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CSG - Chapter 3136: Encountering Another Fruit of Nurturing Ways

But this time, the Xuanhuang beast closed its eye. Jian Chen’s sword Qi condensed from Chaotic Force struck the flexible eyelid and only left behind a faint mark. It was nowhere near enough to pierce it.

Every single part of the Xuanhuang beast before him seemed to be extremely tough.


At this moment, a deafening wolf’s howl rang out from the mountainous forests ahead. Coupled with the howl, a tremendous presence no weaker than the fish-shaped Xuanhuang beast surged out.

As Shangguan Mu’er fled quickly, she had unintentionally led the Xuanhuang beast behind her into the territory of another Xuanhuang beast.

Xuanhuang beasts did not possess intelligence, but they were territorial. If those that were stronger than them set foot in their territories, they would obviously stay silent.

However, it was unforgivable if existences of equal or weaker strength than it intruded on its territory.

The howl was obviously a warning from the owner of this territory.

The fish-like Xuanhuang beast also let out a roar in response. However, it did not slow down at all, instead moving faster and faster, rushing through the forest as quickly as it could. It was as if it wanted to stop Shangguan Mu’er as soon as possible.

Suddenly, the owner of this territory seemed to be infuriated. A tremendous pressure surged out as a huge, black shadow rapidly descended from the sky, hurling straight towards the fish-shaped Xuanhuang beast.

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly. He immediately recognised that the Xuanhuang beast occupying this region also possessed strength at the Fourth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime, equal to the strange fish.

He immediately erased his presence and pulled back quickly, maintaining a wide berth.


The two mid Chaotic Prime Xuanhuang beasts collided violently. With a great rumble, the strange fish was forcefully stopped in its tracks.

At this moment, its remaining eye was still untouched, except its forehead had already become bloodied. A deep gash had appeared there, reaching deep into its bones.

A colossal, yellow wolf crouched on the ground before the strange fish in an offensive stance.

The wolf was only a fifth of the strange fish’s size, but in terms of viciousness, the colossal wolf was clearly much greater. From a single collision, it had managed to injure the strange fish that Jian Chen was completely powerless again.

“A nine-tailed wolf?” Jian Chen hid himself on a branch silently. When he looked at the tail of the giant wolf, he blanked out slightly, as he discovered there were actually nine tails, not one tail.

He knew about nine-tailed foxes. He had even seen them before. However, this was the first time he had encountered a nine-tailed wolf.

In the next moment, the nine-tailed wolf took action. As the owner of this territory, the strange fish seemed to have caused it offence, so it proactively launched an attack.

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Immediately, two Xuanhuang beasts on par with Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes became locked in battle. The deafening booms and powerful clashes destroyed large swathes of the forest. Even the Xuanhuang Qi that permeated the surroundings seemed to be affected, surging away violently.

Gazing at the two Xuanhuang beasts locked in combat, Jian Chen was absolutely bewildered. Suddenly, he sensed something and immediately shot in the direction which the nine-tailed wolf had come from.

It’s impossible for such a powerful Xuanhuang beast to not be protecting any heavenly resources. I just wonder what kind of heavenly resource it will be?” With great curiosity, Jian Chen entered the nine-tailed wolf’s den very quickly.

However, when he saw the heavenly resource that the nine-tailed wolf guarded, he immediately shuddered inside and lit up with joy.

“A Fruit of Nurturing Ways! It’s actually a Fruit of Nurturing Ways!” Jian Chen almost cried out uncontrollably. The heavenly resource that the nine-tailed wolf guarded was a Fruit of Nurturing Ways.

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He had personally experienced the effects of a Fruit of Nurturing Ways before. In the past, he had obtained a Fruit of Nurturing Ways in the Darkstar World. It had increased his strength drastically, allowing him to turn the situation around in the Darkstar World, forcing the Darkstar Emperor to yield to him.

The Fruit of Nurturing Ways before him was not as great as the one from the Darkstar World in terms of quality, as the Fruit of Nurturing Ways in the Darkstar World had become a high grade God Tier heavenly resource in the final moments.

A high grade God Tier Fruit of Nurturing Ways had an eighty percent chance at allowing a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime break through to Chaotic Prime.

Even as a Chaotic Prime, ingesting a high grade God Tier Fruit of Nurturing Ways could allow them to take a small step of progress and reach the next minor realm of cultivation.

The Fruit of Nurturing Ways before him was not high grade, but mid grade!

Mid grade God Tier Fruits of Nurturing Ways could allow peak Godkings to reach Infinite Prime.

If their cultivations had already reached Infinite Prime, then ingesting a mid grade God Tier Fruit of Nurturing Ways could also increase their cultivation by a heavenly layer.

Of course, if a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime ingested a mid grade God Tier Fruit of Nurturing Ways, that would not be enough to make them break through to Chaotic Prime.

However, Jian Chen also understood that this Fruit of Nurturing Ways could not be compared with the Fruits of Nurturing Ways from the outside world, as it grew inside the Xuanhuang Microcosm. It had been blessed by Xuanhuang Qi, so its effects were far more powerful than Fruits of Nurturing Ways of the same grade from the outside world.

Even if it could not compare to the high grade Fruit of Nurturing Ways from the Darkstar World, it would come close.

“Fantastic. This is absolutely fantastic. There’s a good chance that Mu’er can reach Chaotic Prime now. Because of the different growing conditions of this Fruit of Nurturing Ways, it can be stored for much longer too.” Right from the moment he discovered the Fruit of Nurturing Ways, Jian Chen had not been thinking about himself. With his current cultivation, the assistance that the Fruit of Nurturing Ways could bring to him was extremely limited. He planned on giving it to Shangguan Mu’er.

Once Shangguan Mu’er reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime and ingested this Fruit of Nurturing Ways, she would definitely reach Chaotic Prime.

He glanced at the nine-tailed wolf that was locked in an intense battle against the strange fish in the distance, which made him understand that picking the Fruit of Nurturing Ways would take no effort at all.

However, once he picked the fruit, the nine-tailed wolf would hunt him down to his death!

“Mu’er, give the Divine Fruit of Sky Purification to me. I won’t be able to keep the Xuanhung beast busy for you. Just let it come and chase after me. At the very least, I’m slightly faster than you,” Jian Chen began to call for Shangguan Mu’er.

Very soon, Shangguan Mu’er appeared beside Jian Chen, slightly roughed up. She stared at the Fruit of Nurturing Ways and clearly understood what Jian Chen wanted to do. She could not help but become stern.

Soon afterwards, she passed the jade box with the Divine Fruit of Sky Purification to Jian Chen. Staring at him in complete worry, she said, “You have to be careful. If you run out of choices, just throw away these heavenly resources.”

Shangguan Mu’er did not try to change Jian Chen’s mind, as she understood their purpose of coming to the Xuanhuang Microcosm. They obviously came here to find and collect various precious heavenly resources.

However, Xuanhuang beasts protected these heavenly resources. If they wanted to obtain them, they obviously had to face the Xuanhuang beasts in an intense battle.

Before they came in, both of them had prepared themselves for all the danger and challenges involved.

This was a journey that every single expert had to go through.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.