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MCAB - Chapter 153

After thinking it through, Yu Jianshu felt that the person his little sister had been conversing with was unlikely to be Yan Jue. While he was aware of Yan Jue's fondness for his little sister, he also knew that his little sister didn't like Yan Jue in a romantic manner.

In that case, who was the person on the other end of his little sister's phone call?

Also, this Jun Ling… Yu Jianshu was also confused about why his little sister had decided to recruit Jun Zishu to their company. Moreover, his little sister had even assigned Jun Zishu under the same manager as her. Originally, he had wanted to tell his little sister that she didn't need to go through such a tedious process if she wanted to take revenge. He could easily take care of Jun Zishu on his little sister's behalf. However, judging by the current situation, it didn't seem like his little sister was trying to take revenge at all. How perplexing…

Jun Zishu had not seen Yu Fanshu's latest messages. She was stewing soup in the kitchen, so she had set aside her phone to check on the soup just now. Only after pouring the cooked soup into the thermos bucket did she see Yu Fanshu's messages. Meanwhile, she couldn't help but be amused when she saw the anxiety in the other party's messages.

Yu Fanshu wasn't putting on airs in front of her whatsoever. Moreover, Jun Zishu felt that the other party was very concerned about her feelings. It was as if Yu Fanshu was constantly worried that she would get angry. Honestly, though, the average person wouldn't mind such harmless jokes at all, so Yu Fanshu's worries were unwarranted.

This little girl is too good-natured.

[Host, Host, Yan Jue has invited Yu Fanshu out for a meal.]

Little Fairy quickly alerted Jun Zishu of the new development.

Meanwhile, Jun Zishu quickly processed the information and started coming up with a response for this situation. Her goal was to make the scumbag male lead end meet with total failure in his love life, so she naturally had to remove any and all possibilities of Yu Fanshu getting together with Yan Jue.

While sitting across the restaurant table from Yan Jue, Yu Fanshu heard her phone vibrating in her handbag.

[Jun Zishu]: Haha, no need to be nervous, Teacher. I am naturally your girlfriend right now. I won't let you get rid of me before we are done filming this show.

[Jun Zishu]: [Kabedon.jpg]

Yu Fanshu smiled when she saw Jun Zishu's message. Then, she saved the emoji and sent it back to Jun Zishu.

"You've been back for so many days. Why didn't you tell me you were back? If I hadn't invited you out for dinner, were you not going to come and meet me at all?" Yan Jue said jokingly as he looked at the person he longed for.

"Nonsense, we've been close friends for so many years already. I've just been a little busy these past few days. I had to attend a show as soon as I returned," Yu Fanshu said as she set her phone down on the table and picked up the menu before her.

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"I've seen the news on the internet. It seems you're attending that dating show with Jun Ling."

Yan Jue had felt rather complicated when he learned of this news. After all, the person in front of him was the person he liked, while the person Yu Fanshu was attending the dating show with was someone he had initially thought of taking in as a mistress.

Yan Jue also couldn't help but feel fortunate that Jun Zishu had not agreed to his request previously. Otherwise, his meeting with Yu Fanshu today would be incredibly awkward.

"Mhm, do you know her?"

When Yan Jue spoke of Jun Zishu, his tone didn't sound like he was talking about a stranger, so she couldn't help but ask.

"I might not be involved in the entertainment industry, but I do pay attention to entertainment news from time to time. She is also someone who looks similar to you, so I paid close attention to her before. You can say that the two of us are now friends. Or, more specifically, I am her creditor," Yan Jue said with a smile. Of course, the matter about him being friends with Jun Zishu was nothing but drivel.

"Creditor? She owes you money?"

Yu Fanshu didn't know that there was such a matter, so she couldn't help but be a little surprised.

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"Yes. Her mother collapsed and was hospitalized not long ago. An examination showed that she had a brain tumor. Jun Ling's financial situation prevented her from supporting her mother's medical and surgical expenses, so I lent her money. She says that she would pay me back all the money with interest within three years, but I'm not in a rush to get it back. After all, such a sum of money is pocket change to us."

"Her mother underwent surgery?"

"I think it happened a few days ago."

"How much does she owe you?"

Yu Fanshu felt a little chagrined when she learned of this matter. She realized that her observation of Jun Zishu was still lacking. She couldn't believe that she had failed to notice any hints of this matter on Jun Zishu's expression these past few days.

Yan Jue closed his menu and placed his order with the waiter nearby. Then, he looked at Yu Fanshu and asked, "What's wrong? Do you want to help her pay it back?"


"Are you two close friends? That shouldn't be the case… You've been abroad these past few years, and I don't think you two have had any prior contact. Has your friendship with her developed so much already in these past few days?"

How could anyone become close friends with each other in less than a week?

Moreover, judging by the current situation, it didn't seem like Yu Fanshu knew a lot about Jun Zishu.

"She will soon become an employee in my company, so shouldn't it be normal for me to pay off her debts?"

"You want to recruit her to Brilliance? But that's not a good investment. After all, her acting skills are clear for all to see…"

"I will change her," Yu Fanshu said in a determined tone.

"I trust in your eyesight."

Yu Fanshu remained absent-minded throughout the meal, her mind constantly occupied by Jun Zishu's matters.

"There is a relatively good opera performance taking place later. Do you want to go and watch it with me?"

"Sorry, but I'm not in the mood."

Yu Fanshu and Yan Jue weren't superficial friends, so Yu Fanshu would typically speak her mind around Yan Jue. If she wasn't interested in something, she would just say so.

"Alright, then. Go back and rest well."

After sending Yu Fanshu to her car, Yan Jue promptly gave Jun Zishu a call.

Jun Zishu had been staring at Little Fairy's live broadcast all this time, so when her phone rang, she instantly knew that it was Yan Jue calling her.

"I trust that you have been well, Miss Jun."

"Hello. Why are you calling me all of a sudden, Mr. Yan?"

"Are you on good terms with Fanshu?"

"We are friends. Why?"

"Fanshu and I are childhood friends. I believe you are a smart person, Miss Jun, so I'm sure you should know what I am trying to say."

"I don't quite understand. My relationship with Miss Yu is that of a student and her teacher. Is there something wrong with it?" Jun Zishu calmly said as she crossed her legs. Originally, she had not intended on making things clear with Yan Jue so soon. However, she didn't think this person would send himself to her.

"Don't mention the voided deal we had before."

"So you were worried about this? But I have always been an honest person. If Miss Yu asks me about it, there is no way I won't tell the truth," Jun Zishu said innocently. Her face, however, wore a mischievous smile.

"I can annul your debt," Yan Jue said. The money he lent to Jun Zishu was of no significance to him, anyway.

"That won't do. It is against my principle to borrow money without paying it back, so I will pay you back the money and interest without fail. I'm sorry, Mr. Yan."

"What do you want, then? You have to remember that I helped you before."

"I dare not forget Mr. Yan's kindness, but this and that are two different things."

"Jun Ling, it will not benefit you in any way to cross me. Do not think that you can act fearlessly just because you have befriended Fanshu."

"I am not emboldened by this matter. I am just a little disgusted by your behavior, Mr. Yan. I believe I am not the first person you have sought as a replacement, right? It's just that I am the most similar out of all the people you've found. If this is your definition of liking a person, isn't your fondness for Miss Yu a little too cheap?"

Jun Zishu was sincerely disgusted by Yan Jue's behavior. Even though she understood that it was common behavior for someone to seek similar alternatives after failing to win over the target of their affection, it still wasn't an excuse to hire substitutes to replace one's beloved. To put it bluntly, Yan Jue was a scumbag.

Shouldn't one be loyal to one's beloved from start to end? How could a person like someone and get involved with another person at the same time? How could Yan Jue justifiably say to Yu Fanshu that he liked her and that he only liked the substitutes he found because they looked like her?

"What do you mean? Are you crying out injustice for Fanshu? You have no idea what the situation is like between us."

"I don't really want to know, either. Your goal in calling me today is to prevent me from telling Teacher about the true reason why you helped me, right? In that case, I can clearly tell you now that I refuse to cooperate. No matter what you say, so long as Teacher asks me about it, I will tell her. However, I can also promise that I won't take the initiative to bring it up since it isn't something to be proud of," Jun Zishu said.

However, despite saying so, Jun Zishu had an inexplicable feeling that Yu Fanshu would ask her about it. It was just like when they were playing Pictionary. They could tell what each other was thinking even without expressing it verbally.

"Do you still remember the favor you said you owed me when we made the deal?"

"Are you going to use that favor to shut me up, Mr. Yan?"



Jun Zishu felt that this was a good deal, and she inwardly thanked Yu Fanshu for it.

"You best remember this, Jun Ling."

"I'm afraid my memory isn't very good. Also, it seems that Miss Yu is very important to you. However, it is all the more reason that I cannot let you get together with her."

"Jun Ling!"

"Goodnight, Mr. Yan. I will work hard to pay back the money I owe you," Jun Zishu said. Then, when she heard beeping sounds coming from the phone, she couldn't help but chuckle. She was certain that Yan Jue was fuming right now. He probably even had the desire to choke her to death.

Although she had thoroughly offended Yan Jue now, it didn't really matter.

In reality, Jun Zishu hadn't planned to behave so audaciously in the first place. It was all Yu Fanshu's fault for returning early.

Now, though, all Jun Zishu needed to do was hold onto Yu Fanshu tightly, and she would be able to accomplish her mission in the quickest and most efficient manner.

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