500 soldiers who had broken through human limits would not be enough to change the citation on Earth, because these people could still be shot to death and killed by bombs. But in small battlefields, these soldiers would shine.

This was nothing for Louie, but it was viewed as valuable by China. In their point of view, being able to gain treasures in exchange for supplies was a profitable business.

Perhaps China might be able to use the blood of the soldiers to research new things and advance biotechnology, but that was already none of Louie’s business.

“Also, please tell the government. If there are any people who believe in the spring - Kuilong, the summer - Yinglong, the autumn - Zhulong (Torch Dragon), and the winter - Xiangliu, I hope you can prevent them from fighting too much. The country should have a policy of freedom of belief, right?”

Hearing Louie’s words, Gui Bin hastily said. I will certainly convey your words to them. At the same time, Gui Bin began to calculate. The four dragons mentioned by the old man were said to be part of the Azure Dragon Constellation.

The legend of the Torch Dragon had many explanations. One of them was the Azure Dragon Constellation. From the old man’s words, it was clear that other explanations were invalidated and the explanation of the Azure Dragon Constellation was the real one.

Kuilong, Yinglong, Torch Dragon, Xiangliu. These correspond to the ascending dragon, flying dragon, descending dragon, and submerging dragon in the sayings of the Azure Dragon Constellation. It was one of the more primitive customs.

Seeing Gui Bin think, Louie smiled and nodded. His attention was far away to the land of Arizona. He now had one last thing left to do. After that, he would return to the world of San Soliel.

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