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ITDO - Chapter 167 - A Real God Can Change Civilization and Ideology

“Universe in a sleeve? Though you are slightly mistaken, you aren’t completely off the mark.”

“Well then, this old man thanks you for your help. The ritual this time has left me very exhausted. I won’t bother you anymore. If you still need help, wait for my friend to return to this land, then you can find him.”

Saying so, Louie waved his hand and no longer paid any attention to the crowd as he walked away.

“Please wait a minute.”

Just as the Japanese and Chinese representatives sought to stop Louie, they saw him vanish before their eyes without a trace.

“This-this is just like those people written in martial arts novels.”

“No, I think this is closer to those distant immortals.”

“Hmm, what you said makes sense. Although this old man is a qi refiner and an alchemist, from what we can see, his techniques are similar to what novels describe as immortal techniques. I thought that alchemists were just swindlers during ancient times, but I never expected that they were this mysterious…… whether it's the summoning of the Torch Dragon or the universe in a sleeve, they’re very powerful”

The Chinese representatives clicked their tongues in amazement. Although they were just as disappointed as the Japanese representatives at how the old man went without a care in the world, they figured this was natural for a being such as him. In the future, they would know what preparations to make.

At this juncture, one of the Japanese personnel brought a laptop computer, which recorded the video of what just happened. The group stood in front of the computer and watched the process of the old man taking the wasabi away with the wave of his sleeves. They played it frame by frame but failed to find where exactly the wasabi went.

The moment when the old man disappeared at the end of the video was also extremely mysterious. He took two steps and his whole figure disappeared as if he was just an illusion.

“I think there’s no need to research this. This has obviously exceeded our current means of observation. It might almost be better to use the logic of fictive worlds to deduce this,” one person said.

The others nodded their heads, thinking that they weren’t wrong.

“In regards to communication, what does the country have in mind?”

A Japanese official asked.

“We have already reported it. The higher-ups are still testing the waters, but from my personal point of view, it's just a matter of time for the leaders of the two countries to meet and make an agreement.”

A Chinese representative replied.

Currently, the world’s dynamic was changing. Many people could not see through it clearly and various governments of the world were now on high alert as they could not completely make sense of who their future allies and enemies were.

The power these superhumans carried was extremely terrifying. Their wills were enough to influence a country’s policy and decision-making. This was just like how the world changed after the Cold War. Globalization had been the ultimate direction of the world, but in the nooks and crannies, the opposition between socialist and capitalist countries still remained.

But with the appearance of these superhumans and the hidden information they possessed, many countries were also taking into account the antagonistic relationships between them.

For China, this was an opportunity. Although there were some historical issues with Japan that were difficult to resolve, their modern rival was no longer Japan, but the United States of America.

It was the influence the United States of America had on East Asia that prevented China from solving its issues with Taiwan and many other regions. Now, the influence of the United States on East Asia had decreased, especially now that Japan’s relationship with the United States had loosened a lot. This was the biggest opportunity that China could get.

Of course, in terms of economy and technology, there was still a huge gap between China and the United States. Only those naive people would say that China had already surpassed the United States. This gap was something that could not be closed in a short period of time. And that was exactly what China needed the most.

In the 21st century, because of terrorist activities against the Pentagon, the United States had focused on counter-terrorism. This gave China more than a decade of time to develop, and its current success in economic development was all thanks to this period of respite.

Originally, the United States was beginning to target China to make it have a hard time in international politics and economics, the emergence of these superhumans made every country move their gaze towards them. This should give China more time to develop in the future. Pulling Japan together into the same boat at this point in time would be the best choice.


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Louie had prepared the magic runes in advance and used the ability of the ‘Divine King’s Crown’ to store the wasabi. This was the true identity of his universe in a sleeve.

After finishing everything, Louie had turned into a dragon and left Japan. Towards the change in international politics, he did not bother to care.

With his own strength, he had changed the world’s situation from an ideological standpoint to a cultural standpoint. This was a great achievement that hadn’t been done before nor would it ever happen again.

This was something that commoners and great personages could not do, and only a true God could accomplish it.

And Louie was to become the supreme God behind the scenes.

Although this kind of shift was just the beginning, as long as Louie continued to do things around the world and support the governments with various identities, the stances of different countries would become clearer and clearer.

This action was even more efficient than causing terror and destruction to any country. Only the lowest of the Gods would use their powers to cause fear. Only a true God could influence people’s ideologies and will, to let them feel closer to him and provide him with abundant faith.

Using a change in ideology to change culture was something a God could do.

‘If things continue like this, perhaps various cultures would clash in the future.’

Thinking about the possible situations in the future, Louie found everything very interesting. Since this wouldn’t influence scientific advancement or stop the world from providing him with supplies, Louie thought of it as a stage play with all the countries of the world as the main characters.

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Once he became a powerful God and established a firm foundation in the world of San Soliel, then he wouldn’t care anymore if Earth decided to fight till extinction or rush towards the sun.

He was not a saint who had the world in mind. He did not care about the civilization of Earth or even the country he once lived in. He was just someone who obtained the chance to become a God.

And Gods were beings that drew a line with mortals. In their eyes, the only difference between people was those who had faith in them and those that didn’t. There was no such thing as country, race, or even culture.

‘Well then, I still have one more small thing and one more big thing to do on Earth. After finishing both businesses, I can return back to San Soliel and continue being the city lord. As well as continue on my path to becoming God.’

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