Chapter 1286 - The Group of Three, a Gift Bundle
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1286 - The Group of Three, a Gift Bundle

Wind and rain swept across the gloomy sky. The lanterns were hazy, and the thunder had temporarily subsided.

Qiu Haitang raised her head gently, actually resembling a solemn statue.

Prince Tsangyang let out a sigh. “Amitābha. I understand, but I have one request!”

Qiu Haitang smiled. “Please go on.”

“Please don’t place yourself in danger. I will do my best to protect you.”

Prince Tsangyang’s expression was filled with sincerity. He did not give up because she had turned him down. As long as she remained in the Lightning province, there would be a day when he could reach her.

Qiu Haitang continued to smile. “Thank you for your kind intentions, prince Tsangyang, but this is my path, so I must walk it myself. You might be Ānanda, but I am not Prakṛti!”

Prince Tsangyang was stunned. This was the story he had constantly thought of inside, but he had never mentioned it to anyone, so how did she know?

Ānanda was one of the ten principal disciples of the buddha. He possessed a great appearance, a face said to be like the full moon and eyes like lotus flowers. He was loved by Prakṛti who tried everything in her ability to marry him, almost to a point where Ānanda broke his precepts. Afterwards, she was ordained by the buddha, which was a fantastic conclusion for everyone involved.

TL: If you want to read more about the story:

To him, the infatuated Qiu Haitang who refused to change bore resemblance to Prakṛti, while he was obviously venerable Ānanda.

“So be it. Since this is your choice, how can I stop you? When you set off, please let me send you off.”


Within the crowd, Li Qingshan smiled with a gentle expression, very different from when he climbed up the mountain. He thought, Originally, I wanted to demolish this den of obscenity, but this monk doesn’t seem like a man of great wickedness. It’s perfectly normal to like beauties. I’m not that stingy either, so I’ll just spare you!

This was what it meant when a single whim separated the demonic and the buddhist.

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