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ITDO - Chapter 169 - All Are Equal in Death

Louie had once again set foot in China. He felt like a hermit who had once again entered civilization. Although he had experienced many things recently, the amount of time that had passed was ultimately quite short. So he couldn’t help but marvel at how much had changed about himself.

He was no longer the worthless person that he was before who would worry about his hair failing due to age. He had already become an existence that could become a God.

Shaking his head, he let go of these irrelevant thoughts and continued to play as the mysterious old man.

He lowered his head and thought for a moment about what he was going to do next.

One of the small businesses he had with China was to find a spokesperson to help him gather material resources.

Wasabi was the main material in making magic potions. This was one of the two biggest targets Louie had during this visit. Other than wasabi, Louie also needed other modern supplies.

For example, he needed wine and more refined food, some cultural and educational products, simple entertainment products, and many others. These were all important.

Naturally, Louie knew that Dragon City, or rather the future of it could not rely entirely on the resources of Earth to develop. It needed to be able to become self-sufficient. That said, in the most important early stages of development, Louie decided to use modern materials to help him through the difficulties of letting his territory grow rapidly.

With his previous performance in Japan, it would be easy for him to find a spokesperson in China. This was a small matter that was not worth mentioning.

For example, the young girl and her family inside the luxury car that had just driven past him might be a good choice.

“Heh, since you happened to pass in front of me when I was in need, then I’ll grant you riches and even save your life once.”

Louie was now standing at the streets of Shanghai with [Concealment] active. As a demigod, he could clearly perceive the faint killing intent targeting the young girl inside the luxury that just drove by.

“Compared to assassins like Lysfer, this kind of killer that releases their killing intent is really far inferior.”

Louie slightly smiled and quickened his footsteps.


“Miss, a car is following behind us.”

A Mercedes sedan was being driven on a wide road in Shanghai. When the driver of the car looked at the rearview mirror, he quickly informed the young girl sitting at the back of the car.

The girl was probably in her early twenties. She wore exquisite makeup and had a beautiful and dignified appearance. She looked so beautiful that she could become a star. Just a look at her dress was enough to tell that it was an inexpensive product. The first impression that she gave off was that she was rich.

The young girl’s name was Qin Yaxi. She was born to a very rich family whose total assets were ranked number one in China. Her grandfather opened up a business during the Chinese economic reform. Thanks to this, they earned a large family fortune and even had assets in Shanghai. It could be said that they were real tycoons.

Qin Yaxi herself was intelligent and studious. When others were graduating from college, she had already gotten her master’s degree in a well-known overseas institution. Now, she was interning in her family’s company after returning to China. Her entire person could be said to be blessed by the gods.

She had the looks, the smarts, and several lifetimes of inexhaustible assets. This was simply the young mistress of the city.

Faced with being followed, Qin Yaxin was quite calm, so calm and mature that it did not match her age. With her identity, she had always been protected by bodyguards since childhood. She had also experienced a number of kidnappings, but they were either threatening but not dangerous or easily resolved. Her family had been very protective of her so she didn’t even care about any so-called stalking incidents.

Qin Yaxi took out her mirror to see if her makeup needed to be touched up. She combed her hand through her brown hair that had just been permed and dyed the day before and casually asked, “Is it someone who wants to kidnap me?”

The bodyguard sitting in the passenger seat looked at the car following behind them through the rearview mirror. He calmly said, “Their actions seem to indicate so. Most of the kidnappers we met had similar behavior.”

Qin Yaxi thought about it, She decided that it was better to give these kidnappers who wanted money at the risk of their lives some face and said, “Drive the car downtown.”

Qin Yaxi felt that her bodyguards could easily deal with these thieves, but it was better to pay attention to safety and drive the car to the downtown area to make these kidnappers give up.

A man stayed away from dangerous situations. Ladies also stayed away from dangerous situations.

“Understood, miss.”

The bodyguard exhaled lightly after hearing Qin Yaxi’s words. He was really afraid that this Miss Qin would fearlessly drive through the suburbs. After all, it was much harder to protect people than to kill people in that kind of situation.

Fortunately, this miss of theirs wasn’t as unruly and capricious as those ladies in novels. That said, those kinds of ladies would not be able to survive past three episodes in the real world.

The car drove into the downtown area of Shanghai. After the bodyguard saw that the car following them was really gone from the rearview mirror, he smiled, “Miss, the other party seems to have retreated.”

“Yeah. Let's drive home and have someone investigate the family’s business rivals. If it’s just petty thieves who want money, then just ignore them. If it's really someone who wants to deal with our Qin family, we should take some precautions.”

Qin Yaxi said in a mature tone that did not match her age.

“Understood miss. We will investigate things properly when we get back.”

The bodyguard answered in agreement.

Suddenly, the driver stepped sharply on the break.

Because of inertia, Qin Yaxi, who was sitting at the back without a seatbelt, swayed forward. Her forehead hit the cushion of the chair in front of her.

“Are you alright, miss?”

The bodyguard in front asked in a hurry.

“I’m fine, just a small bump. What happened?”

Qin Yaxi covered her forehead and took a deep breath. Although she told the bodyguard that she was fine, she was still a pampered young lady, so she cried a bit due to the pain. She secretly promised to herself to wear seatbelts in the future even if she was sitting in the back.

“A truck suddenly broke down in front of us and we almost rear-ended it,” the driver explained.

“A truck broke down?”

The bodyguard sitting in the passenger seat staggered for a moment and his expression changed, “Just now someone was following us, and now we encountered a broken truck ahead. There are too many coincidences. Miss, please get out of the car fast!”

But the bodyguard’s words were a step too late.

They were currently stuck at a junction. Through the window, they could see a large truck accelerating towards them.

In that instant, countless thoughts flashed in Qin Yaxi’s mind. This was a classic means of assassination. Using a car to block off the way and have another vehicle ram the target at full speed would turn any car into scrap metal and kill those in it.

‘The car that followed us was forcing us into this area! They knew me well and knew what choices I would make! They even knew the detailed route of my travel and made advanced preparations. They aren’t here to kidnap me, but to kill me. This is definitely not something rival companies would do. This could only be done by family!’

At that moment, the faces of her two brothers flashed in her mind.

‘Which one of them was it? Or was it both of them?’

But Qin Yaxi knew that the answer could only be obtained in hell. The truck was now getting closer and closer. Her pupils flashed with fear. No matter how mature she was, she was still an ordinary human. All were equal in death.

Whether one was rich or poor, the ultimate end was still death!

But only Gods were immortal!

This novel is _hosted_ by h0sted n0v3l.

This novel is _hosted_ by h0sted n0v3l.

At that moment, Qin Yaxi felt as if she was seeing things. A figure suddenly appeared between her car and the big truck.

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