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ZL - Chapter 1155- Daughter of the Dragon God

"There must be another reason right?" Frost smiled and said.


My thoughts were exposed and I said, "I came because of the mount. I obtained a tool during Azure's Revenge. Although I don't understand what it is but it looks good."

"Oh, what is it?"

I took out Glory of Dragonheart and held it in my hands. This was a golden scale and many pieces of snow landed on it but it couldn't cover the bright light. I placed it in my hands and a warm feeling seeped into my hands.


Frost retreated in shock as she looked at Glory of Dragonheart, "You... Where did you get this from?"

"The system reward, why? Is it really amazing?" I asked.

Frost bit her teeth and said, "It isn't like that, but... You should make a trip with me to see Queen Zhi Shu, she will be happy."



Frost held my hand and flew up towards the castle. We went around the Prayer Hall and then past the living areas of the few important Dragon City members. Frost, Zhi Shu, Lanais were all living together and the room with a dragon-shaped lantern belonged to Queen Zhi Shu. We didn't knock and Frost just entered.


Within the room, Queen Zhi Shu was wiping medicine on her wound. She turned around and looked at us and was speechless, "Frost, you are as impolite as Master nowadays..."

Frost was serious, "Zhi Shu, we have something for you to see."

"Oh? What is it for all of you to come out here."

I took out Glory of Dragonheart and instantly Zhi Shu's eyes couldn't shift away from it. She was even so emotional that her body shook, "Is this real... Is it really the Glory of Dragonheart? Didn't... Didn't the three left by the Dragon God all get eaten by the evil beast? This... Is this real or not?"

I placed Glory of Dragonheart in her hands and said, "Sense if it is real or not."

Zhi Shu was emotional and she hugged it tightly. She raised her head and looked at Frost and me, "Mei'er can finally revive... She... She can finally see the light of day again!"

I was a little confused and asked, "Frost what is going on, is this Glory of Dragonheart so important?"

Frost nodded, "Glory of Dragonheart's biggest use is to awaken a sleeping dragon."

"So what?"

"Zhi Shu has a daughter that was a dead baby since birth, she didn't break out of her shell, so... Queen Zhi Shu has been searching for the Glory of Dragonheart for tens of thousands of years, I didn't expect that you would find it..."

"Zhi Shu's daughter... Is that Mei'er?"


Queen Zhi Shu turned around and knelt down on one knee, "Master please give this Glory of Dragonheart to me, I want... I want Mei'er to awaken. Can I?"


I smiled, "But you need to promise me something. Once Mei'er is awake, you need to get me a dragon mount, this was my main reason for coming here."

"Okay, let's go revive Mei'er!"



This dragon egg that was unhatched was hidden in the deepest parts of the city.

It was even deeper than Old K's workshop probably for the heat to maintain this life of the egg?

I walked down step by step while asking, "Zhi Shu, weren't you snatched by Igoras to the Territory of the Wild Dragon Tribe to be a wife? Why... Did you lay a dragon egg. So is she Igoras's daughter?"

Zhi Shu laughed coldly, "Igoras? How can that scummy black dragon be Mei'er's father, her father is a legendary god dragon..."

When she saw my shocked expression, Frost added, "The 17th generation god dragon married the red dragon queen but Mei'er was cursed before she was born. The god dragon died in battle and this was the reason why Mei'er was unable to break out of the shell."

I looked towards Zhi Shu, "I didn't expect you to have so many stories. I thought that you were a virgin when you were kidnapped to the Territory of the Wild Dragon Tribe..."

Zhi Shu's face flushed red, "At that time, I was indeed a virgin..."

I was shocked, "You can't lie like that... Didn't you and the god dragon? How can you be a virgin?"

Zhi Shu said, "Actually, I am still a virgin now."

I was even more shocked, "This is like me thinking that I will always be 18, you are just lying to yourself right?"


Zhi Shu looked towards me provocatively and pushed her chest forwards, "If you don't believe then we can try, you will naturally believe that I am a virgin."

I rolled my eyes, "Let's... Forget about it, I have not tried with a dragon..."

Frost looked at me in disdain.

I smiled awkwardly but I didn't give up, "But... But how are you a virgin?"

Frost couldn't take it anymore and explained, "She is a saintly dragon type tribe and after cultivating she can turn into a human. These dragons will evolve every thousand years so Zhi Shu evolved nine times. This was the highest tier Nine Heaven Saint Dragon. Moreover, each time she evolves, her body will repair itself, and there... En, as you think. This is the reason why she is still a virgin."

I was enlightened, "So that is the reason..."

After saying that, I looked towards Frost with bad intentions.

Frost got nervous and pouted, "What are you looking at, I have never, even without evolving..."

I understood, "Ah, I know now, Frost you don't have to explain..."

Frost, "..."


At this point, we were finally at the bottom layer of Dragon City. This was a giant stone pillar. Queen Zhi Shu walked forwards and placed her hand on it. There was a rumbling and an entrance appeared. This was a secret room and in the middle was a golden egg. This was Mei'er, the daughter of the dragon god!

Zhi Shu walked forwards and touched the egg. She teared up, "Mei'er, mother is here to see you. This time I will make you awaken, my daughter..."

I was touched, "Quickly Zhi Shu, stop wasting time..."

Zhi Shu nodded and took out Glory of Dragonheart. She smashed it into pieces and golden light seeped into the egg like a golden rain.


An eye catching golden light shone from within and Frost and I couldn't help but close our eyes. This light was too bright and we couldn't look right at it.

Light rippled out from the egg and then retracted like it was cultivating itself. I was familiar with such methods but this process was really long and its strength was not something normal cultivators could compare to. In other words, if there was a red dragon queen like Zhi Shu in real life, I would get insta killed by one dragon breath.

After ten minutes, the light around got darker and the air felt like it had cooled. I knew that this was because the heat was absorbed by the egg so we just stood in the cold wind.


"What is going on?" I saw that there was no movement and got a little anxious.

Zhi Shu was filled with anticipation and panic and she just stood there with her arms crossed.

Frost held Zhi Shu's arm and said, "Don't worry, Mei'er will be fine."


Zhi Shu nodded but it felt like she was just lying to herself.

A few minutes later, a crack appeared on the egg and then a small piece of shell fell off.

"Oh..." Zhi Shu covered her mouth.

The reason why she was shocked was because it wasn't a claw but a hand that broke out. Very quickly another piece of shell broke and it was another hand. Finally, a huge piece fell off. In the thick liquid, a small body rolled out. It was a 2 years old child!

"This... This..."

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Frost was shocked, "Is this the legendary... Heavenly Dragon Body?"

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Zhi Shu nodded emotionally, "Heavenly Dragon Body... Oh my god, my daughter?"

She hugged her daughter emotionally and this little dragon lady called out to her mother before searching for milk.

It was obvious that milk was not something that just existed. Although Zhi Shu had an E Cup, she didn't have any. After all, she wasn't at that time of her life.

I asked, "What is Heavenly Dragon Body?"

Frost smiled, "It is a really rare thing. High tier dragon race members have the ability to turn into humans at birth. But there might not be one out of tens of thousands. I heard that only three God Saint Dragons were Heavenly Dragon Bodies. The first was the dragon emperor, the second was the 7th dragon god and the third was the god dragon that trampled the three worlds. Mei'er should be the 4th. But any one of them will have superior speed and skills. Mei'er will definitely exceed Igoras and Zhi Shu to become the dragon race ruler!"

I laughed, "I didn't expect the daughter of the god dragon to be so amazing..."


Frost looked at Mei'er that was climbing about, "Zhi Shu let's head up, there is fresh goat's milk. Along with the power of the dragon god essence, we can help Mei'er grow."

Zhi Shu nodded, "Yes sir!"


I followed. I was also looking forwards. Dragon God daughter Mei'er, if I could get her as a mount, that... Would be so amazing!

But with Zhi Shu's personality, she wouldn't right? After all, she was her daughter...

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.