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CSG - Chapter 3137: A Great Commotion

Jian Chen took the Divine Fruit of Sky Purification and stowed it into his Space Ring. After some consideration, he passed a wisp of the power of his soul to Shangguan Mu’er and instructed her seriously. “Mu’er, this is a wisp of my soul. Hang onto it carefully. You can find my position at all times through this wisp of my soul.”

Inside the Xuanhuang Microcosm, the senses of the soul were suppressed to the point where they could not even reach as far as they could see with their naked eye. Once they moved too far away from each other, it would be very difficult for them to meet up again.

As a result, the only way to avoid losing each other was to leave behind a wisp of his soul she could use to locate him.

They exchanged wisps of souls. Afterwards, Shangguan Mu’er turned around and left, travelling away from here.

She knew that Jian Chen’s next actions would be very dangerous. With her current strength, not only would she be of no help if she stayed behind, but she would even become a deadweight to him.

Jian Chen did not take action immediately. Instead, he sat down on a tree branch near the Fruit of Nurturing Ways and caught his breath silently. He contemplated the path of flight he would be taking while also paying close attention to the intense battle between the two Xuanhuang beasts.

The nine-tailed wolf locked in combat with the strange fish was completely unaware that an uninvited guest had already arrived silently right beside the Fruit of Nurturing Ways it had been guarding.

Time ticked by. Jian Chen remained on the branch, without taking any action at all, like he was very calm.

Almost an entire minute passed before he finally stood up on the branch. He murmured, “Probably enough waiting. Mu’er should be long gone now!” With that, Jian Chen’s gaze immediately became sharp. The Chaotic Force in his body surged out as his cultivation completely erupted. He shot towards the Fruit of Nurturing Ways like a loose arrow.

In an instant, Jian Chen flew over ten kilometres and landed firmly before the Fruit of Nurturing Ways.

Almost as soon as he touched the Fruit of Nurturing Ways, a special jade box appeared in his hand. The lid had already been opened, directly sweeping towards the Fruit of Nurturing Ways.

With a clack, the lid was abruptly closed, and the Fruit of Nurturing Ways growing there now laid quietly in the jade box.

From arriving by the heavenly resource, taking out the jade box, and picking the Fruit of Nurturing Ways, he had completed it all in one fluid motion like a work of nature, without any pause at all.

By the next moment, the jade box had already vanished from Jian Chen’s hand. He turned away as Chaotic Force surged out from his body. He fled into the distance as quickly as he could.

As soon as he picked the Fruit of Nurturing Ways, the nine-tailed wolf that was battling the strange fish stiffened. Suddenly, it looked back in the direction of the Fruit of Nurturing Ways; its eyes reddened, filled with absolute rage.

It let out a deafening howl, no longer bothering with the enemy that had intruded on its territory. Turning around, it returned to the Fruit Tree of Nurturing Ways as quickly as it could, arriving there in a few bounds.

However, all that was present before it was a withered tree. The originally-plump leaves had lost all of their vitality, shrivelling and falling down.

The nine-tailed wolf was absolutely furious. It let out a deafening roar as it gazed in the direction which Jian Chen had left in with its scarlet eyes, immediately turning into a blur in pursuit.

The strange fish Xuanhuang beast did not give up on the Divine Fruit of Sky Purification either. Even though the Divine Fruit of Sky Purification had been stored in a jade box, isolating its presence, these Xuanhuang beasts seemed to possess an extraordinary connection to the heavenly resources they protected.

This connection was so strong that it was completely unaffected by how various kinds of jade boxes could seal in the presence of heavenly resources.

As a result, the strange fish Xuanhuang beast immediately noticed that the Divine Fruit of Sky Purification was on Jian Chen.

In the next moment, it also let out a furious roar and chased after him, right behind the nine-tailed wolf.

Jian Chen fled through the mountains and the trees. He was using his full strength, such that he almost ignited his vital energies.

But despite that, he was still nowhere near as fast as the two Xuanhuang beasts chasing him.

After all, the difference between their strength was significant. He was a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, while they were on par with Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes. Unable to use the Laws of Space, he did not even stand a chance against Xuanhuang beasts that did not specialise in speed.

The distance between them rapidly shrank.

Just fleeing isn’t enough. Perhaps I should repeat what I did earlier and lure these two Xuanhuang beasts into the territories of others. I might even get some unexpected benefits out of this,” Jian Chen thought.

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But at this moment, one of the nine-tailed wolf’s sharp claws reached him from behind with a sharp gust of wind, immediately obliterating Jian Chen’s clothes and leaving behind a deep gash on his back.

The great force launched Jian Chen into the distance, smashing through several dozen towering trees in the process.

Jian Chen endured the burning pain on his back, afraid to waste even a moment. He continued to flee madly into the distance, specially leading the two Xuanhuang beasts into the territories of others.

Along the way, he encountered three Xuanhuang beasts. All of them were below the Fourth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime. As such, as soon as they sensed the nine-tailed wolf and strange fish’s strength, they all stayed in their dens obediently, afraid to show themselves.

As for Jian Chen, he suffered multiple heavy wounds. He was covered in blood and in an extremely horrible state.

However, he was still brimming with energy, without any signs of weakening or feebleness!

I need to find stronger Xuanhuang beasts.” Jian Chen gritted his teeth.

Suddenly, a tiger’s roar echoed through the forest. As powerful energy surged, a two-headed tiger leapt down from the top of a mountain, engaging the strange fish and the nine-tailed wolf behind Jian Chen in a battle.

As for Jian Chen, the two-headed tiger directly ignored him. It was as if only the strange fish and the nine-tailed wolf existed in its eyes as enemies that had intruded on its territory.

After all, Jian Chen’s presence was weaker in comparison to the two Xuanhuang beasts. “The Fifth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime!” Jian Chen shivered inside when he realised the two-headed tiger’s strength. Soon afterwards, he turned towards the direction where the two-headed tiger had appeared from. His eyes were filled with hesitation.

But in the next moment, he abruptly made his decision. He was filled with determination. He immediately erased his presence and carefully avoided the two-headed tiger’s view, silently flying towards the top of the mountain.

Very soon, he arrived before the heavenly resource the two-headed tiger guarded. It was also a fruit that grew on a tree, giving off a resplendent glow. It was extremely precious.

Just like before, Jian Chen took out a jade box and stowed the fruit away. Then he flew away without even looking back.

Immediately, the Xuanhuang beasts chasing after him increased to three. The two-headed tiger had also joined the group that hunted down Jian Chen.

Afterwards, Jian Chen scrambled around everywhere with the three Xuanhuang beasts behind him. He intruded on territory after territory, collecting heavenly resources after heavenly resources in the exact same way.

Xuanhuang beasts did not have intelligence. They could not think. Everything they did was based on instinct, so Jian Chen’s method succeeded every single time, giving him a bountiful harvest.

However, he paid a heavy price too. He suffered many heavy injuries such that he was caked in blood. He seemed absolutely miserable.

Gradually, more and more Xuanhuang beasts chased after him. It soon reached over several dozen.

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Among the several dozen Chaotic Prime Xuanhuang beasts, the strongest had already reached the Sixth Heavenly Layer.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.