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ZL - Chapter 1154- Pure and progressive

While sleeping, I felt as if a ball of flames was burning in my chest. I saw many things that had happened in the past and the temperature got higher and higher. It was as if my body was about to melt. However, my mind was really clear. I knew that after being attacked by 5 dragon blood warriors, it was a miracle that I could survive.



I jolted awake and I sat right up. I looked around as the gentle sunlight scattered on my face. There was a slight medicinal smell around and this was a huge hospital room. The plants were dancing in the wind. On the side, a familiar voice spread into my ears, "You brat, you are finally awake."

This... Old man's voice?

I turned around and as expected, the old man was wearing a dark blue traditional shirt and sitting at the side. Although his face was covered in creases but he was still filled with energy. Although he was only peak Energy Controlling Realm, but... His heart was much stronger than mine. One could tell from the many times he managed to escape from me.

"Old man?" I looked at him in shock.

The old man frowned, "Stupid rude brat, is that what you call me?"

I looked around and noticed that Lin Tian Nan, Wang Xin and Shen Bing were all there. I smiled, "Master."

"That is more like it."

He looked at me and said, "Your rib was broken in battle, such a heavy injury... That is so embarrassing. As a Blazing Sun Realm expert, you are the most embarrassing one..."

I was filled with guilt, "A Grade Artificials are so much faster and stronger. Moreover, I need to use more strength to break their scales."

"That isn't the reason you lost." He looked at me and continued, "Luckily you survived if not many girls would cry for you right? Scoff, your progress is so slow but so many girls like you. I think you slowed down because of all the girls. Listen to me. I have been talking to a monk so why not I recommend you to train in a temple. In less than 10 years, you might be the first to reach God Realm."

I sat there without saying a word.

The old man was shocked, "Why, you aren't willing?"

I stared at him, "If you want to be a monk then go ahead, I am not interested."

Lin Tian Nan couldn't help but laugh.

The old man stared at him, "Old man, what are you laughing at. Why, are you worried that your son in law becomes a monk?"

Lin Tian Nan touched his nose and smiled, "I am not worried, I just feel bad for Wan Er as she will be sad. Let's talk about this in the future, there is time."

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"Captain Wang what happened after, did that Japanese warrior die?" I started to talk about important matters.

Wang Xin said, "No, although he is handicapped but when he is angry, scales will form. So our team has started to analyse his DNA transformation process."

Shen Bing smiled, "Anyways, it is useful that you left one alive. The people in interrogation are really busy and they hope to get something from his mouth. His identity has been confirmed, one of the heirs to their Heaven Path Style Faction, we have communicated with them.

But their attitude isn't good and they actually want us to hand him over."

Wang Xin said, "Little Li, what do you think?"

I smiled, "If you hand him over, I will quit right away."

"Ha, of course not. I think he will spend the rest of his life in a cell, you don't have to worry about that."

"En, let's dig deeper, this is definitely related to Wang Zecheng. For him to find people to experiment on in Japan means he has connections there."

Lin Tian Nan sighed, "When Wang Zecheng came back, I thought he was a pure kid. I didn't expect him to turn out like that. He isn't so simple and has gone further down this path. There is no way back for him."

I stretched my arm and felt like my injuries were mostly healed. In truth, my recovery speed was far above that of normal people. I was nearing the level of those high grade Artificials.


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The old man stood up, "It is decided."

I was shocked, "What has been decided? Don't make random decisions for me."

"Scoff." He looked at me and said, "It seems like your life has been too peaceful and you don't even want to improve anymore. Your injuries are healed so follow me to Henan to meet someone."

"Who, what is the rush?" I asked.

"To see a peak Blazing Sun person." He smiled, "A person that really can't die."

"The person from Beichen Family?"

"You really are smart, in the entire world he is probably the only one that can teach you."

I thought about it, "No rush, let's head out tomorrow. I have something to do tonight."

"Okay, I will wait for you in the base tomorrow morning."



As for what I had to do, it was simple. After Azure's event, I hadn't used the Glory of Dragonheart. I had always been Dragon City's Dragon Rider but I didn't even get a giant dragon mount so that was just preposterous. I had to use this heart to get a mount first!

When the old man opened the door, I heard Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue's voice. Moreover, not only them. Song Han, Old K, Fox, Xue Rou, Yan Mo, Zhao Fei Fei were all here. Wang Xin and Lin Tian Nan smiled as they all headed out, leaving this place to the young.

"Are you better?"

Lin Wan Er sat by my side and touched the bandage on my chest.

I sensed that my broken rib was mostly healed and smiled, "I am pretty much fine."

Dong Cheng Yue's eyes were red, "It is my fault, I lost my phone and that caused you to be injured. It is my fault..."

I laughed and touched her arm, "Don't blame yourself, this isn't a bad thing either. At least I can confirm who is the real enemy."

Lin Wan Er said, "It really is Wang Zecheng?"

"Apart from him, there won't be anyone else." I smiled coldly, "He used Dong Cheng's phone as bait to bait me. If I didn't go, Tang Qi would have died."

"What?" Lin Wan Er was shocked, "Those people would kill Tang Qi?"

I nodded, "Tang Qi is Energy Controlling Realm and has been by your side so he is a problem for them. Apart from me, Tang Qi is their next main target."

Song Han said, "Brother Xiao Yao... Are those Artificials strong?"

I said, "En, even trained soldiers aren't their match. Their DNA has mutated and they are much faster and stronger than humans. But don't worry, Wang Zecheng won't attack you, he will only attack those that block his way."

Xue Rou muttered, "So you are blocking his way?"

I laughed, "Yea, I brought police to Busters and nearly found everything out, how could he not hate me?"

Xue Rou pouted, "Why not Boss stop being a police... We don't want anything to happen."

I closed my eyes and smiled, "Someone has to do this, moreover, I have brothers that died to them so I have to take revenge and wipe them out!"

Dong Cheng Yue looked at me and stopped speaking.


I moved out at noon. The nurse didn't agree but Wang Xin forced her to agree I ate near the hospital. It was unreasonable that they made me pay, luckily they were all from Zhan Long so my heart didn't hurt too much.

Afternoon, I sent everyone back and Wan Er and Dong Cheng went home.

I was full so it was time to go online!


I appeared in Tian Ling City and went to repair my gear. Then I teleported to Ba Huang City and flew to Dragon City!


Dragon City was covered in snow. When I landed, Lanais turned around, "I knew you would come, Frost said she is waiting for you on the watchtower."

"En, thank you!"

I flew towards the watchtower. As expected, Frost was standing there, her thin body in the snow made one pity her for some reason. This simple and beautiful girl was defending Dragon City all by herself. Even when facing Demon God Tier demons she didn't retreat.

"You are here?" She smiled and looked at me.

"En, Azure's Revenge, Dragon City is fine right?"

"We are, we have enough grain and weapons, those Spirit Umbrella Bugs and God Skeletons can't take us down."

"That's good."

Although she said that, but I could see many workers at the edges of the city. There were many deep holes and they were obviously by the Spirit Flower Bugs. Even Dragon City was unable to be immune to these suicidal bugs!

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