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LTBE - Chapter 464.1: I’m Glad That We Aren’t Blood-related (1)

Looking at Lilian and her strained smile, Roel’s pupils slowly enlarged in shock. He had no idea how to take this situation.

He was aware that Lilian was in a worse position than she was in Eyes of the Chronicler due to her association with him, but he never thought that just the suspicion that the two of them might be on close terms would actually bring about such adverse consequences.

Being sent to the frontlines of the eastern border was a harsh punishment, especially at this juncture.

It was often during the initial phase of a war, when the parties involved in the war lacked understanding of one another’s strength, that lapses in defense occurred. Compiled statistics of previous Holy Wars showed that most deaths of humankind’s upper echelon happened during this period of time.

“I’m sorry, I probably should have told you earlier. This is my mistake. It has nothing to do with you. You shouldn’t blame yourself for it.”


“I have always hated how the two of us lived at opposite ends of the world. I told myself I must cherish the two years we have together in the academy, but I messed it all up in a moment of negligence…”


Looking at Lilian’s sorrowful smile and listening to her words of self-reproach, Roel clenched his fists tight. Irrepressible rage started blazing in his heart, but a portion of it was directed toward himself.

It was easy for one to mistake Lilian to be infallible.

She was perspicacious and self-composed, always resolving all crises that came her way competently without batting an eyelid. To top it off, she was a powerful transcendent, having reached Origin Level 2 despite her young age. She was always so mature that Roel rarely had to worry about her. Subconsciously, he saw her as someone he could fall back on.

Now that he thought about it, he had always been the one asking her for help ever since they became close to each other.

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He had put his life on the line to protect Nora and Charlotte before, but it seemed to always be the other way around whenever it came to Lilian. Even in the dangerous Witness State, the one who had shouldered the bulk of the danger was her.

Despite so, Lilian had never uttered a word of complaint. She cherished him as if he was her most precious treasure, going to all lengths for him just like a doting older sister. She accepted and took care of him despite being fully aware of the risks. Even when she had landed herself in a disastrous position as a result of that, she had no regret at all.

Still, Roel couldn’t accept how Lilian had been put in a tough position because of him. He also felt a sense of enmity toward Lukas Ackermann, who had ordered Lilian to head to the eastern border without any regard for her will and safety.

He was aware that it would be foolish of him to make an enemy out of the emperor of the Austine Empire. The vast resources Lukas Ackermann had at his disposal was not something Roel could match. However, for Lilian’s sake, he was willing to do things that he would have otherwise deemed irrational.

Lilian could guess Roel’s thoughts from the grim look on his face, and her eyes narrowed ever so slightly. She rose to her feet, walked over to his side, leaned in, and hugged him.

“What a serious look you have on your face. Are you thinking of doing something for me?” Lilian asked with a tender smile.

Roel didn’t answer her question.

Seeing through him, Lilian’s eye grew even gentler as she softly touched his cheeks.

“I’m happy to know that you have such sentiments, but the only wish I have is for you to remain safe and healthy even in a time of chaos. There’s nothing else in the world that I need,” she said tenderly.


“I won’t deny that I’m not in a good position, but it’s far from being the worst-case scenario yet. It’ll be hard for us to meet in the future, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any chance. There’s a limit to how far Lukas can hinder us.”

“You mean…”

Lilian stroked Roel’s hair as her eyes grew sharp and her expression turned solemn.

“Time. That’s what we direly need right now. As long as I have sufficient time to grow, I’ll be able to shatter any obstacle that stands between us.”

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Those words, reminiscent of a vow, echoed loudly in Roel’s ears, causing him to widen his eyes. Looking at the affectionate amethyst eyes that reflected his silhouette, he found himself unable to repress his emotions any longer. He stood up and tightly embraced Lilian.

Roel’s abrupt move caught Lilian by surprise, causing her body to instantaneously stiffen up. However, it didn’t take her long to loosen up and reciprocate his embrace. They immersed themselves in each other’s warmth.

“… I think I finally understand why you weren’t born in the Ascart House.”


“If you were born in the Ascart House, I’d have surely become a wastrel who depends on you for everything,” said Roel.

“As much as I do want you to rely on me like that, you probably wouldn’t become that kind of person even if I had been born in the Ascart House as your older sister,” replied Lilian with a helpless smile.

“… Why?”

Intrigued by her evaluation, Roel tilted his head over to look at her. Lilian rested her forehead on his and reminisced everything they had gone through together before finally replying.

“That’s just the kind of person you are. You would have had a much easier life if you could cast away all of your responsibilities, but you aren’t able to bring yourself to do that. That’s why you are who you are.”

“… Senior.”

“I should also say that while I would have loved to spend my childhood years with you, I am glad that we don’t share any blood ties. After all, there are things that real siblings can’t do,” Lilian whispered with a reddened face.


A jolt ran through Roel’s body. Before he could react, Lilian had already taken a step back, ending their embrace.

“Leave this mission to me, alright? Let me do one last thing for you before I leave.”

“Ah? Uhh. A-alright.”

It was plain obvious that Lilian was changing the topic here, but Roel was too stunned by what she had just said to react. He raised his head to look at her, and he found that her cheeks were burning.

Is she… shy?

It was such an unexpected side from the usually cold and rational Lilian that Roel couldn’t help but widen his eyes. It was such a powerful blow that his mental faculties started shutting down one after another, to the point that he could only barely utter a dazed response to her question.

Upon receiving his answer, Lilian finally couldn’t take the embarrassment anymore and hurriedly ended this secret meeting with Roel.

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