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LGS - Chapter 1281 - World Prosperity and World Destruction, Maheśvara

The cat daemon Xuanyue was probably in the Jade palace. As it turned out, that beautiful, noble, and powerful fox daemon had not married Si Long yet. He wondered what kind of show they would be putting on.

“Is that Nine-tailed Fox Empress beautiful?” Li Qingshan suddenly asked Liu Chuanfeng.

Liu Chuanfeng was still dumbstruck. Their conversation left him completely speechless. This was a confrontation between the two strongest legendary figures throughout several thousand years of history in the nine provinces, competing for the world and deciding the fate of the world. Let alone taking part in it, he did not even have the right to comment on it.

Only when Li Qingshan asked him did he return to his senses. He said in praise, “The greatest beauty in the world.”

“You’ve seen her before?”

Li Qingshan raised an eyebrow. This title was a little too exaggerated. Just how many great beauties were there in the world? Often, they all varied in their special way too. Gu Yanying could earn the title of the greatest beauty in the world in the small world because she possessed an absolute advantage as a cultivator. She stood no chance in the nine provinces, even when he thought there was no woman in the nine provinces that could surpass her.

“I haven’t.” Liu Chuanfeng rubbed his hands. “But that’s what all those who’ve seen her say.”

“I see…”

Abruptly, Li Qingshan felt the urge to kill his way over to the Jade palace and abduct the Nine-tailed Fox Empress. He could see just how Si Long would respond.

However, this thought only flashed past his head. It was not like he was lacking a fox daemon by his side. Doing something purely for the sake of unsettling the enemy was pointless.

He was better off increasing his cultivation. As long as he could become powerful enough, he would not have to worry about any plans or schemes against him. He would definitely throw Si Long’s wedding into a mess.

He had Navy Li’l Fatty continue to devour the earth. He had not stopped even when he confronted Si Long. Navy Li’l Fatty was completely immune to the influence of the hostility of the world, having the feast of its life. It could swallow a small mountain with each bite, and it became even more obedient to Li Qingshan.

It was like how the hero to one was the villain to another. He was both the villain of the nine provinces and the hero of the small world, providing the small world with a tremendous amount of resources.

Many more islands appeared on the vast ocean of the small world, constantly growing larger. If he could swallow all of the nine provinces, then it would definitely form a new continent. The small world would grow to the same level as the nine provinces or even higher.

Li Qingshan waved his hand. “You should go to the South sea!”


“The nine provinces have already become a battlefield. It’s too dangerous.”


Liu Chuanfeng obliged, clasping his hands and taking his leave. If the world really would be destroyed, then following his footsteps was without a doubt his only chance at survival.


The earth shook violently, like a colossal beast countless times larger than the space-devouring beast was awakening, letting out a deep roar. All of the mountains trembled, even directly splitting apart and collapsing.

“What a terrifying power! Even the Tremors of the Ox Demon at full strength do not possess such power!”

Li Qingshan could not help but sigh. Possessing the strength of the earth, he was particularly sensitive to this. He recalled the news he had seen in his past life. Magnitude 8 earthquakes possessed the same power as four hundred nuclear bombs.

Fortuanately, the will of the heavens was obscure and intangible. The so-called “hostility” was only a subconscious reaction. Otherwise, destroying him would basically be as easy as it could get.

The earthquake definitely was not a coincidence. The space-devouring beast had devoured millions and billions tonnes of earth, destroying the structure of the earth. The entire crust had become very fragile, gradually being unable to hold back the flames of the earth deep below.

And the Green province’s crust was relatively thick. If this were the Mist province instead, volcanoes would have been erupting already. It would be an apocalyptic sight with lava flowing everywhere.

Was this how it felt to destroy a world?”

Li Qingshan shut his eyes. The smile on his face vanished. Suddenly, he radiated with the terrifying aura to destroy everything. A greenish-black image condensed behind him with blurred facial features, terrifying yet also sacred.

The Sovereign’s Limit Record of World Destruction showed signs of breaking through. Compared to the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine, this cultivation method was like an illegitimate child.

He had never cared too much about it, nor did he devote any time or energy to practising it. Ever since he no longer needed to keep his daemon identity a secret anymore, he had treated all of his human cultivation methods like this. However, because it could increase his overall strength, he persisted with it.

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Actually, he always found it strange. Cultivation methods usually all possessed a sense of exclusiveness. People did not grow stronger when they practised more cultivation methods. Instead, the cultivation methods would conflict and influence one another.

Every single transformation in the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine was a cultivation method. Even with that, the various transformations would conflict with one another, but they never conflicted with his various human cultivation methods, from the Innate Method of Practising Qi in the beginning to the Sovereign’s Limit Record of World Destruction now.

It was like a natural notice left behind for him, and he felt like it possessed great significance. He thought, The Ape Demon’s Method of Moon Scooping has now reached the fourth layer. It won’t be breaking through again in a short amount of time, so it’s perfect for me to practise the Sovereign’s Limit Record of World Destruction.

The Sovereign’s Limit Record of World Destruction had been created in an age when a world ended. It possessed the will of great destruction and great annihilation. Originally, only gods possessed the right to come into contact with a will like this. Just like how Gong Yuan under the influence from Ruin’s End, if cultivators used this power, they would definitely suffer from cultivation deviation and go insane in the very end.

Not everyone had the opportunity to express this will either. Li Qingshan had only gained some comprehension after witnessing the remains after a world’s destruction. If he had to be honest, his comprehension was still very shallow. Seeing a corpse and witnessing a murder was completely different.

Yet now, he gained a much deeper and higher level of comprehension, and that was to destroy a world with his own hands, surpassing the creator of the Sovereign’s Limit Record of World Destruction.

He began to make significant breakthroughs with the Sovereign’s Limit Record of World Destruction. He had a feeling that if he could push this cultivation method to the limit, its power would be no weaker than any of the transformations right now.

If it were not for that opportunity in outer space, he never could have comprehended this. If he did not have the space-devouring beast, even ten Li Qingshans combined would not be enough to destroy the world.

Legend had it that Maheśvara controlled creation and destruction simultaneously. Unintentionally, Li Qingshan began to play that role too, sculpting the small world as he destroyed the nine provinces.

“Sovereign’s Limit of World Destruction, Sovereign’s Limit of World Prosperity. Perhaps they’ve always been two sides of the same coin,” Li Qingsham murmured; the image behind him became a little clearer.

The Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga.

A crack suddenly ran across the plump, amiable face of a great buddha carved into a mountain.

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The praying monks were stunned. Only then did they notice that the mountains were shaking away. The bells shook loudly.

“Why are there earthquakes in the Green province?”

The Dauntless monk walked out of the grand hall. The buddhist light condensed on his eyes as he unleashed the Heavenly Eye knowledge of the six types of knowledge, finding the source of the earthquake. He immediately saw the colossal space-devouring beast devouring everything, as well as Li Qingshan standing on the space-devouring beast.

The Dauntless monk shuddered and cried out, “Maheśvara!”

Others might not have been able to recognise the blurry image behind Li Qingshan, but how was it possible for him to not recognise it as an eminent monk of buddhism? That was a god of great prowess in buddhism, dwelling at the peak of the trichiliocosm, yet he also obstinately opposed the buddha, obstructed the buddhist dharma, and deluded monks.

As a result, he was also known as the lord of the māra, Maheśvara. He was the prime buddha nemesis who openly supported buddhism but secretly defied it.

“Amitābha, just what kind of sins has our Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga committed!?”

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Written by Dream Teller (说梦者). Translated by Pipipingu.