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LGS - Chapter 1287 - Devastation

The rain poured down violently. Li Qingshan was like a tiger in the forest, crouching down and sneaking over silently.

The religious preceptor of the left gave off a gentle, golden glow that formed the vague shape of a bell, keeping the rain a metre from him.

Prince Tsangyang was restrained by his aura. He had no idea what to do.

With the return of the founding emperor, the Lightning province had to submit. In terms of both identity and status, the three of them were all people he could not deal with. Even if he could cast aside everything, no one would offend the Heavenly Frost Wolf King and crown prince Si Qing, as well as the Great Xia empire behind them, over a woman.

Qiu Haitang’s face was sunken, but there was no fear. She gazed at the red string on her fair wrist. Was this all destined by fate?

At this moment, Li Qingshan stepped out from the crowd. The religious preceptor of the left suddenly shivered. A chill ran down from his spine, from his neck all the way to his tailbone.

Prince Tsangyang was taken aback. He gazed at the man who had emerged from the rain. His appearance was so ordinary that he was just like a droplet of water, such that he could meld into the pouring rain at any moment. He even gave off a strange feeling that he would have been completely neglected if it were not for the fact that prince Tsangyang was staring straight at him.

Qiu Haitang also noticed the man who emerged from the crowd, which left her stunned. Her beautiful eyes immediately teared up, becoming even more misty. Her red lips trembled as if there were a thousand words she wanted to say to him.

An extremely glorious bolt of lightning shot towards the parlour. The lightning tore through the darkness and made it as bright as daytime.


The thunder erupted, shaking up the world.

The religious preceptor of the left turned around. “You’re-”

“Your granddaddy!”

Li Qingshan threw a punch.

The religious preceptor of the left’s vision darkened. The fist filled his face, pushing aside all the other scenery, like a colossal mountain hurling over towards him. He struggled to dodge, unable to put up any resistance.

“Don’t you dare, wretched daemon!”

With a violent bellow, he erupted with layers upon layers of golden light like the endless tidal waves on the seashore. In the blink of an eye, he pushed his millennia of cultivation to the limit. Suddenly, the great red kasaya embroidered with gold on him began to surge, forming an impregnable seawall. It was the ultimate treasure of the Spirit Kṣetra temple.

The fist was unstoppable, piercing the layers of golden light. As soon as it made contact with the kasaya, the piece of cloth shattered and erupted like butterflies. In the end, the fist landed gently on the religious preceptor of the left’s back.

Li Qingshan pulled back his fist and stopped paying attention to him. Letting out a roar at the sky, his daemon qi surged into the air and dispersed the curtain of rain, ripping apart the dark clouds. He lunged straight for the Heavenly Frost Wolf King.

His eyes turned scarlet, like a tiger’s, like fire!

“Li Qingshan!”

As soon as the Heavenly Frost Wolf King realised what was going on, he met the scarlet eyes, which seemed to send him into a nightmare. His mind wavered, his aura was overwhelmed, and he lost control over himself.

W- why is he here!?

In that instant, he seemed to have returned to several thousand years ago, when he was only a wild wolf. Facing a tiger on the prowl, he could only serve as unlucky prey.

He could not help but be tempted to take a step back. He shuddered. I can’t retreat! If I even take half a step back today, I’m dead for sure!

As a result, he mustered his viciousness again, bared his fangs, and let out a howl, lunging back at Li Qingshan. He gave off a chilling coldness, covering everything in the surroundings with a layer of frost.

A wolf and a tiger, frost and fire, fangs and claws. Two great Daemon Kings lunged towards one another like wild beasts.

The tiger stripes formed three lines on Li Qingshan’s forehead. He used the Frenzy of the Tiger Demon and erupted with malice, dispersing the frost. The image of the māra appeared behind him, unleashing its will to destroy and annihilate everything.

Even when hunting a rabbit, a lion used its full strength!

A thought suddenly crossed the Heavenly Frost Wolf King’s head, I’ve lost!

Before they had even collided, they had already clashed countless times mentally. Li Qingshan defeated him countless times until he was completely subdued. This was no longer a clash between two vicious beasts, but an unlucky prey encountering its terrifying natural enemy. Even his will to resist had been devastated.

With his mind overwhelmed, his aura became disorderly. Just by reaching over, Li Qingshan made him collapse.

He grabbed the Heavenly Frost Wolf King’s neck with his left hand and plunged his right hand into his chest, fishing out a frosty-white daemon core and suppressing it with the spirit turtle.

In a single bout, one of the Ten Daemon Kings renowned throughout the world, the Heavenly Frost Wolf King, had suffered a miserable defeat at Li Qingshan’s hand. Let alone escaping, even blowing up his daemon core was no longer possible. His life was truly out of his hands now.

The Heavenly Frost Wolf King was astounded. Impossible! How can my willpower that has been tempered by the bitter cold be so fragile?! It doesn’t even stand a chance against someone that’s not even a tenth of my age!

Li Qingshan seemed to read his thoughts. He tossed him to the ground and planted his foot on him, sneering. “Because you’re not a wolf, but a dog! Even that piece of trash over there is more like a wolf than you!”

Si Qing, who had been labelled as a piece of trash, possessed the weakest cultivation, so his reaction time was the slowest too. Only when Li Qingshan and the Heavenly Frost Wolf King clashed did he respond. He did not rush towards Li Qingshan, nor did he flee. Instead, he lunged towards Qiu Haitang.

Only by capturing her as a hostage did he have a chance at surviving. Qiu Haitang was only at the second heavenly tribulation, so she definitely was not his opponent.


Li Qingshan reached out with his fingers splayed and bellowed out.

Si Qing froze mid-air, becoming completely immobilised like an insect stuck in amber. Qiu Haitang was already within his arm’s reach, yet he could not move an inch further. He immediately made his decision and detonated his soul nascence.

“Li Qingshan, even if I die, I’ll butcher this woman and make you regret it for the rest of your life!”


Li Qingshan closed his fingers firmly; the space there shuddered.

Si Qing collapsed and disintegrated. Even his soul had been completely destroyed.

Even Gong Yuan believed she could not withstand that attack from Li Qingshan. With such a great difference in strength, did he really think he could still make anyone perish with him?

The lightning raining down from above was blocked by the formation around Myriad Buddha city. Everyone inside and outside the parlour only felt like the thunder had erupted in their heads. They all threw themselves on the ground.

In the blink of an eye, Li Qingshan had knocked down the religious preceptor, defeated the wolf king, and slain Si Qing. The sound of the thunder continued to linger, having not completely dispersed yet.

The Heavenly Frost Wolf King knew he was done for. He roared furiously, unwilling to accept this, “Li Qingshan, if you want to kill me, then kill me! But don’t you dare humiliate me!”

“Humiliate you? Hah, I’m not as bored as you. Wolves and dogs come from the same family. There was never any difference in bloodline. Those that run free in the wilderness are wolves, while those that are tamed and made to look after the house are dogs. I’ve seen my fair share of Daemon Kings, but one that’s as foolish and as shitty as you sure is rare! If you aren’t living off borrowed might, thinking that I won’t do anything to you just because Si Long is around, do you still think you would have the courage to bark right now?”

Every single word Li Qingshan said stung. He stepped down forcefully.

The Heavenly Frost Wolf King spurted with blood, unable to maintain his human form anymore. He reverted to his original form, collapsing on the ground and turning into a dead dog.

“How despicable, buddha nemesis!”

Search h0sted n0vel for the original.

Search h0sted n0vel for the original.

The religious preceptor of the left was pale-white. He stood outside with his palms together, allowing the rain to pour down on him without budging. Blood seeped out from the corner of his lips, only to be immediately rinsed away by the rain.

“Bald ass, this is how you launched a sneak attack on my Xiao An! Do you understand how karma works and that retribution is a bitch now? So much for being an eminent monk of buddhism, just watching two pieces of trash harass an innocent woman, not only refusing to stop them but even assisting them! It’s a pity that I can’t punch you a few more times!”

After landing the punch on the religious preceptor of the left, Li Qingshan had stopped worrying about him, only treating him as a dead man. The punch had combined several innate abilities and involved the Swelling Earth of the Nine Heavens. It was far more terrifying than the Ape Demon Destroys the Space.

The religious preceptor of the left was filled with fury and hatred. He trembled; a crack ran across his bald head. His body collapsed like a stone statue.

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Written by Dream Teller (说梦者). Translated by Pipipingu.