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LGS - Chapter 1286 - The Group of Three, a Gift Bundle

Wind and rain swept across the gloomy sky. The lanterns were hazy, and the thunder had temporarily subsided.

Qiu Haitang raised her head gently, actually resembling a solemn statue.

Prince Tsangyang let out a sigh. “Amitābha. I understand, but I have one request!”

Qiu Haitang smiled. “Please go on.”

“Please don’t place yourself in danger. I will do my best to protect you.”

Prince Tsangyang’s expression was filled with sincerity. He did not give up because she had turned him down. As long as she remained in the Lightning province, there would be a day when he could reach her.

Qiu Haitang continued to smile. “Thank you for your kind intentions, prince Tsangyang, but this is my path, so I must walk it myself. You might be Ānanda, but I am not Prakṛti!”

Prince Tsangyang was stunned. This was the story he had constantly thought of inside, but he had never mentioned it to anyone, so how did she know?

Ānanda was one of the ten principal disciples of the buddha. He possessed a great appearance, a face said to be like the full moon and eyes like lotus flowers. He was loved by Prakṛti who tried everything in her ability to marry him, almost to a point where Ānanda broke his precepts. Afterwards, she was ordained by the buddha, which was a fantastic conclusion for everyone involved.

TL: If you want to read more about the story: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C4%80nanda#Resisting_temptations

To him, the infatuated Qiu Haitang who refused to change bore resemblance to Prakṛti, while he was obviously venerable Ānanda.

“So be it. Since this is your choice, how can I stop you? When you set off, please let me send you off.”


Within the crowd, Li Qingshan smiled with a gentle expression, very different from when he climbed up the mountain. He thought, Originally, I wanted to demolish this den of obscenity, but this monk doesn’t seem like a man of great wickedness. It’s perfectly normal to like beauties. I’m not that stingy either, so I’ll just spare you!

This was what it meant when a single whim separated the demonic and the buddhist. Qiu Haitang had truly managed to save him with her love, sparing Myriad Buddha city a disaster. He was just about to emerge from the crowd and pull her into his arms.

Suddenly, three auras rapidly drew near, composed of a human great cultivator, a powerful Daemon King, and a Monk King of buddhism. On top of that, he found the three auras to be rather familiar.

Hmm? Have my tracks been exposed?

In the blink of an eye, the three people arrived before the parlour.

“Sect master Qiu, long time no see!”

The person at the front was a sinister, handsome young man. He was dressed in the dragon robes of a crown prince, which made him stand out very much. He entered the parlour, completely missing Li Qingshan in the crowd.

“Crown prince Si Qing!”

Qiu Haitang furrowed her brows slightly. She knew a great grievance existed between Si Qing and Li Qingshan. Back in the Ruyi commandery of the Green province, his subordinate, E Dan, had been determined to take her by force. In the end, he died at Li Qingshan’s hand.

“It’s been several years. You’ve become even more beautiful. No wonder even prince Tsangyang is so smitten with you.”

Every single word Si Qing said was filled with malice. He had been sent to the Lightning province under orders to make the Kingdom of Western Liang completely submit to Great Xia. This seemed like a fascinating job, but actually, it was a task that only the weakest crown prince would be assigned to.

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During the past few days, he stayed in the King of Western Liang’s estate at the top of the mountain. As he listened to the hubbub in the city at night, it left him even more restless. When he heard those three syllables that he could never forget—Li Qingshan—his past hatred and current hatred merged together and overwhelmed him. He immediately ran out of patience and flew over.

“Your highness, so you are acquainted with Haitang.”

Prince Tsangyang went up and bowed, indirectly blocking Si Qing from Qiu Haitang. He had investigated everything that had happened in Qiu Haitang’s past a long time ago, so he obviously knew about the grievances involved.

Si Qing glanced at him. He knew about his special identity, and prince Tsangyang was no weaker than him. He was a crucial figure in his mission this time, so Si Qing could not directly turn against him.

“Junior brother Tsangyang, as a Monk King, how can you be so frivolous and indulgent that you come to such a foul place?”

A bellow boomed out like a bell, drowning out the thunder. The religious preceptor of the left brought his palms together and stood outside the building, clearly reluctant to set foot in this “foul place”.

Si Qing only served as a representative of the imperial court of Great Xia. The Kingdom of Western Liang openly embraced buddhism, so the religious preceptor of the left, as the most prominent figure of buddhism in the nine provinces, served as a central member of the diplomatic group.

Prince Tsangyang’s ears were ringing as if he was under tremendous pressure. He could barely hold on right now, so how could he talk back?

As a buddhist monk, the religious preceptor of the left was rebuking him with the rules and precepts of buddhism. He was completely in the right, such that he could not be refuted.

“Please do not spout nonsense, master. My Sect of Clouds and Rain is also a sect that has stood for a millennia. How can you call this place foul?”

Qiu Haitang was furious. Whether it was the Minor and Major Methods of Clouds and Rain or the Heart Dyeing Art of Rouge, they all required tempering amidst human society. That was their way of cultivation.

“Hehe, there’s quite a spirited mare here. I sure would like to give it a ride. Prince Tsangyang, I didn’t want to stick my nose into this, but since the woman has said his name, I’ll definitely let you get what you want! If you can’t get her, then I might have to swoop in and take her by force.”

The Heavenly Frost Wolf King crossed his arms and leaned against the door frame, ogling at Qiu Haitang without any attempt at hiding the lust in his eyes. His voice was sinister. His hatred for Li Qingshan was even more obvious than Si Qing’s.

Li Qingshan had paid a single visit to the Frost province. Not only had he managed to assist Gu Yanying in obtaining the sleepy bug he had been eyeing for all these years, but he even gave him a vicious beating, stealing his Frost Province cauldron and wolf totem. He even took his wolf tooth necklace that resembled a sumeru ring, which basically contained all of his possessions. This hatred was so deep that it was truly tremendous.

The more wild and unpopulated an area was, the stronger the daemon forces were. The Lightning province was no different. Aside from the King of Western Liang’s estate and the Mahachakra temple, the daemons formed a major force too. The Heavenly Frost Wolf King happened to be old acquaintances with the Daemon King of the Lightning province, who had also joined their diplomatic group.

The three of them all had a blood feud with Li Qingshan. Due to various reasons and coincidences, they had arrived in Myriad Buddha city. When they heard the name “Li Qingshan”, their gathering led to a case of misfortune.


A bolt of lightning shot across the sky, illuminating everyone’s faces. All of their expressions changed.

Within the crowd, Li Qingshan was shocked. D- don’t tell me this is the legendary luxury gift bundle? Old heavens, I want to thank your past eight ancestors!

The Heavenly Frost Wolf King detected a sense of uneasiness through his powerful instincts. He traced it carefully, but it only seemed to be a false impression. Then he placed all of his focus on Qiu Haitang. Given his identity, it was inappropriate for him to get revenge like this, but since he had encountered such an opportunity, he would not simply let it slip by either.

Li Qingshan, oh Li Qingshan. No matter how powerful you are, you can’t protect your woman right now. Though, the lightning of the Lightning province sure is vicious!

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Li Qingshan also sensed the deep horrors of the will of the heavens. If it were not for the spirit turtle’s senses, he would have dove headfirst into Myriad Buddha mountain. If he wanted to take Qiu Haitang away, he would not just be facing these three foes, but prince Tsangyang as well, including the entire King of Western Liang’s estate, coupled with that tantric Mahachakra temple.

By then, all they had to do was open the formation around the city, and lightning would come crashing down. He would have to protect Qiu Haitang at the same time, so even if he were capable of impossible feats, he would be in danger of messing up something so simple.

Hehe, now this is the wonders of the spirit turtle. Sure enough, the Spirit Turtle Suppresses the Seas, Foreboding Fate. I can be a spirit turtle, but I’ll never be a tortoise, shrinking up in my shell like a coward.

Li Qingshan did not let out a great roar and leap out of the crowd. Instead, he squeezed his way through the crowd and approached the religious preceptor of the left who had not raised his guard.

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Written by Dream Teller (说梦者). Translated by Pipipingu.